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Everhealth Probiotics & Benefits  


Health is the real wealth and to manage this wealth Naturopathy can play important role in our life. Lady of the house is considered the pillar of a family and to make her family healthy she herself has to be healthy and happy. To help womenfolk to achieve excellence in health Women Lines is committed to creating awareness. It is such a pleasure to have  Saravanan Naturopathic Physician as an Influencer for Naturopathy on Womenlines panel. This month Dr. Saravanan Naturopath is shaing information regarding Probiotics-


 Microbial cultures have been used for centuries to ferment food and alcohol. In the 1900s many scientific research and observations were done on these cultures and they were recognized that they can prevent and may even cure some diseases. These microbial cultures were then named probiotics or “pro-life”. (Antibiotics means “against-life”)

Dairy products like milk and yogurt contain probiotics. The most frequently used bacteria in these products include the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species.

Nutritional Benefits

 Intestinal Tract Health 

A large number of studies indicate that probiotics are useful in the treatment of diarrhea, including diarrhea induced by antibiotics in adults. It helps with diarrhea during travels and diarrhea due to rotaviruses in children.

Diarrhea is the major cause of infant death and it is very debilitating thus Lactobacillus GG, L. casei, B. bifidum and S. thermophilus have been researched extensively. The widespread availability of probiotics will help prevent these diseases. Probiotic bacteria have also proven to help to maintain gut integrity and mediate the effects of inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and alcoholic liver disease[iv]. Probiotics may help improve intestinal mobility and relieve constipation in the elderly. Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis produced a bacteriocin named UO004. the finding suggest that the bacteriocin may resist to the acidic conditions of fermented milk and of the stomach and small intestine as well as to more neutral conditions like in large intestine.

Better Absorption of Nutrients from Food.

Probiotics may aid in the improved digestibility of some dietary nutrients like protein and fat. Short-chain fatty acids such as lactic acid, propionic acid and butyric acid produced by probiotics may help maintain a balanced pH and protect against pathological changes in the colonic mucosa.

Improved Immune Response.

In vitro studies conducted on animals and humans indicate that probiotics can improve specific and nonspecific immune responses. This is possible through active macrophages, increased levels of cytokines, increased natural killer cell activity and increased levels of immunoglobulin when probiotics are consumed.

Manage Lactose Intolerances

Studies also show that strains of probiotic flora, like S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus and other lactobacilli in fermented milk products, can alleviate symptoms of lactose intolerance by providing bacterial lactase to the intestine and stomach. Many people suffer from lactose intolerance, thus consuming these probiotics may aid in the digestion of dairy and dairy products.

Manage Allergies

Probiotics may be beneficial in the prevention of allergic reaction by improving mucosal barrier function. Children benefit as their immune responses are increased. Probiotics such as Lactobacillus GG may be helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms of food allergies associated with milk protein. A Finnish study indicated that consuming probiotics helped overcome respiratory illness in children.

Cancer Management

In vitro and animal studies show that probiotics may reduce colon cancer risk by reducing the occurrence and number of tumors. Lactobacillus species and Eubacterium aerofaciens, both producers of lactic acid, were associated with the populations with the lower risk of colon cancer, while Bacteroides and Bifidobacterium species were associated with higher risk of colon cancer. Another study showed a reduced incidence of relapse in bladder cancer patients.

How long do we take probiotics for?

Probiotics do not remain in the intestine permanently. They are effective when they are metabolized and grown during intestinal colonization. Therefore daily consumption of probiotics is the best way to attain maximum health benefits.

When is the best time and how much to consume of the probiotics?

If you are healthy, it is recommended that you take your probiotics first thing in the morning of the recommended dosage. Speak to our naturopath if you have any specific health challenge as dosage and frequency may vary.

Commercially used probiotic species.

Lactobacillus species – L. acidophilus, L. casei, L. fermentum, L. gasseri, L. johnsonii, L. lactis, L. paracasei, L. plantarum, L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius,

 Bifidobacterium species B. bifidum, B. breve, B. lactis, B. longum,

 Streptococcus species – S. thermophilus


Article written by Saravanan ND – Naturopathic Physician and transformational coach. At Naturopathic Therapies Clinic.

Kundalini Yoga

Womenlines takes pleasure to share a guest post on Kundalini Yoga by Pamela Akasha Kaur who is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor in Singapore-

Kundalini Yoga, or the “yoga of awareness” was brought to the West in 1968 by Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric. Before this time Kundalini Yoga was practiced in India and Tibet but was a secret practice only passed down selectively and verbally from a master to a chosen disciple.

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, your glandular and nervous systems are stimulated, and your capacity for creative potential is heightened. You gain inner vitality to compensate for the adverse effects of stress so you can excel in life. Kundalini Yoga classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayama, mantra, music, and meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. There are practices (“kriyas”) that support the liver, balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, stimulate the pituitary, increase the flexibility of the spine, increase your radiance, and much more. Each kriya has a different effect but still works on all levels of your being. Kundalini Yoga is for anyone – householders, people who need to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses.  Balancing body and mind enable you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul. No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class. You can heal yourself no matter what mental and physical stage of life you are currently experiencing. By using classic Kundalini Yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, and chanting, you can transform from the inside out.

I did not know that I was looking for Kundalini Yoga. I knew that I was looking for a foundation for a life with meaning and purpose. I knew that service to others was a core value in my life, and I believed that each person can change the path of their own life. My path as a teacher is what I understand and hopefully allow people to have a similar experience of that. This connection with the divine and to be on the path is so much fulfilling.  Try to find that space inside of us. For me, it was that door opened and all the pieces came together.  I learned to surrender and connect to the divine feminine and to learn to become a vessel.  Once I accepted that all that has happened to me was for me to learn and grow. It took courage to acknowledge and accept that I am not the victim and have never been a victim but a powerful creator of all my experiences. Through willingness and courage to face directly what is/was unpleasant or painful, through this embrace, I realized that the dormant power can begin to emerge and flower. It is like taking the lid off and be free.

My yoga practice is a way for me to connect mind, body, and spirit and find inner peace. Through yoga, I experience a feeling of finding ’home’ – home meaning the place where I find is the essence of who I really am. The place from where I feel, what important and what isn’t. The place from where inspiration, ideas, passion, love, and answers arise. Yoga gives me tools to handle and embrace the experiences that life offers and gives me the courage to dare to go after my dreams. Influenced by my teachers, peers, environment and my travels I aim to bring a sense of empowerment to each of my classes through yoga, pranayama, meditation and sacred dance.

Pamela Akasha Kaur

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

KRI Certified Conscious Pregnancy Instructor

Sacred Dance Facilitator – The Alchemy of Dance

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner/ Certified from Siam Reiki Thailand. (The Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences)


Obesity and Ayurveda!


Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Dr. Rupali Gondhalekar from OmVedic Heritage Centre as a guest writer in Women Lines panel. In this write up she is sharing about how Ayurveda can help to reduce obesity-

Obesity is one of the most common lifestyle disorders. It causes physical ailments and many psychological disorders as well. In the management of obesity, Ayurveda gives utmost importance to Lifestyle and Diet changes with ayurvedic medicines and a combination of Panchkarma treatment (Udwartanam, Abhyanga, Swedana) that helps to tackle this problem very effectively.

Obesity is defined as an excess of body fat. In Ayurveda, it is called as “Medoroga” or “Sthoulya” which is caused by the aggravation of kapha dosha.

Body is made of 7 body tissues (Dhatus )- They are Rasa (Lymph), Rakta(Blood), Maans (Muscle), Meda( Fat), Asthi (Bones), Majja (Nervous System) Shukra (Reproductive System).
Meda Dhatu is governed by kapha dosha. When Meda gets excessively nourished and other Dhatus get malnourished. Kapha dosha increases in an abnormal fashion, Fat metabolism gets hampered and the person becomes obese.
In a balanced state, kapha dosha gives nourishment to Meda Dhatu.(Fat tissue). However, when it is aggravated, Kapha leads to the production of toxins in the body. These toxins are heavy and dense in nature and accumulate in Medovaha Srotas (fat channels), causing their blockage. This leads to an increase in the production of fat tissue (Meda Dhatu). When the body produces more fat tissues, it causes an increase in weight.

We all know how obesity is measured by BMI and waist-hip ratio. But Here are some very simple signs of obesity explained in ayurvedic texts.

Symptoms of Obesity-

• Increased body fat (Excessive body fat is accumulated on the belly, buttocks, breasts, and thighs.)
• Breathlessness on exertion
• Lethargy, Fatigue
• Excessive appetite & thirst
• Excessive sweating with bad odor

Causes of Obesity-

• Lack of physical exercise
• Sleep during day time
• Excess intake of oily, sweet, carbohydrates and heavy to digest food.
• In diseases like- Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Cushing Syndrome, depression, stress
• In ladies- During pregnancy, lactation period, menopause, after hysterectomy surgery.
• Hereditary

Management- Diet and lifestyle changes are very important in the management of obesity.
Avoid causes of obesity.

Here is a list of Dos and Dont’s-

Dont’s – Avoid excessive intake of –

• Sweets, oily, fried and salty food
• Carbohydrates and fatty food ( pizza, pasta, noodles, cheese, butter, paneer, meat)
• Junk food, fast food, canned-packed food with preservatives
• Tea, coffee, carbonated cold drinks, ice cold water, cold food
• Yoghurt, chocolates, ice creams, cakes, pastries
• Bakery items (bread, biscuits, cookies), Snacks( chips, Maggi, kurkure etc)
• Drinking alcohol and smoking
• Overeating and high-calorie diet /heavy to digest food in large quantities
• Excessive water intake after meals
• Sleeping in daytime
• Sedentary lifestyle- “Seating is the new smoking”


• Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day, drink water before meals, take honey with warm water on empty stomach in the morning
• Limit intake of salt, sugar, and oil
• Increase intake of pungent, bitter and astringent tasting food in diet
• Replace refined flour with whole-wheat flour and rice with brown rice or parboiled rice.
• Increase intake of salads, sprouts, seasonal fruits (like watermelon, oranges, papaya, peach, pear), seasonal vegetables (like bitter gourd, cabbage, cauliflower, ladies finger, cucumber, carrot, pumpkin)
• Eat freshly cooked warm food
• Do not eat food with wrong combination (Incompatible food) E.g. Mixing sour fruits and milk, fruit yogurts, honey and ghee in equal quantity.
• Eat three meals a day and avoid snacking and overeating. Take light dinner and eat only when you are hungry.
• Eating sequence: First eat carbohydrates or sweet taste, next eat salty, sour, pungent and bitter foods. Finally, eat astringent food
• Fasting or fruit diet at least once a week.
• Adequate rest and mental balance
• Exercise- Regular exercise such as walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming along with yoga and Pranayam should include in our daily routine.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapies –

Udwartanam – It is special therapeutic deep tissue massage specially mentioned for obesity in ayurvedic texts. The massage stimulates hair follicles and fat tissues to break down fat storage. It reduces blood cholesterol, obesity and reduces skin problems.
Abhyanga – It is ayurvedic warm oil body massage. It pacifies the doshas, improves blood circulation, eliminates body impurities and helps in reducing weight by fat burning.
Swedan /steam– It is a process to induce sweating artificially in a patient after Udwartanam or Abhyanga. It helps to reduce water retention, removes toxins from the body and relieves heaviness of the body.

To know more about Weight management and Ayurvedic therapies contact our Drs at

Ayurveda Pharmacy @8, Belilios Lane, Tel-63415020
Ayurveda Pharmacy @ 55, Siglap Centre, B1-18, Tel-66528464
Om Vedic Heritage Centre@43, Tessensohn Road, Tel-62972670

Dr. Rupali Gondhalekar
M.D. (A.M.), B.A.M.S.
H/P- 81800984
Ayurvedic Consultant
Ayurveda Pharmacy
OmVedic Heritage Centre.


Managing Diabetes Naturally

Health is the real wealth and to manage this wealth Naturopathy can play important role in our life. Lady of the house is considered the pillar of a family and to make her family healthy she herself has to be healthy and happy. To help womenfolk to achieve excellence in health Women Lines is committed to create awareness. It is such a pleasure to introduce  Saravanan Naturopathic Physicians as an Influencer for Naturopathy on Womenlines panel. This month Dr. Saravanan Naturopath is giving tips to how to manage Diabetes naturally-

Diabetes is the most prevailing health problem in Singapore now. Any one is susceptible from any walks of life is prone to this condition. The count of diabetes patients has seen a significant rise in the recent years and continues to increase at an alarming rate. Our Prime Minster has the speak about it at the National Day Rally 2017. Indians are the most affected by Diabetes followed by the Malays and the Chinese.


Fortunately, you can manage diabetes with proper care. With careful attention to your blood sugar level, medications and lifestyle modifications, you can avoid many of the complications associated with diabetes. Diabetes could be treated with various natural home remedies.


Physiology of Diabetes

The food we consume is converted into glucose, the typical form of sugar in which dietary protein and carbohydrates are assimilated in humans. Glucose is transported by the blood stream throughout the body

Insulin is secreted into the bloodstream by the pancreatic beta cells in direct response to an increase in blood glucose concentration. This primary function of regulating proper blood glucose level in the body is achieved by releasing the glucose from the blood stream by entering the cells. Once the sugar is released from the blood stream, the pancreas stops producing insulin.The insulin receptors on our cells attract the insulin molecules that are in the blood stream. The glucose from the blood is passed to the cells through these receptors and the cells are nourished.When insufficient insulin is produced and or insulin receptors become insensitive to insulin molecules, the result is Diabetes.

Type II and Type II Diabetes


Type 1 is Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Conventional medicine classifies such diabetes happens due to unknown reasons or not totally understood, they maintain that it is genetically inherited and as well as auto immune disorders.

There are other medical practitioners who take a stand against the conventional medical system suggest that Type 1 diabetes is strongly influenced by pasteurized cow’s milk, artificial sweeteners and chlorine which is generally ingested into the body through drink tap water and shower. Chlorine depletes vitamin E and combines with vitamin E complexes to form alloxan. Alloxan is a chemical toxic to beta cells. Research had shown that children who developed type 1 diabetes generally have been breast fed for less than three months, and consumed either cow’s milk or solid food within the first few months of life. Another study had shown that children who did not drink cow’s milk within the first three months had a 40% reduced incidence of forming diabetes compared to those who drank cow’s milk.

Dr. John B. Classen in his studies observed that the hepatitis B vaccine, when given after 8 weeks of life, was associated with a 90% increased risk of diabetes.

Type II diabetes is also known as adult onset diabetes or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes NIDDM happens due to poor utilization of insulin and inefficient production of insulin. It is related to high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, obesity, and insulin resistance. Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome is about blood sugar metabolism and it is directly related to insulin resistance.Those who suffer from metabolic syndrome are twice likely to suffer from stroke, heart attack and die prematurely.


Some common symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss irritability, fatigue, itchy skin, wounds that do not heal and gum lesions, blurred vision, tingling sensation and numbness in the feet and hands.

How could you prevent diabetes or overcome diabetes?

Exercise – Regular activity with moderate intensity usch as brisk walking for 45 to 90 minutes daily. This suits everybody. Then others according to the capabilities could do cycling, swimming, weight lifting etc. Exercise makes muscle cells to be more responsive to insulin.

 Food – Avoid all hyperglycemic foods. Foods that are high in glycemic index. Avoid foods made of refined flour like commercial breads, cereals, cakes, crackers, cookies, macaroni, spaghetti, all pastas, Anything made from refined flour makes the sugar to spike as high as refined sugar which has high GI at 100.Complex carbohydrates are beneficial. They are usually found in unprocessed vegetables and natural foods. These foods eliminate the sugar spikes.Other problem foods are packaged and canned foods. Sweeteners and artificial sweeteners and sugar added foods.

Replace refined carbohydrates with unrefined whole grains. Eat whole grains, fruits before meals, beans, raw seeds and raw nuts. Eating mono and poly unsaturated fats from vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids from fish, coconut oil, flax seed and sacha inchi oils reduce insulin requirements.Spices, like fenugreek, fennel seeds, cinnamon do help to regulate blood sugars. Use natural palm sugars and raw can sugars instead of refined and brown sugars.


Supplements – Digestive enzymes, pycnogenol, resveratrol, algae like AFA, Chlorella, NAD, probiotics, prebiotics, and a good detox would help. Speak to a naturopath who could recommend what is suitable for you.


Article written by Saravanan ND – Naturopathic Physician and transformational coach. At Naturopathic Therapies Clinic.

Saravanan has successfully helped diabetics restore a healthy metabolic activity and balance. You could contact him if you need his support.


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Naturopathy by Saravanan Naturopathic Physician


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”- Mahatma Gandhi

How true is this saying!

Health is the real wealth and to manage this wealth Naturopathy can play important role in our life. Lady of the house is considered the pillar of a family and to make her family healthy she herself has to be healthy and happy. It is such a pleasure to introduce  Saravanan Naturopathic Physicians as an Influencer for Naturopathy on Womenlines panel. Every month in his article Saravanan will be sharing about how womenfolk can prevent various disease or get cured by following naturopathy.

In this article, Saravanan is sharing about Naturopathy and women’ health-


Naturopathy and Women’s health

Holistic and wellness therapies for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual are widely used by women all over the world than men. It may be because women are more aware and empowered to take charge of their health. Women want to look young, be healthy and feel empowered. Naturopathy can play a significant role in it.

Naturopathic therapies do not follow a single road to good health. It combines nature with modern science. This approach to health care embraces a wide array of non-invasive techniques and therapies, including traditional healing methods, principles, and practices.

Naturopathic therapies focus on holistic prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic physicians work with the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. The naturopathic physician tries to encourage good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.

Naturopathic physicians treat most medical conditions. Among the most common ailments they treat are allergies, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, obesity, respiratory conditions, heart disease, fertility problems, menopause, adrenal fatigue, cancer, fibromyalgia, skin challenges and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Basic Principles of Naturopathy


 Naturopathy adheres to the following health principles

  • Naturally healing. Naturopathy contends that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself and, when working at an optimal level, to ward off disease. Naturopathy is intended to help your body do just that.
  • Therapies healing the person as a whole. Naturopaths work from the perspective that health and disease are more than just germs and infection. Mental, physical, spiritual and environmental factors each play a role. Naturopaths and their therapies take these factors into consideration when developing a treatment. So, where a conventional health care professional may prescribe medication to suppress symptoms, a naturopath may look for alternative approaches because the goal is to restore health, not simply banish illness.
  • First, do no harm. This tenet is, of course, part of the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians. Traditionally, naturopathy focuses on gentle, non-invasive therapies that enhance the healing process. It is this principle that underlies the reluctance to turn immediately to drugs for a cure. Naturopaths generally avoid methods that merely relieve symptoms without addressing the cause. This is the foundation of another principle:
  • Identify the cause. Instead of treating symptoms, naturopaths seek to identify and treat the underlying cause. Symptoms are not the cause of illness—they simply indicate that your body is out of balance. The cause is often more difficult to identify. It could be anything from a vitamin or mineral deficiency to an emotional problem. By identifying and addressing (or removing) the cause, the symptoms can be relieved rather than suppressed.
  • Naturopaths place great emphasis on preventive care. Naturopaths assess your risk factors and make suggestions that will support your good health.
  • The physician as teacher. Naturopaths see themselves as teachers and try to teach patients how to take responsibility for their own health. This may involve suggesting nutritional, emotional, dietary or other lifestyle changes.

Is Naturopathy safe with conventional medicine? Naturopaths are willing to work cooperatively with their conventional-medicine counterparts. You should continue your existing treatments while seeking care from a naturopath. Be sure to keep all of your health care professionals apprised of all treatments you are receiving.

When to Visit a Naturopathic Physician? You might want to visit a naturopathic physician for many reasons. Perhaps you have a chronic condition that isn’t responding to conventional care. But you don’t have to suffer from a condition to visit a naturopathic physician. You may simply want to improve your overall health.

Naturopathy is particularly well suited for chronic conditions such as asthma, muscle pain, allergies, and arthritis, as well as disorders that may have a stress- or diet-related factors, such as digestive problems, insomnia, skin disorders and fatigue. Naturopathic physicians also treat colds, flu, and bronchitis. They treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and other menstrual and menopausal problems.

If you have a serious condition that requires hospitalization, major surgery or emergency treatment—for instance, if you have a broken bone—seek conventional medical assistance. You can receive follow-up care from your naturopathic physician, which may support natural healing pathways within the body.

Saravanan ND, CH, DMLD, D.Nutrition,

Naturopathic Physician and Transformational Life Coach

Naturopathic Therapies Clinic

Women’s Day Special: 10 Health Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

Here is an article sharing health tips for today’s women. These tips are great reminders to all women who forget to care for themselves in everyday routine –



March 8 is celebrated as Women’s Day around the globe. It is the day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is the day that calls for action for promoting gender parity. It is also a day to celebrate the womanhood.


Here are ten health tips every woman should follow so as to mark this Women’s Day a new beginning for a healthy lifestyle…

Drink Plenty Of Water

Ensure that you intake plenty of water so as to ensure that your metabolism is perfect. Also, it will help in making your skin glow, removes impurities inside your body, keeping it clean and supple.

Include Vegetables & Fruits In Your Daily Diet

Make sure that you include at least a vegetable and fruit in your daily diet. It helps in building your immune system. Eat healthily and it will make your body and mind healthy and will make you stay protected from falling sick as well, keeping you strong. Buy organic vegetables and fruits online from BazaarCart. Online grocery shopping helps you to save money and you get good and quality products.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Once you have crossed your 40’s it is always better and safe to get a monthly check up. Visit your doctor every month just to ensure that your body is fit and beautiful. If your family has any hereditary diseases, make sure that you do frequent check-ups on the same disease so that you remain safe.

You can depend on health supplements for immunity and other ailments. Buy them cheap from Healthkart online shopping. Relevant Healthkart coupon code can get you products at discounts.

Get A Hobby

Create a hobby for you if you do not have one. A lot of hobbies are there that can ignite your senses. Reading, gardening, pets, music – find some time for any of your favorite hobby, and you will see how it can help you relax and make yourself engaged.

Stop Drinking/Smoking

These habits might relieve you from various tensions and disturbances. But, it is not good to follow them as these might affect your health adversely in later stages. So, avoid them altogether.

Do Regular Exercise

Many of us try to start a healthy living by deciding on doing regular exercise which none of us follow with time. As a result, we get a lot of side effects. So, keep a note in following strict rules when it comes to doing exercises. It helps to get rid of many diseases, making your body resistant.

Love Your Body

It is most important that you love your body. If you do not love your body, then you will never try to maintain it fit and healthy. Think that it is the best gift you have got and take care of it in the best way, and you will see how it will make you look beautiful.

Manage Your Weight

Women are likely to put on weight soon after they become a mother and later on due to different stages of life and as they age weight increases. So, it is important that you manage your weight. Check it every month or once every three months to keep an eye on your weight.

If you are pregnant, then you should not restrict on your weight. Wear loose and comfortable maternity clothes. FirstCry is a great store to buy products for your newborn and also for your maternity products. Shop via FirstCry App to get extra discounts on your shopping.

Sleep Well

Last but not the least, make sure that you sleep well. Ensure that your body gets the required amount of rest as well as sleep. If you are not able to sleep properly, then consult a doctor to find the reason.

If you follow these simple steps, you are very much likely to stay healthy and beautiful for years. So ladies out there, gear up this Women’s Day to follow these steps to stay nice!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!


10 Tricks and tips for weight loss sans Gym!

Losing weight without going to the gym  is a dream for every individual who is looking forward for a healthy lifestyle. Time is a precious commodity in today’s times and efforts are made to save as much as possible. I was always in search of tips and guidelines where I can learn how to keep a hold on my weight by doing things at home. It’s a pleasure to share those tips with everybody-                                                                                                                                                          

1.TV time can be used to carry out few exercises which you can do while watching your favorite programme.Especially the break time can be used very smartly by carrying crunches, jog steps or lifts.

2. Switching channels can be done on TV instead of using remotes. It will make you walk from one place to another.

3.Chewing your food properly will definitely help in proper absorption of nutrients.

4. Whenever get chance use stairs and avoid lifts. This is great way for exercising lower part of your body.

5.Cleaning House is a great activity which leads to calorie burn out. Attempts should be made to declutter home as many times it can be done.

6.Drink water as much and eat Oats as much.It’s a golden matra

7. Surya Namsakar is a great resource for burning calorie.

8.Shophouse grocery yourself and carry bags in your own hand. It’s a free exercise for your hands which can help in maintaining them.

9.Keep moving- Its not necessary to join dance classes at some school. There are many free videos available online which can guide u in right way.

10. Positive attitude and vision of having a perfect body shape play very important role in weight loss journey.

Readers are requested to share their tips and tricks which they follow for weight loss. Thanks in advance:)!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!



Aloe vera-wonder solution for enhancing beauty!

I love reading tips for improving health, beauty and live life in excellence and I am so surprised in most of the readings I come across the usage of this wonder plant Aloe vera!   

It’s quite strange that Aloe vera is such a multi-purpose plant especially for woman:). I got curious to know more about this multi-tasking and health-promoting plant on this planet and here are my findings-

Aloe Vera is an Arabic word, which means bitter. It is a  succulent plant that is found only in cultivation, having no naturally occurring populations. Extracts from Aloe vera are widely used in the cosmetics and alternative medicine industries, being marketed as variously having rejuvenating, healing, or soothing properties. The spiky, green gem has a rich history of various cultures and personalities who used the plant’s moist middle in a plethora of practical uses.  Cleopatra used to apply the gel to her body as part of her beauty regimen, the ancient Greeks used it to cure everything from baldness to insomnia to the Native Americans who called Aloe vera the “Wand of the Heaven.There is nothing on this planet that offers the amazing variety of healing benefits granted by Aloe vera. It could be considered a superfood, the leaf is filled with a gel containing at least 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 200 active enzymes.

These compounds have tremendous benefit and potential in external and internal applications.In a single plant, aloe vera offers potent, natural medicine that:

1 )Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders

2) Reduces high blood pressure natural, by treating the cause, not just the symptoms

3) Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and glyconutrients

4) Lowers high cholesterol.

5) Aloe vera gel has frequently been cited for its powerful antioxidant effect

6) As may be expected, the beneficial components, including antioxidants, amino acids, and enzymes, increase as plant size increases.

7) Halts the growth of cancer tumors

This is an amazing plant which can be a good solution to all beauty woes.I came across some interesting tips for hair and skin care-

1. Aloe vera can help moisturising hair. Purchase aloe gel or use a limb from an aloe vera plant and squeeze  directly into the palm of your hand and apply it to your hair. Wrap your hair in  shower cap and let the aloe vera set for about 30 minutes. Wash it out and style  hair as normal

2.Aloe does healing benefits, which increase the strength of skin tissue. It provides good oxygen to skin to the deepest layer. It’s possible to stimulate cell rejuvenation, giving skin a youthful appearance. The gel obtained from an aloe plant is absorbed quickly by skin and cleanses pores, while moisturizing skin at the same time

3.Prepare a mixture of Aloe vera gel and coconut oil(boil together for 10 mins) and store it in a bottle for regular hair massage. It will do wondersin control of hair fall.

Wow! This Aloe vera plant is really like a wonder plant.My new year resolution is now to grow Aloe vera plant at home and keep it handy to use  for so many other benefits.

Charu Mehrotra

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Womenlines welcome Mrs Ritu Khanna , a Singapore based Homeopathic Practitioner as a guest writer for womenlines.In this article she is sharing about Hyperthyroidism and its cure-

Hyperthyroidism or Overactive Thyroid Gland refers to the over secretion of thyroid hormone by thyroid gland .It  is the opposite of hypothyroidism, as the name suggests. It is a condition where in the thyroid   gland increases   in size with abnormal secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone. It is defined by weight loss, increased BMR and sensitivity to tremors. An overactive thyroid gland, or hyperthyroidism, can trigger restlessness, hyperactivity, insomnia and irritability .

The main causes leading to hyperthyroid are  :-     

General Causes

  • Life style today is one of the major cause of thyroid imbalance. Chronic  stress is one of the root cause. Psychological trauma, emotional disturbance or prolonged illness are few reasons.
  • Bad eating habits. Eating too many refined foods and sugars which causes problems with blood sugar levels which affect adrenal gland and also cause malfunctioning of of thyroid gland.
  • Environmental Factors like pollution and toxins all around even at home i.e. toxins present in the form of chemicals in food which our body can not handle. There are many food products for which we do not have awareness of the ingredients before we consume them which act as toxins for our body.

Therapeutic Causes

  • Excess secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone.
  • Other causes could be Grave’s disease, Plummer’s disease
  • Toxic adenoma (Benign non cancerous lump)
  • Post-par tum thyroditis (after birth of a child)
  • Thyrotoxicosis (addiction to thyroid hormones)
  • Problem with the pituitary gland

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism :-

  • Extreme nervousness, fear, restlessness, anxiety, irritability, excitability
  • Speech defects , Speech is rapid ,and temper alternating with weeping in women.
  • Loss of weight despite good appetite
  • Trembling hands while holding cup
  • Palpitations, dyspnea, and angina on slight exertion.
  • Swelling in the neck (Goitre).
  • Bulging of eyeballs and photo phobia.
  • Diminished menstrual flow .
  • Pulse and heart rate are increased.
  • Increased metabolic rate so canine hunger but there is weight loss.
  • Patient looks ill.

Most Common Treatment suggested and  it’s Consequences

Allopathic line of treatment is Beta blockers in mild cases and in some cases the oral intake of Radioactive Iodine, which not only destroys many cells of Thyroid but also have to be taken for rest of life. Taking RAI long term can lead to hypothyroidism . It makes the immune system weak which may lead to other autoimmune diseases in future. When hyperthyroid is detected then intake of RAI should be the last option. A very effective answer to thyroid imbalance is Homeopathy .

Homeopathic Treatment For Hyperthyroidism

For the treatment of hyperthyroidism , the symptoms of the body are always kept in mind as we consider for every other case. The most common homeopathic remedies that play an important role in the treatment of hyperthyroidism are: –


Belledona best acts on  heart and the circulation, nerves , the brain, and the eyes. For Easily excitable , emotional patients. There is throbbing, dilated pupils, dry mucous membrane. The patient is plethoric, aggressive and intellectual  individuals. The patient complains of violent heat, Burning and redness .The patient has a sensation of dryness. The patient has an irritable state of mind affecting the urinary tract.The patient’s symptoms are aggravated from exposure to draft of air , wants to be wrapped up, light and noise aggravates suffering.


Calcarea Flour

Swelling of thyroid , constricted feeling in thyroid region, digestive troubles


Ferrum phos

The remedy ,basically for anaemic and extremely nervous patients.Even the least excitement causes flushing of face. The remedy to be used in first stage of all inflammatory infections.In women, the menses are too frequent and too profuse . The patient is worse at night, early morning , by touch, jar, motion and lying on the right side and feels better by cold applications. The remedy to be taken in acute state of thyroid dysfunction and that has to be followed by a proper constitutional remedy.


Lycopus virginicus

It helps to normalise the overactive thyroid.  In goitre also , it is well indicated . A good remedy for overactive thyroid gland and for patients with irritability and mental tiredness. Patients with increased heart rate and palpitation  It’s good for hyper thyroids patients who have ongoing respiratory problems and coughs.The remedy also useful in lowering the blood pressure. Sensation of eye being pushed out.


Pilocarpus  microphyllus

It’s  a powerful remedy for glandular stimulation.It is useful for goitre, with increased heart action and pulsation of arteries; tremors and nervousness; heat and sweating. Excessive salivation and perspiration is a leading symptom of the remedy.


Remedy good for thyroid dysfunction . Patients with lot of emaciation and trembling hands. Nervous Temperament

Lapis Albus

Good for hyperthyroidism where in symptoms include enlargement of the thyroid gland , fatigue , sluggishness , and mental dullness.


The remedy good for hyperthyroidism .Protruding eye with heart symptoms. Other symptoms may be palpitation , contracting pains, faintness , anxiety , worse in warm room .

Magnesium Flouratum

Hyperthyroidism , metabolic complaints , Chronic suppuration, Neuralgia.

Bach Flower Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

In the case of Thyroid dysfunction we could think of giving individual flower remedies or a combination of the remedies depending on the individual patients  requirement . The disease of Hyperthyroidism has been linked with an exaggerated sense of service and suppression of self-centred impulses .

Hyperthyroidism is also linked with the stressful mental state , a stress of higher altitude leading to emotional breakdown. Here in the Bach Remedy ” Vervain “ is of great help as it helps release muscle tension.


Aspen, Cerato, Hornbeam, Olive, Larch Mustard, Mimulus, Star of Bethlehem are some of the remedies which could be thought of considering the mental symptoms of the patient of thyroid disorders.


A combination of Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Pine, Vervain and Willow helps a hyperthyroidism patient  to focus and concentrate better.


Managing Hyperthyroidism


Natural Herbs  and Diet Good for Hyperthyroidism

-Bugleweed ( Homeo Remedy Lycopus is from this herb)

-Vitamin D (Avoid Sunblocks)

-Selenium (Source : nuts)

-Vitamin B (Source : Whole Foods)

-Magnesium (Source : Organic Vegetables)

-Omega 3 Fatty Acids

-Increase Calcium intake

-All those with hyperthyroidism are prone to pernicious enema so intake of Vitamin B along with

other nutrients should be taken good care of.

-Fish contains iodine, omega-3 fats, and vitamin D. Mustard, and other dark leafy greens contain

vitamin A.

Do’s And Don’t

-Avoid tea, coffee,

-No smoking, alcohol and caffeine .

-Avoid Sour and deep fried eatables.

-Never Skip meals as it may lower blood sugar levels which lead to tiredness

-Positive Thinking

-Anger Control

-Control of Anger


Yoga helps in the balances of the neuro hormones and metabolism besides improving the endocrine metabolism.The most effective yoga exercise for thyroid dysfunction is “Ujjayi Pranayam” and “Kappal Bhati Pranayam “.


Home Remedies

-Mixture of Pudina (Mint) paste and Saunf (Fennel Seed) powder .. 1 table spoon to be taken with

water every morning , empty stomach.

-Silver has very good healing powers for treating hyperactive thyroid. Having milk at bedtime

especially when it is heated in a silver container will yield better results.

-Brahmi powder mixed with half teaspoonful of honey should be taken in the morning







Surya Namaskar-Golden key to Fit Body and Fit Mind

Womenlines welcome Mrs Ritu Khanna , a Singapore based Homeopathic Practitioner as a guest writer for womenlines.In this article she is sharing about benefits of Surya Namaskar , a type of Yoga considered beneficial for women as when practiced in the morning, relieves stiffness, energizes the body and refreshes the mind.

That most familiar of asana sequences, Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is as rich in symbolic and mythic overtones as it is in physical benefits.

Surya has a lot of significance in the Hindu religion, while the term literally translates to “the Supreme Light”. It is the chief of solar deity since the term generally refers to the Sun. The mythical image representation of Surya has… golden arms and hair. He is known to ride his triumphal chariot that is attached to seven horses that takes him through to the heavens. Those seven horses represent the seven chakras found all throughout the body.

One of the means of honoring the sun is through the dynamic asana sequence Surya Namaskar (better known as Sun Salutation). The Sanskrit word namaskar stems from namas, which means “to bow to” or “to adore.” (The familiar phrase we use to close our yoga classes, namaste—te means “you”—also comes from this root.) Each Sun Salutation begins and ends with the joined-hands mudra (gesture) touched to the heart. This placement is no accident; only the heart can know the truth.

The Benefits of Sun Salutation

These postures flex and stretch the spinal column through its maximum range giving a profound stretch throughout the entire body. The Sun Salutation has a deep detoxifying effect on the organ as well as a deep relaxing effect on the body. Some of the benefits are:

• Tones the digestive system
• Ventilates the lungs and oxygenates the blood
• Gets rid of large quantities of carbon dioxide and other toxic cases
• Strengthens the abdominal muscles
• Tones the nervous system and improves memory
• Improves muscles flexibility
• Helps reduce fat

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