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International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum ( IYLIF 2017)

Sindu Sreebhavan, founder of As Many Minds sharing about the upcoming conference IYLIF 2017 at Women Lines You Tube Channel

Women Lines is proud to associate as Online Media Partner for International Youth Innovation and Leadership Forum (IYLIF 2017). #IYLIF2017 is a conference for youth from all around the world to speak, discuss and collaborate on topics that matter to them. This event is going to be organized by As Many Minds on 2nd Sep in Singapore. As Many Minds is a platform to bring out the creativity, innovation, confidence, and communication of millions of young minds around the world. As Many Minds strongly believe that innovations happen when an environment is created to foster creativity, meaningful dialogues, diversity, and collaborations.

Visit for more details about the forum.

Hey Woman, Dream Big!

Very Happy International Women’s Day to lovely womenfolk around! iwd


Keep shining, smiling and dreaming always. Dreams can come true if one works towards fulfilling them. It is all about what goals one has in life and how she wants to achieve.


It is pleasure to share about a wonderful dreamer’s dreams which she has turned into reality with her hard work and dedication. Women Lines has shared about Shalima Motial in the entrepreneur of the month section sometimes back. On the occasion of IWD Shalima is sharing her splendid achievements in details which give a message that every thing is possible if you take action. Get some dose of motivation friends by reading about her achievements-


Shalima Motial, founder, and CEO of Dream Catchers has stayed true to her company’s name and has helped catch hundreds of people’s dreams! Dream Catchers is an online talent showcase company that also does niche events onstage/offline. Dream Catchers has the fandom of 17,000 fans who support the 1100+ entertainers and models Dream Catchers has showcased.  IMG_20170308_130625


The first few chapters of Dream Catchers’ journey involves Dream Catchers launch event “Love to Dance”: A competitive platform for women to showcase their dancing talent. Dancers from France, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Spain made up the 60 women represented in 8 groups who tore the stage down with stellar performances. The top three groups won big cash prizes sponsored by Dream Catchers. And if we flip a few pages forward, we’ll see a beautiful 4 seasons of “Most Wanted Entertainer”: An online talent contest that roped in over 500 artists! Dream Catchers received entries from Singapore, Malaysia, America, Russia, Philippines, Canada and India which summed up to a show-stopping start.


Along Dream Catcher’s voyage to catch dreams, many collaborations were born. For two years in a row, they presented as NUS’s online talent partners for their competition “Stardust”. During this voyage, Dream Catchers has had many ongoing collaborations with Radio Masti which brought to us a sundry of events. They associated with Colors channel as their online talent partners to bring “Colors Got Talent” and “Jhalak Dikhla ja (2016)”. Dream Catchers joined hands with artist Druv Kent to present Battle of the Bands (2016). The three bands who won were ushered to the prestigious Victoria Arts Theatre where they got an opportunity to perform! Shalima Motial organized Bandwidths’ 2013 and 2016 concert both of which were a rocking success! The 2016 concert was a sold-out show one week ahead of time with 1100 people attending. Teamwork Production’s Fans of Salim Sulaiman had Dream Catchers on their side as their online talent partners. They brought many artists on board for the competition and winners got a chance to perform on stage with none other than Salim and Sulaiman themselves(Composers of more than 100 Bollywood Film songs)

They partnered in a similar fashion for Fans of Farhan Akhtar too.

The most recent chapters have two going on three beautiful seasons of Runway Mom penned down. Runway Mom, Runway Lovers is Shalima’s  brainchild: Runway Mom, Runway Lovers is a platform for women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds to walk the ramp with their loved ones. Whether it be, their spouse and/or child. Moms get to create lifetime memories that they’ll cherish for years to come. The event is packaged with seven pre-events where all the momdels (Mom models) get to let their hair down and embrace womanhood. It’s a perfect time to be talking about Runway Mom, Runway Lovers (Third season) as International Women’s day is right around the corner holding hands with Runway Mom, Runway Lovers! “Providing a platform for someone else to excel and catch their dreams is the most gratifying experience. It’s amazing how many forces unite and contribute to relevant projects like these and make them a success.” (Shalima Motial, Founder and CEO of Dream Catchers). Approximately 130 women would have walked the ramp at the wrap of the third season. This just means 130 women’s dreams Dream Catchers has caught. Each season has outdone itself and we can’t wait to see what more magic Dream Catchers have added in the 3rd season (11th March 2017).

Shalima is so happy that she’s been Blessed to be a part of something greater than herself and that she’s been able to catch people’s dreams through Dream Catchers. She believes that: “A great entrepreneur, will keep reinventing her/his business to cater to the needs of the market and this requires resilience and determination’. Dream Catchers has not only catered to the needs of the market but has catered to the need of fulfilling our dreams. We can’t wait for what’s next in store!


New Year Reflections!

Happy New Year to my lovely blog readers!











As new year starts and before mind starts focusing on goals and resolutions I want to reflect a little on the gone year which has carried with it so many learning, sweet memories, laughter, joys, emotions and much more.I am full of so much gratitude to so many things throughout year which has helped me to grow as better person –

1. I am thankful to you tube for sharing such  amazing contents on its channel, which has really helped me to gain great knowledge about so many topics, from finding my favourite recipe to teach my kid potty training:). Believe me friends, you can find solution of any problem live on you tube and this certainly can help you to improve upon yourself in all ways:)

2. I am grateful to platform TED talks which is a free platform of knowledge sharing.There is tremendous amount of learning from experts on different topics ranging from science, technology, motivation and many other subjects. Entrepreneurs can gain so much knowledge by listening to various topics on TED,which really opens up mind and benefits in taking right action.

3. I am grateful to influencers on Linkedin for sharing their knowledge on topics related to various professions. I will strongly recommend women who are working from home to follow influencers of their work field. As ,when we work from home we have to strive to keep grooming ourself, which is quite challenging when you work alone.

4. I am grateful to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp which has given amazing communication and content sharing approaches. This is helping in building up strong personal relationships and creating  awareness about whats happening in world.

Entreprenurial journey is  all about mindfulness friends and  mindful use of such platforms can really help in making this journey full of excitement and  amazing learning. With proper focus any woman can achieve whatever she wants. Start loving yourself  and your time and you will take proper  care of everybody, trust me:)!

4 Skills to succeed as an Entrepreneur!

imagesI am an entrepreneur and every new day is a new learning day for me!

In my start up journey I am like a school kid who is learning many new skills, as and when required. If you are an entrepreneur by choice then you know the roller coaster ride which this journey takes you through. Life is full of learning curves in any entrepreneurial journey. I have always looked out for inspiration from successful entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington, JK Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, and many others.I have read about their sharing in media regarding their entrepreneurial journey  which is so inspiring. It gives me encouragement to look out for those traits which these entrepreneurs are having and I have to develop.

I have to learn a lot  as it is beginning of my journey, but will love to share few skills (which I am sharpening:))can help you to ease off your entrepreneurial journey-

1.Mindfulness-Entrepreneurs have to be always mindful what they are doing. They must be alert about living in present and acting as per to do list. All entrepreneurs are addicted to their to do list and cannot survive without it. It helps them to be mindful about their work and to live their life in present.

2.Focus– Entrepreneurs have to be very focussed about their goals. They must be having their business plan sketched in their heart and always be taking decision as per plans. Fully focussed mind can help entrepreneurs to achieve their targets within deadlines. In case you are not able to focus then invest time in training your mind to focus by doing some exercises and keeping yourself relaxed.

3.Patience– Patience is a virtue which every entrepreneur requires in abundance. Entrepreneurial journey is not a cake walk. It is be full of hurdles, challenges, and failures. Patience onlycan help you to survive in this field. Keep yourself calm and have a strong faith in yourself. This will certainly help you to succeed , no matter what the challenges are.

4. Good communication and networking skills- Since inception of the idea of the start up to the stage of  launching the business, entrepreneurs are required to communicate both written and verbally with so many types of people. Good communication skills will not only help you to deliver fast but also share your idea easily. Networking skills will help you to meet right people at right time which can help you to grow in your business.

It is a long way to go friends. I will keep sharing more skills as I will be learning in my journey. Please do share your special skill which you have acquired in your journey:)!