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Are you a Millennial? Simen Sinek has amazing tips for you for excellence!

Millenials are people born around and after 1984. I came to know after listening to this amazing talk by Simon Sinek, a British/American author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant. Certainly, this group of people has grown up in real technological advancements which have revolutionalized life for everybody. Just that it is appearing that advancement can cause trouble to them if they are not mindful of certain things. Take a note dear Millenials, just bring mindfulness to these points in life and you will certainly rock:)-

1.Get mindful about your phone and internet usage:
“Simon stresses that the youth should reduce their exposure to technology, specifically cell phones. Many of the elite in tech such as Steve Jobs and Evan Williams never allowed their children to use iPads or cell phones knowing full well what the outcomes would be from constant usage. They were well aware of the correlation of addiction with technology and the dopamine cell phones release in our brains. That awareness was part of their climb to such global success.An entire generation now has access to an addictive, numbing chemical called dopamine, through cell phones and social media, while they are going through the high stress of adolescence.”
2. Develop meaningful relations in life:
“An entire generation now has access to an addictive, numbing chemical called dopamine, through cell phones and social media, while they are going through the high stress of adolescence.Too many kids don’t know how to form deep, meaningful relationships.So we have a generation growing up with lower self-esteem that doesn’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with stress and now you add in the sense of impatience. They’ve grown up in a world of instant gratification.”
3. Let your mind wander at times for innovation:
“The best case scenario, you’ll have an entire population growing up and going through life and just never really finding joy. They’ll never really find deep, deep fulfillment in work or in
The best case scenario, you’ll have an entire population growing up and going through life and just never really finding joy. They’ll never really find deep, deep fulfillment in work or in life the constant, constant, constant engagement is not where you have innovation and ideas. Ideas happen when our minds wander and we see something and we think.”

Music as superfood for mind for whole family

As Plato mentioned “Music gives a soul to the universe, 
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything.”
Music adds life to everyday life!

Music at the time of pregnancy listened by expecting mothers can lead to positive affect for both mother and baby. Researchers have proved that students can be smarter in their reasoning power if they are listening to classical music like Bach, Mozart and other types. Further researches also proved that-

“Music seems to prime our brains for certain kinds of thinking. After listening to classical music, adults can do certain spatial tasks more quickly, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle.Why does this happen? The classical music pathways in our brain are similar to the pathways we use for spatial reasoning. When we listen to classical music, the spatial pathways are “turned on” and ready to be used.” This was mentioned in The Telegraph in Mar 2015 edition.

Nowadays Music based on alpha waves is in trend.

Alpha waves vibrate at a much more manageable 8 to 13 Hz. They are generally associated with relaxation and contemplation, but depending on which frequency recording you listen to, Alpha waves can be superb for focusing on work, studying and being creative and artistic.

So my dear Gals let’s get set to use all types of music for benefit of our family:)

  1. Religious music in morning for relaxation
  2. Work out music to pump energy
  3. Classical or Alpha music during study time
  4. Movie music eve time to entertain the whole family

“Every Night in my dreams…..” oops I already started humming;)…what are you going to listen to friends? Do share!!

3 amazing ways to save your energy Gals!

energyEnergy is the source of all actions and as a woman, we have to carry out so many activities and play various roles of mother, sister, wife, we need energy in abundance. Energy is the key to giving 100% to all roles. The moment we have less energy our performance is affected and so the family is also disturbed.

Everybody wants the lady of the house to be happy, jovial, energetic with lots of smiles and above all healthy. But as we are consumed by various emotions throughout the day our energy levels fluctuate throughout the day. Healthy mind, healthy body, with positive emotions, help in generating a positive flow of energy. Now the challenge is how one can generate positive thoughts throughout the day. Here are 3 amazing rituals I came across and would love to share with my readers, which can help in managing your energy level throughout the day-

1. Get mindful about your emotions. How are you feeling at any particular time of the day and then how are you reacting to those emotions can help in managing oneself positively. Obviously, people perform better in the positive energy environment. Therefore search for those positive energy generators in your life

2. Right nutrition and the right amount of sleep helps in managing emotions in the better way.So friends please take your eating habit seriously. Eating right kind of food like banana which can help in generating positive emotions can help in managing oneself better way.

3. Appreciating others is the other way one can feel better and filled with gratitude. Gratitude helps in connecting with others and placing them at the larger place than oneself. When we appreciate others that feeling of connectivity fills us with all positive emotions and thus increase our inner power.

What are the other ways you are following to increase your inner energy levels:)! Please do share tips friends by adding comments below.

Positivity Movement!

Social Media is a craze in today’s times!   download

Certainly, there are both positive and negative repercussions as of excessive indulgence in use of social media by users. I am getting overwhelmed by the wave of positive messages sharing on various social media platforms. Either in form of quotations or stories, whole social media is filled with groups, pages, websites and a lot more which talk about the importance of being positive in life.

It is a beautiful life, which we normally tend to forget to live fully by surrounding ourselves with all negative emotions of frustration, depression, getting disheartened, and so many other negative emotions. In such scenario, all this social media sharing really helps people to fight with their negativities and live a positive life. Especially for old age group, social media is really a channel to keep themselves connected and read what they like. Life is busy for everybody and then such sharings on facebook, whats app or other social media only help us to stay connected and help each other to be positive always. Instead of getting influenced by negative  side of social media craze let’s just focus on positive reading and sharing which can help us to excel in life.

It is time to carry out this positivity movement on a larger scale and share so much positivity around so that nobody is sad and living their life fully by living in present. So keep on sharing positive stories friends and be a part of this movement!!

Mindful reminders in present times to live life like a human being:)




I am so grateful to Platform Ted which introduces new speakers to share their ideas and concerns. This  talk is by Dr Shimi Kang regarding one skill required for an awesome life. Dr Shimi Kang is a dynamic, entertaining, and experienced speaker.Dr Kang skillfully combines her knowledge of motivation into her speaking events for a unique “therapeutic presentations”.

Very Beautifully Dr Shimi describes where we are getting sucked in day to day’s life. How we should come out of it is really mind opener for most of us.Her strong suggestion on just being in the present moment and adapting to the best level of our individual capacity  is highly recommended to our generation, which is running in a rat race of life without direction.

I found these quotes in her talk very interesting to share with all-

“Isn’t if funny? We got washing machines, can reach any point in the world within 48h, got internet (imagine communication before electricity) and numerous machines working for us. Yet, we have less time than before.”

“We’re so off balance we have forgotten what it means to be human”

I would like to request to my blog readers to do listen to this talk and get some benefits out of it. All the best to Dr Shimi Kang for success in her future endeavours!

Gratitude to Dr Wayne Dyer!

Wayne Dyer, a name which just brings you a feeling of inspiration and motivation! 


Wayne Dyer was a motivational speaker and author of many best selling books in his life. Recently his unfortunate death has lead to  loss of an amazing person whose books,quotes and thoughts have guided millions around the globe to lead life right way.

I want to pay my gratitude to him by sharing link of his movie ‘The Shift’ which he wanted whole world to watch In fact he used to give  copy of his movie to people he met at airports or people he came across. Wayne loved this film and wanted as many people as possible to see it and get the benefits of learning to go from Ambition to Meaning in their life.This movie teaches  how important it is to be in touch of real oneself and come over one’s ego to face reality of our life. As a woman at times it is difficult for us to keep our ego at bay and we take harsh decisions in life. This movie will certainly help womenfolk to develop a positive mindset and live life with purpose.I want to request my all readers to watch this movie mindfully. The powerful shift from the ego, we are taught early in life by parents and society—which promote an emphasis on achievement and accumulation—are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back.

This movie will certainly help people in making the shift from ego- driven ambiten to life of love.

 Do watch it friends!


My Five heartfelt New Year Wishes!

New year is round the corner and my thoughts are scattered here and there what exactly I am going to look forward for and prioritize in coming new year?                                                         images

It was long break from blogging as sometimes other priorities come in between and own favourite things take a backseat. Womenlines has always strived to share those thoughts with its readers which can help them in excelling in some field of their life. Somehow as a blogger it was getting challenging for me to keep myself unaffected by the changes happening in society,media world,strange unnatural news and then I realized how difficult it is becoming for individuals to keep in touch with their natural self residing in their bodies.

Society is getting more selfie based , looks ,what you wear,what you eat, where you party are getting more important than having personal touches with friends and relatives, heart to heart communications between family members, reaching out to help each other. Even famous stars are feeling same-

This anti selfie video by famous Hollywood star Kristen Dunst reflects this sad trend in a very positive way.

It is really a mad mad rat race and my   only and only wish for coming new year is to pray to God to save me  from loosing myself while running in this race!

Yes, I am a part of this race to excel in what I do, race to  prove myself, not to world but to me only, but I really cherish that warmth in relationships and bonding in relations which are important in my life. So here goes my three heartfelt new year wishes-

1) I want to be mindful of whatever I am doing and enjoy it to fullest. My all prayers to God  is to guide me to immerse myself in my present moment to the fullest and save myself in wasting my time from pondering about future or reasoning out past.

2) I want to teach my kids importance of positivity, mindfulness, gratitude , attitude in life to be happy and having faith in God for right direction.

3) I want to be mindful for saving nature in whatever capacity I can (saving electricity,paper, using less aircon, saving water, usiing less polythene bags and many others like

4)I want to be undistracted  by things which lead to wastage of time(no 1 being less time on social media:)))and focus on my goal and what’s important to me. Time management is a key skill which I want to excel.

5) I want to give my full attention to my all relations and make it stronger and firmer by giving time and love.Friends, Relatives, Family members or any relation I am having I always want to be mindful about the bonding and love I share.

I wish all my blog readers a very Happy New Year and may God bless you all with abundance of health and happiness. Womelines promise to keep bringing interesting write ups to you which can help you in excelling in life. Happy New Year!


Dalai Lama, Meditation, and its impact in today’s world!

Dalai Lama  has always been a symbol of peace to me. His constant efforts for Tibet cause in its unique way has attracted world wide attention. He is also know for his guiding and teachings worldwide and his books are very popular throughout world.

Whenever I crossed Dalai Lama’s book section in Library I just felt that his books will talk about peace, love, integrity and may be something about how to meditate, yoga etc. This was until I read one of his books-How to Expand Love.

Well, I will certainly not say that book is a best seller, or very superbly written. But the impression which It created in my mind that being a human being some thoughts which have to be present in every individual then why is it so those are prominent in few persons around the world like his holiness.  In this book he has described seven step self help program to help us open our heart and mind. Some of the snippets are-

It is important to aspire to bring about the well being of others and to develop that aspiration so that it becomes stronger and stronger.

When you generate a reasoned desire for the happiness of others your humanness increases.

May the suffering which I am undergoing now function as the ripening, manifestation and conclusion of many bad karma that I have accumulated.

He say that think about the happiness of others. This will give you amazing happiness. Just imagine the person fulfilling all his dreams and you will be full of love and happiness for him.

Though I must say that all his teachings are tough to follow. You really have to be a saint to follow his preachings. When you lead a normal life going through all your roles, dealing with the worldly duties, experiencing all types of emotions throughout the day then its really challenging to keep your inner voice audible. It needs lots of meditation and practise. Though not impossible still a challenge in itself.

In today’s scenario its necessary to go across such thoughts as it takes you to a different spiritual world from this materialistic world and you are introduced to real yourself!

Ways of Spreading sense of Positivity around World!

Everybody around the world is suddenly talking about positive energy . Quite surprising but as the negative  things are happening around only positive talks can help individuals to come out of the situation.

New ways of spreading that positive energy is being searched out. Recently in Singapore MP Seng Han Thong set an example for spreading positive energy around. Mr Seng was suffered major burn while somebody threw inflammable liquid on him. Despite this he was ready to send new year wishes to his near and dear ones by his own hand. In hospital he was  determined to send those wishes himself. Other idea which he suggested was opening of an Internet site where any individual or company can share their stories that how they are dealing with the recession scenario and can share those unique stories where they have come across such incidence of determination. What an positive idea!

Things are really going bad. Recession is there, people are loosing their jobs, pays are getting reduced. Its like a shock to most of  the people. In today’s times people lead materialistic life, often running  after something or the other. When one target is achieved then they start thinking about the other target. Recession and job cuts has created a vacuum in such groups. People are getting frustrated, depressed, and hopeless. Many cases of suicides, whole family being killed out of frustration, or murdering the person responsible for the job cuts in particular company are being reported.

There is really urgent need of spreading wave of positive energy around. This is the time only when we can help each other and prove that humanity is still alive. Share the stories of success with each other, groups can be formed that can organise motivating events at weekends. Sending motivating SMSs is one of the ways to motivate each other. Emails are the other most common form of communication. Newspapers can start particular columns for motivation only. Electronic media can also form a major platform to show programs reflecting the lighter side of life.

Why we make life so complicated.?Its about loving each other, working towards the internal growth  and making each day memorable. Instead of  cribbing about our losses we should try to work towards some different goal. Why to waste precious time of life in depressing thoughts, frustrating ourselves or cursing others. We can see the situation other way that may be God has given us a chance to pursue some other work which we can deliver better. Sad days will definitely pass away as it is said time doesn’t remains the same always.So start spreading positive energy around for your own betterment only!