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3 amazing ways to save your energy Gals!

Energy is the source of all actions and as a woman, we have to carry out so many activities and play various roles of mother, sister, wife, we need energy in abundance. Energy is the key to giving 100% to all roles. The moment we have less energy our performance is affected and so the…
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Positivity Movement!

Social Media is a craze in today's times!    Certainly, there are both positive and negative repercussions as of excessive indulgence in use of social media by users. I am getting overwhelmed by the wave of positive messages sharing on various social media platforms. Either in form of quotations or stories, whole social media is filled with…
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Mindful reminders in present times to live life like a human being:)




I am so grateful to Platform Ted which introduces new speakers to share their ideas and concerns. This  talk is by Dr Shimi Kang regarding one skill required for an awesome life. Dr Shimi Kang is a dynamic, entertaining, and experienced speaker.Dr Kang skillfully combines her knowledge of motivation into her speaking events for a unique “therapeutic presentations”.

Very Beautifully Dr Shimi describes where we are getting sucked in day to day's life. How we should come out of it is really mind opener for most of us.Her strong suggestion on just being in the present moment and adapting to the best level of our individual capacity  is highly recommended to our generation, which is running in a rat race of life without direction.

I found these quotes in her talk very interesting to share with all-

“Isn’t if funny? We got washing machines, can reach any point in the world within 48h, got internet (imagine communication before electricity) and numerous machines working for us. Yet, we have less time than before.”

"We’re so off balance we have forgotten what it means to be human"

I would like to request to my blog readers to do listen to this talk and get some benefits out of it. All the best to Dr Shimi Kang for success in her future endeavours!

Gratitude to Dr Wayne Dyer!

Wayne Dyer, a name which just brings you a feeling of inspiration and motivation!  Wayne Dyer was a motivational speaker and author of many best selling books in his life. Recently his unfortunate death has lead to  loss of an amazing person whose books,quotes and thoughts have guided millions around the globe to lead life…
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My Five heartfelt New Year Wishes!

New year is round the corner and my thoughts are scattered here and there what exactly I am going to look forward for and prioritize in coming new year?                                                    …
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