Month: February 2018

Mindfulness: a nice to have; or an essential life tool?

Womenlines welcomes ANJI HALLEWELL as an Influencer of Positive Mindset on the Womenlines panel. Anji is a Natural Strengths Coach, Trainer, and Founder of Hidden Lava.  In her sharing for this month, Anji is talking about the importance of mindfulness-   I made an assumption that since I lived in Asia, those around me would have a good grasp of what […]

Positive Mindset Coach- Anji Hallewell/ Hidden Lava Influencer at Womenlines

Womenlines welcomes Anji Hallewell as an Influencer of Positive Mindset on the Womenlines panel. Anji Hallewell is a Self-Mastery for Performance Expert.  She is a Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker and Founder of Hidden Lava. Over the last 15+ years, Anji has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in a variety of talent focused roles – […]


Womenlines welcomes Archana Amlapure, founder of Ojas yoga and wellness and a health coach, a certified Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist and sound bowl healer as an Influence for Yoga on Womenlines panel. Follow the yoga poses by Archana and get rid of that pain forever naturally. Archana has served the corporate industry for […]