Activities for kids!Part 7

Kids always look for connection. They never want to be alone and it will really help them grow in a better way if they are well connected with their family members. These activities which I came across while surfing net and want to share with all those parents who really want to bring a positive difference in their kids life.-


Decorate a jar with coloured paper. Write “LUCKY US” on the outside. Once a week ask each family member write one positive sentence about another member of the family. Then place the slips in the jar. When you ask your child to write then first discuss with him thta whats special about him. Then what he likes most in his grandparents, parents.

At the end of the month open the jar and read what each person has written. There will be joy in whole family. Very exciting activity indeed!


This activity can be plannedĀ as per choice. You can do it daily, weekly as you wish. Make it a ritual for whole family that at the end of the each day everybody has to say something nice about each other. May be like “I liked the way you helped your grandmother” . When you speak these words then kids learn how to express their positive feelings for each other.

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