Blackberry Messenger Bonding!

I never thought of writing a phone review!    483_1

But Blackberry is really too good to be ignored.Features attached with Blackberry are really helpful and can make life  easier for all those workaholics. Specially the Blackberry messenger(BBM). Believe me friends its amazing and you won’t believe how it is helping in maintaining far distance relationships. In relationships what matters is communication and when we are far  at times feel so desperate to talk somebody who is close to us. Blackberry messenger comes to your rescue and connects you to your sweetheart, friend or anybody who is connected to you via blackberry.

Alright, for all those newcomers who are coming across blackberry messenger first time, BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messenger program for BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry communication utilizing your PIN code.BlackBerry Messenger is built into some of the newer devices. If your device does not come preloaded with BlackBerry Messenger, you can download it at Internet Explorer or your Blackberry Browser. You cannot download it through FireFox Browser and the good news is Blackberry messenger is FREE to use.Isn’t it tempting!

BlackBerry Messenger is easy to set up, simple to use, and flat out gets the job done when it comes to sending quick messages to another BlackBerry user or even a group of users.
One of the things that I like most about BlackBerry Messenger is that all BlackBerry users are able to use it.

It can really help you to share your comments, snaps in one go and then that helps you to build a strong relationship. You have dressed up in your best dress and want to share that moment with your loved one, instantly you send a snap to your loved one for his reaction….its so fast and then you get the reaction instantly. You want to buy  something and want to know your hubby’s reaction to it…check through BBM. In such hectic life all those precious moments can be shared instantly and with more effect with your special ones.Any relationship can be made stronger with right use of messenger.Relatives, friends, fiancee, mother, father anybody. Its really cool to use!

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