Year: 2016

A talented music teacher inspiring young talents- Roopali Ganguly

“Some people have lives; some people have music.” -John Green, Will Grayson And those who have music, they want to spend whole life celebrating excellence in music! Roopali Ganguly is a very talented music teacher in Singapore, who falls in this category of people. Roopali hails from a rich musical […]

As a woman are you being fooled by present day media ?

Hi Gals, It is TGIF:)! Take a break and have some relaxing time for yourself! But be mindful how you relax.  Watching television can be a good idea, but be mindful what are you watching. Instead of watching senseless programs like serials watch something which stimulates your mind. On social […]

Versatile RJ donning entreprenurial cap- Mehak Ankar

Meet RJ turned entrepreneur Mehak. She left the glamorous world of radio to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship. Formally known as RJ Mehak, is now running her own events company Out of  the Box Creationz. In last 3 years, she has organized many events and now she is very excited […]

Runway Mom/ Runway Lovers: They came, They saw, They conquered!

On 27th Aug, in the beautiful settings of The Pavilion , 37 Gorgeous Models walked on the ramp, with their lovely families or lovers. Runway Mom/ Runway Lovers event was a tremendous success and was an amazing event to attend.  It’s not every day that 37 Moms get on stage, […]

Singapore Birthday Spirit 2016!

Singapore 51st National Day celebration was impressive, creative, and incredible! Watching Singapore national day celebration on television has always been a pleasure, which leaves a strong message in your mind. This year theme, “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”, was a  wonderful theme as it conveys a strong message for our […]

Zulaikha- A beautician with a magic hand!

Zulaikha, known for her famous beauty parlor Zulu Style in Singapore is quite popular for giving unique hairstyles, grooming and makeup services to her clients. Zulu is amazingly hard-working, creative, talented, and passionate about her work. Her 9 years journey which started from providing home beauty services to her clients to […]

Mindful reminders in present times to live life like a human being:)

    I am so grateful to Platform Ted which introduces new speakers to share their ideas and concerns. This talk is by Dr. Shimi Kang regarding one skill required for an awesome life. Dr. Shimi Kang is a dynamic, entertaining, and experienced speaker.Dr. Kang skillfully combines her knowledge of motivation […]