Activities for kids!Part 10

Mothers love to see their kids busy in some or the other activity and if the activity is creative what else they want!

Creative activities helps kids expanding their thoughts without boundaries.

1.PROBLEM SOLVING-What’s your opinion-

Interacting with your child can be constructive if we mould it creatively. At times ask your child open ended, thoughtful questions that have no right or wrong answers. Encourage your child to think about the answers and give an opinion. Avoid questions like “what colour is…? or “Ho wold are you?”

Ask questions like  “What do you think about it?”, “What might happen if…?”, “How could we fix this broken…?”, “What do you think will happen next in this story?”

To help you get into this habit of asking open ended questions , you can write some questions in a piece of paper and post them.

2.RESPECT:I believe it means…..

Ask your child what respect means. Share what the word means to you.Does your child mention that we treat others as we want others to act towards us?

Make a list of words that are connected to respect, words such as honour, appreciation, praise, value, and consideration.

Help your child to think of times when respect was shown towards others. Examples might be when your child borrowed something and returned in good condition or helped a family member get a job done more quickly.

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