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Managing Diabetes Naturally

Health is the real wealth and to manage this wealth Naturopathy can play important role in our life. Lady of the house is considered the pillar of a family and to make her family healthy she herself has to be healthy and happy. To help womenfolk to achieve excellence in health Women Lines is committed to create awareness. It is such a pleasure to introduce  Saravanan Naturopathic Physicians as an Influencer for Naturopathy on Women Lines panel. This month Dr. Saravanan Naturopath is giving tips to how to manage Diabetes naturally-

Diabetes is the most prevailing health problem in Singapore now. Any one is susceptible from any walks of life is prone to this condition. The count of diabetes patients has seen a significant rise in the recent years and continues to increase at an alarming rate. Our Prime Minster has the speak about it at the National Day Rally 2017. Indians are the most affected by Diabetes followed by the Malays and the Chinese.


Fortunately, you can manage diabetes with proper care. With careful attention to your blood sugar level, medications and lifestyle modifications, you can avoid many of the complications associated with diabetes. Diabetes could be treated with various natural home remedies.


Physiology of Diabetes

The food we consume is converted into glucose, the typical form of sugar in which dietary protein and carbohydrates are assimilated in humans. Glucose is transported by the blood stream throughout the body

Insulin is secreted into the bloodstream by the pancreatic beta cells in direct response to an increase in blood glucose concentration. This primary function of regulating proper blood glucose level in the body is achieved by releasing the glucose from the blood stream by entering the cells. Once the sugar is released from the blood stream, the pancreas stops producing insulin.The insulin receptors on our cells attract the insulin molecules that are in the blood stream. The glucose from the blood is passed to the cells through these receptors and the cells are nourished.When insufficient insulin is produced and or insulin receptors become insensitive to insulin molecules, the result is Diabetes.

Type II and Type II Diabetes


Type 1 is Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Conventional medicine classifies such diabetes happens due to unknown reasons or not totally understood, they maintain that it is genetically inherited and as well as auto immune disorders.

There are other medical practitioners who take a stand against the conventional medical system suggest that Type 1 diabetes is strongly influenced by pasteurized cow’s milk, artificial sweeteners and chlorine which is generally ingested into the body through drink tap water and shower. Chlorine depletes vitamin E and combines with vitamin E complexes to form alloxan. Alloxan is a chemical toxic to beta cells. Research had shown that children who developed type 1 diabetes generally have been breast fed for less than three months, and consumed either cow’s milk or solid food within the first few months of life. Another study had shown that children who did not drink cow’s milk within the first three months had a 40% reduced incidence of forming diabetes compared to those who drank cow’s milk.

Dr. John B. Classen in his studies observed that the hepatitis B vaccine, when given after 8 weeks of life, was associated with a 90% increased risk of diabetes.

Type II diabetes is also known as adult onset diabetes or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes NIDDM happens due to poor utilization of insulin and inefficient production of insulin. It is related to high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, obesity, and insulin resistance. Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome is about blood sugar metabolism and it is directly related to insulin resistance.Those who suffer from metabolic syndrome are twice likely to suffer from stroke, heart attack and die prematurely.


Some common symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss irritability, fatigue, itchy skin, wounds that do not heal and gum lesions, blurred vision, tingling sensation and numbness in the feet and hands.

How could you prevent diabetes or overcome diabetes?

Exercise – Regular activity with moderate intensity usch as brisk walking for 45 to 90 minutes daily. This suits everybody. Then others according to the capabilities could do cycling, swimming, weight lifting etc. Exercise makes muscle cells to be more responsive to insulin.

 Food – Avoid all hyperglycemic foods. Foods that are high in glycemic index. Avoid foods made of refined flour like commercial breads, cereals, cakes, crackers, cookies, macaroni, spaghetti, all pastas, Anything made from refined flour makes the sugar to spike as high as refined sugar which has high GI at 100.Complex carbohydrates are beneficial. They are usually found in unprocessed vegetables and natural foods. These foods eliminate the sugar spikes.Other problem foods are packaged and canned foods. Sweeteners and artificial sweeteners and sugar added foods.

Replace refined carbohydrates with unrefined whole grains. Eat whole grains, fruits before meals, beans, raw seeds and raw nuts. Eating mono and poly unsaturated fats from vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids from fish, coconut oil, flax seed and sacha inchi oils reduce insulin requirements.Spices, like fenugreek, fennel seeds, cinnamon do help to regulate blood sugars. Use natural palm sugars and raw can sugars instead of refined and brown sugars.


Supplements – Digestive enzymes, pycnogenol, resveratrol, algae like AFA, Chlorella, NAD, probiotics, prebiotics, and a good detox would help. Speak to a naturopath who could recommend what is suitable for you.


Article written by Saravanan ND – Naturopathic Physician and transformational coach. At Naturopathic Therapies Clinic.

Saravanan has successfully helped diabetics restore a healthy metabolic activity and balance. You could contact him if you need his support.


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Naturopathy for healthy life for women series by Saravanan Naturopathic Physician


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”- Mahatma Gandhi

How true is this saying!

Health is the real wealth and to manage this wealth Naturopathy can play important role in our life. Lady of the house is considered the pillar of a family and to make her family healthy she herself has to be healthy and happy. It is such a pleasure to introduce  Saravanan Naturopathic Physicians as an Influencer for Naturopathy on Women Lines panel. Every month in his article Saravanan will be sharing about how womenfolk can prevent various disease or get cured by following naturopathy.

In this article, Saravanan is sharing about Naturopathy and women’ health-


Naturopathy and Women’s health

Holistic and wellness therapies for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual are widely used by women all over the world than men. It may be because women are more aware and empowered to take charge of their health. Women want to look young, be healthy and feel empowered. Naturopathy can play a significant role in it.

Naturopathic therapies do not follow a single road to good health. It combines nature with modern science. This approach to health care embraces a wide array of non-invasive techniques and therapies, including traditional healing methods, principles, and practices.

Naturopathic therapies focus on holistic prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Naturopathic physicians work with the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health. The naturopathic physician tries to encourage good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.

Naturopathic physicians treat most medical conditions. Among the most common ailments they treat are allergies, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, obesity, respiratory conditions, heart disease, fertility problems, menopause, adrenal fatigue, cancer, fibromyalgia, skin challenges and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Basic Principles of Naturopathy


Naturopathy adheres to the following health principles

  • Naturally healing. Naturopathy contends that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself and, when working at an optimal level, to ward off disease. Naturopathy is intended to help your body do just that.
  • Therapies healing the person as a whole. Naturopaths work from the perspective that health and disease are more than just germs and infection. Mental, physical, spiritual and environmental factors each play a role. Naturopaths and their therapies take these factors into consideration when developing a treatment. So, where a conventional health care professional may prescribe medication to suppress symptoms, a naturopath may look for alternative approaches because the goal is to restore health, not simply banish illness.
  • First, do no harm. This tenet is, of course, part of the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians. Traditionally, naturopathy focuses on gentle, non-invasive therapies that enhance the healing process. It is this principle that underlies the reluctance to turn immediately to drugs for a cure. Naturopaths generally avoid methods that merely relieve symptoms without addressing the cause. This is the foundation of another principle:
  • Identify the cause. Instead of treating symptoms, naturopaths seek to identify and treat the underlying cause. Symptoms are not the cause of illness—they simply indicate that your body is out of balance. The cause is often more difficult to identify. It could be anything from a vitamin or mineral deficiency to an emotional problem. By identifying and addressing (or removing) the cause, the symptoms can be relieved rather than suppressed.
  • Naturopaths place great emphasis on preventive care. Naturopaths assess your risk factors and make suggestions that will support your good health.
  • The physician as teacher. Naturopaths see themselves as teachers and try to teach patients how to take responsibility for their own health. This may involve suggesting nutritional, emotional, dietary or other lifestyle changes.

Is Naturopathy safe with conventional medicine? Naturopaths are willing to work cooperatively with their conventional-medicine counterparts. You should continue your existing treatments while seeking care from a naturopath. Be sure to keep all of your health care professionals apprised of all treatments you are receiving.

When to Visit a Naturopathic Physician? You might want to visit a naturopathic physician for many reasons. Perhaps you have a chronic condition that isn’t responding to conventional care. But you don’t have to suffer from a condition to visit a naturopathic physician. You may simply want to improve your overall health.

Naturopathy is particularly well suited for chronic conditions such as asthma, muscle pain, allergies, and arthritis, as well as disorders that may have a stress- or diet-related factors, such as digestive problems, insomnia, skin disorders and fatigue. Naturopathic physicians also treat colds, flu, and bronchitis. They treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and other menstrual and menopausal problems.

If you have a serious condition that requires hospitalization, major surgery or emergency treatment—for instance, if you have a broken bone—seek conventional medical assistance. You can receive follow-up care from your naturopathic physician, which may support natural healing pathways within the body.

Saravanan ND, CH, DMLD, D.Nutrition,

Naturopathic Physician and Transformational Life Coach

Naturopathic Therapies Clinic

10 Tricks and tips for weight loss sans Gym!

Loosing weight without going to gym  is a dream for every individual who is looking forward for a healthy lifestyle. Time is a precious commodity in today’s times and efforts are made to save as much as possible. I was always in search of tips and guidelines where I can learn how to keep a hold on my weight by doing things at home. It’s a pleasure to share those tips with everybody-                                                                                                                                                          

1.TV time can be used to carry out few exercises which you can do while watching your favorite programme.Specially the break time can be used very smartly by carrying crunches, jog steps or lifts.

2. Switching channels can be done on TV instead of using remotes. It will make you walk from one place to another.

3.Chewing your food properly will definitely help in proper absorption of nutrients.

4. Whenever get chance use stairs and avoid lifts. This is great way for exercising lower part of your body.

5.Cleaning House is a great activity which leads to calorie burn out. Attempts should be made to declutter home as many times it can be done.

6.Drink water as much and eat Oats as much.Its a golden matra

7. Surya Namsakar is great resource for burning calorie.

8.Shop house grocery yourself and carry bags in your own hand. Its a free exercise for your hands which can help in maintaining them.

9.Keep moving- Its not necessary to join dance classes at some school. There are many free videos available online which can guide u in right way.

10. Positive attitude and vision of having a perfect body shape plays very important role in weight loss journey.

Readers are requested to share their tips and tricks which they follow for weight loss. Thanks in advance:)!



Womenlines welcome Mrs Ritu Khanna , a Singapore based Homeopathic Practitioner as a guest writer for womenlines.In this article she is sharing about Hyperthyroidism and its cure-

Hyperthyroidism or Overactive Thyroid Gland refers to the over secretion of thyroid hormone by thyroid gland .It  is the opposite of hypothyroidism, as the name suggests. It is a condition where in the thyroid   gland increases   in size with abnormal secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone. It is defined by weight loss, increased BMR and sensitivity to tremors. An overactive thyroid gland, or hyperthyroidism, can trigger restlessness, hyperactivity, insomnia and irritability .

The main causes leading to hyperthyroid are  :-     

General Causes

  • Life style today is one of the major cause of thyroid imbalance. Chronic  stress is one of the root cause. Psychological trauma, emotional disturbance or prolonged illness are few reasons.
  • Bad eating habits. Eating too many refined foods and sugars which causes problems with blood sugar levels which affect adrenal gland and also cause malfunctioning of of thyroid gland.
  • Environmental Factors like pollution and toxins all around even at home i.e. toxins present in the form of chemicals in food which our body can not handle. There are many food products for which we do not have awareness of the ingredients before we consume them which act as toxins for our body.

Therapeutic Causes

  • Excess secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone.
  • Other causes could be Grave’s disease, Plummer’s disease
  • Toxic adenoma (Benign non cancerous lump)
  • Post-par tum thyroditis (after birth of a child)
  • Thyrotoxicosis (addiction to thyroid hormones)
  • Problem with the pituitary gland

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism :-

  • Extreme nervousness, fear, restlessness, anxiety, irritability, excitability
  • Speech defects , Speech is rapid ,and temper alternating with weeping in women.
  • Loss of weight despite good appetite
  • Trembling hands while holding cup
  • Palpitations, dyspnea, and angina on slight exertion.
  • Swelling in the neck (Goitre).
  • Bulging of eyeballs and photo phobia.
  • Diminished menstrual flow .
  • Pulse and heart rate are increased.
  • Increased metabolic rate so canine hunger but there is weight loss.
  • Patient looks ill.

Most Common Treatment suggested and  it’s Consequences

Allopathic line of treatment is Beta blockers in mild cases and in some cases the oral intake of Radioactive Iodine, which not only destroys many cells of Thyroid but also have to be taken for rest of life. Taking RAI long term can lead to hypothyroidism . It makes the immune system weak which may lead to other autoimmune diseases in future. When hyperthyroid is detected then intake of RAI should be the last option. A very effective answer to thyroid imbalance is Homeopathy .

Homeopathic Treatment For Hyperthyroidism

For the treatment of hyperthyroidism , the symptoms of the body are always kept in mind as we consider for every other case. The most common homeopathic remedies that play an important role in the treatment of hyperthyroidism are: –


Belledona best acts on  heart and the circulation, nerves , the brain, and the eyes. For Easily excitable , emotional patients. There is throbbing, dilated pupils, dry mucous membrane. The patient is plethoric, aggressive and intellectual  individuals. The patient complains of violent heat, Burning and redness .The patient has a sensation of dryness. The patient has an irritable state of mind affecting the urinary tract.The patient’s symptoms are aggravated from exposure to draft of air , wants to be wrapped up, light and noise aggravates suffering.


Calcarea Flour

Swelling of thyroid , constricted feeling in thyroid region, digestive troubles


Ferrum phos

The remedy ,basically for anaemic and extremely nervous patients.Even the least excitement causes flushing of face. The remedy to be used in first stage of all inflammatory infections.In women, the menses are too frequent and too profuse . The patient is worse at night, early morning , by touch, jar, motion and lying on the right side and feels better by cold applications. The remedy to be taken in acute state of thyroid dysfunction and that has to be followed by a proper constitutional remedy.


Lycopus virginicus

It helps to normalise the overactive thyroid.  In goitre also , it is well indicated . A good remedy for overactive thyroid gland and for patients with irritability and mental tiredness. Patients with increased heart rate and palpitation  It’s good for hyper thyroids patients who have ongoing respiratory problems and coughs.The remedy also useful in lowering the blood pressure. Sensation of eye being pushed out.


Pilocarpus  microphyllus

It’s  a powerful remedy for glandular stimulation.It is useful for goitre, with increased heart action and pulsation of arteries; tremors and nervousness; heat and sweating. Excessive salivation and perspiration is a leading symptom of the remedy.


Remedy good for thyroid dysfunction . Patients with lot of emaciation and trembling hands. Nervous Temperament

Lapis Albus

Good for hyperthyroidism where in symptoms include enlargement of the thyroid gland , fatigue , sluggishness , and mental dullness.


The remedy good for hyperthyroidism .Protruding eye with heart symptoms. Other symptoms may be palpitation , contracting pains, faintness , anxiety , worse in warm room .

Magnesium Flouratum

Hyperthyroidism , metabolic complaints , Chronic suppuration, Neuralgia.

Bach Flower Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

In the case of Thyroid dysfunction we could think of giving individual flower remedies or a combination of the remedies depending on the individual patients  requirement . The disease of Hyperthyroidism has been linked with an exaggerated sense of service and suppression of self-centred impulses .

Hyperthyroidism is also linked with the stressful mental state , a stress of higher altitude leading to emotional breakdown. Here in the Bach Remedy ” Vervain “ is of great help as it helps release muscle tension.


Aspen, Cerato, Hornbeam, Olive, Larch Mustard, Mimulus, Star of Bethlehem are some of the remedies which could be thought of considering the mental symptoms of the patient of thyroid disorders.


A combination of Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Pine, Vervain and Willow helps a hyperthyroidism patient  to focus and concentrate better.


Managing Hyperthyroidism

Natural Herbs  and Diet Good for Hyperthyroidism

-Bugleweed ( Homeo Remedy Lycopus is from this herb)

-Vitamin D (Avoid Sunblocks)

-Selenium (Source : nuts)

-Vitamin B (Source : Whole Foods)

-Magnesium (Source : Organic Vegetables)

-Omega 3 Fatty Acids

-Increase Calcium intake

-All those with hyperthyroidism are prone to pernicious enema so intake of Vitamin B along with

other nutrients should be taken good care of.

-Fish contains iodine, omega-3 fats, and vitamin D. Mustard, and other dark leafy greens contain

vitamin A.

Do’s And Don’t

-Avoid tea, coffee,

-No smoking, alcohol and caffeine .

-Avoid Sour and deep fried eatables.

-Never Skip meals as it may lower blood sugar levels which lead to tiredness

-Positive Thinking

-Anger Control

-Control of Anger


Yoga helps in the balances of the neuro hormones and metabolism besides improving the endocrine metabolism.The most effective yoga exercise for thyroid dysfunction is “Ujjayi Pranayam” and “Kappal Bhati Pranayam “.


Home Remedies

-Mixture of Pudina (Mint) paste and Saunf (Fennel Seed) powder .. 1 table spoon to be taken with

water every morning , empty stomach.

-Silver has very good healing powers for treating hyperactive thyroid. Having milk at bedtime

especially when it is heated in a silver container will yield better results.

-Brahmi powder mixed with half teaspoonful of honey should be taken in the morning







Surya Namaskar-Golden key to Fit Body and Fit Mind

Womenlines welcome Mrs Ritu Khanna , a Singapore based Homeopathic Practitioner as a guest writer for womenlines.In this article she is sharing about benefits of Surya Namaskar , a type of Yoga considered beneficial for women as when practiced in the morning, relieves stiffness, energizes the body and refreshes the mind.

That most familiar of asana sequences, Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is as rich in symbolic and mythic overtones as it is in physical benefits.

Surya has a lot of significance in the Hindu religion, while the term literally translates to “the Supreme Light”. It is the chief of solar deity since the term generally refers to the Sun. The mythical image representation of Surya has… golden arms and hair. He is known to ride his triumphal chariot that is attached to seven horses that takes him through to the heavens. Those seven horses represent the seven chakras found all throughout the body.

One of the means of honoring the sun is through the dynamic asana sequence Surya Namaskar (better known as Sun Salutation). The Sanskrit word namaskar stems from namas, which means “to bow to” or “to adore.” (The familiar phrase we use to close our yoga classes, namaste—te means “you”—also comes from this root.) Each Sun Salutation begins and ends with the joined-hands mudra (gesture) touched to the heart. This placement is no accident; only the heart can know the truth.

The Benefits of Sun Salutation

These postures flex and stretch the spinal column through its maximum range giving a profound stretch throughout the entire body. The Sun Salutation has a deep detoxifying effect on the organ as well as a deep relaxing effect on the body. Some of the benefits are:

• Tones the digestive system
• Ventilates the lungs and oxygenates the blood
• Gets rid of large quantities of carbon dioxide and other toxic cases
• Strengthens the abdominal muscles
• Tones the nervous system and improves memory
• Improves muscles flexibility
• Helps reduce fat

Ref ::

Tulsi .. A Medicine Par Excllence

Womenlines welcome Mrs Ritu Khanna , a Singapore based Homeopathic Practitioner as a guest writer for womenlines. In this article she is sharing about amazing benefits of Tulsi that how can such a small leaf of Tulsi can do wonders in curing some diseases!
Tulsi plant, an integral part of every Hindu home, has always been regarded as divine. Planting   Tulsi/Basil in the courtyard of the house is a thousand of years old practise. Tulsi/Basil plant creates holy living in the home environment and its aroma in the air destroys disease causing bacteria and other toxins in the atmosphere.
Apart from the religious significance of Tulsi, it’s a great drug in itself from the standpoint of science. Homeopathy and Ayurveda consider this Holy herb as an elixir, a panacea, cures all, a sovereign remedy.
Atharva Vedas, the ancient scriptures of Hindu religion, narrates perpetual properties of Basil which means the Holy Herb helps beautifies human body, removes scars and spots and is a wonderful cure to skin related disease.
Homoeopathic View of Tulsi
Tulsi has acquired an eminent position in Homoeopathic world. Greatly beneficial in women disorders, headache, loss of memory, irritability in kids, redness of the eyes, allergies, runny nose, mouth ulcers, sore throat, burning, urination,fever, asthma and for many other chronic symptoms basil has been of great importance in homoeopathy. The 2nd,3rd, 6th, 30thand 200th Potencies have been used as advantage in all these diseases. Homeopathic cures for many diseases cannot be ignored.
Tulsi/Basil Herb to Cure Diseases-
Throat and breathing problems

  • In cough and Sore throat keep the root of Basil plant in mouth.
  • In respiratory diseases Basil leaves with Black salt gives a good relief.
  • Chew Basil Leaves along with 4 roasted cloves to relieve cough.
Problem associated with fever
  • In high fever, Chewing Tulsi Leave along with Honey every 3 Hours gives relief.
  • Drinking Tulsi /Basil juice ,1 teaspoon everyday prevents fever.
  • Tulsi and Ginger paste mixed with honey relives fever in cold.
  • Taking 10 Tulsi leaves along with 4 Black Pepper relieves malarial fever.
Skin problems associated with the disease

  • The medicinal properties of Tulsi juice contains Thaimol element which is beneficial in skin diseases.
  • To treat Leucoderma by Tulsi leaves have been used successfully.
  • Grind the roots of Tulsi and mix with water and add dry ginger .This mixture taken in morning helps in leprosy.
  • Leprosy which may be affected by basil leaves. Eat and rub the juice on the affected spot.
  • Tulsi Leaf paste applied on eczema is very beneficial.
  • Tulsi leaf juice mixed with orange juice and applied on face removes acne.
Vomiting and Diarrhoea

  • In case of vomiting Tulsi leaf juice with honey should be taken.
  • In Diarrhoea Tulsi leaf juice mixed with roasted cumin seeds to be licked with honey three times a day to get the benefits.

  • Tulsi leaf extract along with one spoon honey, taken every morning and evening removes headache permanently.
  • Tulsi Tea helps to remove headache.
Mouth infection

  • Mouth ulcers and other infections are proven to be cured  by use of Tulsi leaves.
  • Dry Tulsi leaves mixed with Mustard Oil is used to clean teeth and remove bad breath.
  • Tulsi tea removes ulcers of mouth.
  • Stone

  • Basil helps to strengthen the kidneys. Kidney stones can be removed with the juice of Tulsi leaves (basil extracts) taken for 6 months with honey , consumed regularly in slips.
Menstrual Problems for women

  • For painful menses, Tulsi seeds in a glass of boiled water, boiled till it remains half to be taken during menses to remove pain.
Heart disease

  • Ten basil leaves, four to five black pepper and a teaspoon of honey mix all and with half a glass of water to be taken in winters to recover from all types of heart diseases.
  • 4-5 Tulsi and neem leaf juice added in 2-4 tablespoon water, to be taken for 7 days in the morning empty stomach cures high blood pressure.
  • Tulsi is a blessing in heart diseases, it also regulates cholesterol in blood.
Wounds, Injuries and Pimples

  • Ground Basil leaves and make a paste and apply on wounds , stops bleeding immediately.
  • Basil juice along with coconut oil , cook together on low flame till the tie it starts leaving oil, apply on pimples and leave.
  • Basil seeds on grinding and applying hot fills the wound.
  • Basil and camphor powder applied to wound dries it quickly.
Children Diseases

  • In Children’s common ailments such as colds, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. basil juice is beneficial.
  • Tulsi extract helps children in vomiting, diarrhoea, cough, cold etc
Precautions in using Tulsi
Tulsi’s nature is hot so to reduce heat effect always take it with curd or butter milk, its thermal properties will become mild.
  • Do not pluck Tulsi leaves at Night because it may cause body disorders as it’s electromagnetic waves are prominent after sunset.
  • Do not drink milk after intake of basil, skin problems can occur.
  • Do not warm Tulsi juice with honey because with the hot objects honey acts as a venom.
  • Milk , radish, salt, onion, garlic, meat, citrus fruits are harmful to eat along with Tulsi.
  • Do not chew basil leaves with your teeth , if you do eat, be sure to rinse immediately because the contents present in Tulsi destroys the enamel of teeth.
Ref :: Holy Basil Tulsi by Yash Rai
Author :: Ritu Khanna (Homeopathic Practitioner)

Tryst with Chinese Vegetarian Cooking!

Chinese vegetarian cooking never attracted me until I tried it !

Singapore is a heaven for Chinese food and is considered to be  real heaven for gourmets. While I was working for sometime I tried my hands on local chinese vegetarian food during my lunch time. I will not say that my taste buds were impressed but yes I found it light in comparison to our Indian food which is rich by nature. Finally I decided to try my hands on it , to bring some variety in our daily food menu. I was surprised that efforts were not wasted and now my family has become a big fan of Chinese vegetarian food.

I started with vegetable soup in which I used lemon grass first time and it gave an amazing taste to soup. Using only vegetables in the soup and adding little lemon juice to it made the juice lighter and it really acted as a starter. Otherwise previously when we had our regular chinese soup full of sauces, it itself acted as a meal. For the main course I experimented with mushroom, chestnuts, broccli, chye sim,  eggplant and baby corn. Mixed vegetables with addition of light soya sauce and vinegar and toppinhg it with red chilly flakes made it an awsome meal to be taken with rice or noodles. Mung Bean Sprouts is the other chinese addition in vegetarian dishes.The crunchy texture and nutritional qualities of mung bean sprouts make them a popular addition to meals.

It’s not just about the taste. It’s important that Chinese vegetarian dishes display a harmonious balance of colors and textures as well as flavors.It is worth trying and highly recommended to those who look for healthy recipies with some experiments in taste!

The ‘Losing It’ Contest!


Its interesting to know about writers Prachi Gupta and Dhruv Gupta’s book on topic of weight loss-‘Loosing It’.The contest organised by them for sharing of  different experiences related to journey in weight loss is good chance to know about real life stories regarding weight loss efforts.Visit
to know more about the contest.

I was never fat! But married life and motherhood gave me reasons to enhance my awareness regarding ways to control my weight and be fit.The thing which I always resisted was spending money in gym for weight loss. Therefore I was alert, always, to take a note of weight loss method which can be carried from home.  

Motherhood experience brings the major change in any woman’s body.I also put 10 kgs extra weight after my first pregnancy.I was not able to take it. My inner soul was desperate to try all lovely dresses and get back to my previous jeans as soon as possible. Because somewhere I had a feeling if once I put on weight it will be very difficult to get back to normal. So I had to act instantly.First of all I started having a vision of the shape I wanted for myself. I strongly believe in the concept of visualization where you have to create a vision of your dream in your mind. I have been working from home most of the time, this gave me right time to devote for my fitness regime.Then I focussed what things can I follow regularly to keep a strict discipline for my weight loss regime. I started walking and made sure that I was listening to music during my walks.. It gave me immense relaxation. Slowly I observed that the more I was relaxed the more mindful I became about my eating habits. Yoga came as a blessing to me for getting more relaxation in life.  As I started getting mindful, it helped me in positive parenting too.

Being an Indian I love Indian food.I just can’t resist fried food. After being mindful I got back to my normal food habits. I never curbed my desire to eat my favourite food, but I focussed on the quantity. I experienced that the more I curb my desire to eat my favourite food , the more fat I was putting on, because though I was not eating but I was visualizing  fat food  in my mind , so this effected negatively for my weight loss efforts.I got back to my normal weight in 6 months time.It requires discipline, and only discipline to lead a healthy life. My discipline helped me to adopt healthy lifestyle forever.

Being slim not only helps me look better but I feel active too. Its all about that feel which gives me confidence and motivates me to take care for my  family with passion!


Meditation-Panacea for Ramifications of Modernism

Meditation is defined as a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces mode of consciousness either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself!”

I came across this definition somewhere and I was perplexed.  I always wondered how come mind will have time to think to train itself for some relaxation. I have been working from home mother most of the time in my life.Atimes its really challenging for me to manage myself when inflicted with lots of emotions at the same time. As per friend’s suggestion I thought of trying  out meditation to balance myself.Cannot forget the first effort as I simply laughed at myself that how is it possible to sit for a minute also without thinking about anything. How can I even think about it.Our mind is always cluttered with thoughts and idea to make it thoughtless was not digestible to me. But still I was curious that why it is getting so popular.I started trying and it took few years to have a feel of it.I am still not that good in meditating , but yes I have started having a feel of  it.As I am growing, especially after becoming a mother I realize how important it to meditate every day . In a way it should be taken as a regular habit for us and we should not take it for granted. In fact practice of meditation should be taught in schools so that present generation can become strong enough to face life adversities in future.

In rat race of life we almost forget how to live and get used to a robotic way of life. Every individual in family is running towards his goals to achieve abundance and success. Happiness we want  to seek by achieving material goal is momentry only. Meditation helps us to realize who we are and where are we going, besides it also helps in relaxation.Our life is revolving around digital devices and in a way we have started living in virtual world.24/7 we are thinking about how to win this rat race as if we are going to miss something by not participating in it.Happiness cannot be quantified and we are only happy when we are growing in all aspects of life weather it is physical health, material life and also the most important aspect of our life that refers to spiritual health. As we have become too individualistic and consumer obsessed its very important for us to be in real touch of our true self, and meditation helps us in this journey.The benefits of meditation include better health, higher creativity and better personal relationships. Meditation helps us to reduce stress by guiding us to switch off from worries. Meditation is an opportunity to spend time with  ourselves, and be comfortable with ourselves. Spending 15 minutes in quietening the mind and focusing on the present moment, makes us more relaxed and effective decision makers.In fact researches have proved that mindfulness achieved by meditation helps us to increase density of grey matter and thus making our brain more active.Finding from the other research proved that meditation helps in reducing heart diseases.

Healthy body helps in living life happily with passion. So why not try something which helps you to achieve  a healthy body. Happy Meditation!

Organic Clothing: Luxury or Necessity?

Facts you must know about regular cotton/ no.-organic cotton:
* Cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land yet uses 16-25% of the world’s insecticides, more than any other single major crop 
* High levels of agrochemicals are used in the production of non-organic, conventional cotton. Cotton production uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop and accounts in total for 10-16% of the world’s pesticides (including herbicides, insecticides, and defoliants)
* Chemicals used in the processing of cotton pollute the air and surface waters.
* Residual chemicals may irritate consumers’ skin (specially babies since their skin is much more delicate than that of an adult)
* Decreased biodiversity and shifting equilibrium of ecosystems due to the use of pesticides
Surely, this is not what we want for our children, our families. It may be difficult to comprehend how pesticides sprayed onto cotton can stay on it even after its turned into yarn and fabric and then be absorbed by our skin when we wear it. Simple. Think pain relief or nicotine patches. If the ingredients in these patches worn on your skin can be absorbed by the body, travel through your blood stream and affect the target organ (your pained muscle or your urge to smoke), so can residual carcinogens on the fabric you wear. Remember, these fabrics are there on your body continuously, day after day..year after year. Its not the same fabric our parents’ generation grew up wearing when chemical farming was not the order of the day. Unfortunately, our generation and that of our generations to follow, will not be as lucky, if we do not take a stand today. If the demand stops, the supply will too! And don’t think its too expensive to buy organic clothing. Kill your urge to buy 20 cheap and toxic, brightly coloured clothing’s for your babies in favour of 5 quality, organic ones and you will be easy on your pocket! After all, what goes into your child’s blood, into his cells and organs is more important than what you put on his body!
What should you clothe your babies in: Organic cotton or organic bamboo clothing, look out for GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification
Where can you find them: Aphea Boutique Organique!/pages/Aphea-Boutique-Organique/102393953193980