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3 amazing ways Fredrik Haren’s speech on ‘The value of thinking differently ‘ benefitted me

Fredrik Haren is an internationally acclaimed expert on creativity in business and speaker. He is the author of 9 books, including the ‘Idea Book’ which was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”. Recently he gave a groundbreaking talk on the topic ‘The value of thinking differently’ at International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF 2017). Using humor and amazing presenting style his talk was very much influencing. Here are my takeaways-

  1. Importance of Innovative Thinking for the solution to problems–  Fredrik shared “All we know we have to take two things and combine in a new way to deliver a new idea. The World is changing quickly and adults are not able to handle and are stuck. Power of youth is not to get stuck.” Innovation is a requirement of present times. The same problem instead of following regular solution if brainstormed creatively can lead to some innovative solution.
  2. Trust your creativity– Fredrik emphasized that people should be confident about their creative abilities. Following certain techniques to enhance creativity people can get the solution to their challenges in the very innovative way. I took it as a strong guideline to lead every sphere of my life innovatively. As an entrepreneur, I get so many challenges while running my Startup. Once I started looking at those challenges with an innovative approach  I am getting a solution very easily. As a mother, I get challenge how to teach my kids various subjects. Once I am mindfully thinking about the solution I get it and now I use innovative ways by exploring innovative platforms to teach my kids.There is no direct key but effort lies in keep trying out in different ways and pushing your boundaries. It helps in doing what we are doing in a better way. It can easily be applied in personal and professional lives.
  3.  Follow techniques to enhance creativity- Fredrik emphasized the importance of isolating oneself if one is interested to enhance creativity. The greatest ideas come when you’re doing nothing. And that’s what people forget. They overload on information, they Google, they search, they Pinterest, but they forget, “When are you going to create? Your brain, your subconscious needs to analyze all the things that they saw,”. Taking breaks to explore one’s creative mind can be part of our regular life

Fredrik’s  sharing about thinking differently can be a really great help to all groups from organizations to startups, from teachers to students, from a homemaker to a working mother. Any individual can get benefit out of ‘Thinking differently’ and get solutions to big challenges.

5 Awesome Ways Womenfolk can keep themselves motivated!

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”– Diane Mariechild

It is so true that woman is considered so powerful that she can create, nurture and transform her family in the best way she can. It is very important that this pillar of the family remains strong and happy. So ladies of all houses take a note of it. If you want your family to be healthy and happy then you have to be healthy and happy.Keep yourself up in the priority list.

  1. Keep a journal and list out what motivates you.
  2. Listen to motivation talks every day. Don’t think to plan out time from your busy schedule. Instead use your waiting time, traveling time to listen to talks. But yes do remember to download your choice of talks at home:)
  3. Be part of groups on social media which keeps sharing motivation talks and quotes and get access to new content. For example, is a group which shares interesting motivational talks, quotes to keep group members spirit high. Be part of Uplift- an inspired life is a key to happy life group and get inspired and share inspiration too.
  4. Surround yourself with motivated people who share positive talks with you.
  5. Meditation is a must to do activity for everybody in morning. Switch on some meditation music and just sit for at least 20 Mins focussing on your breathing and relaxing your mind.

Women Lines requests readers to please share other tips in the comments section below to how to get motivation in life!

Presence in present time-Mantra for success

Be present! present

Yes friends, being fully present in the present time can be the real mantra of success. There are so many spheres in life where we as an individual have to continuously keep contributing to lead life successfully. Muti-tasking was considered an easy solution some time back, but it is not worth as it takes away the real impact of the activity carried by you. The objective in life should not just keep ticking off your to-do list. You have to analyze and absorb the impact you have created. You have to also check if your objective has been achieved or not?

For eg. you are conversing, be present emotionally, physically. Suppose you are playing with you child, be fully present.How it creates impact-you are having quality time with your child, you are able to enjoy yourself and have lovely memories as you are having a real feel and also you are happy.

Yes,  this gives you the real sense of life, real connection, and real feelings. Same goes for your work, your connections, your responsibilities. The multi-tasking activity has to be twisted with the addition of the element of full mindfull presence in the present activity.

I consider this can help us achieve more success and create more happiness in life!

5 Goals reminders for women to excel in life!

1. Live in the Moment    

A must daily reminder to keep focus in present moment only and concentrate all thoughts actions and full energy on the job getting done to the best of one’s ability. Let’s face it, friends, that our mind is a chatter box with continuously ongoing monkey chatter. We should be motivating ourselves to keep ourselves not only physically but also emotionally, mentally in the present moment only.                   images (6)

2. Empathize more

In the daily rush, we often forget to understand other people and want to prove our point only. Being a better listener can help a lot to understand others point of views. There should be authenticity in our relationship and not mere for the sake of having a relationship.  This reminder is very important to keep our human values intact and in use and just not live a robotic life. It is all about having the empathetic approach to everybody.

3. Increase efficiency of time management

Time is precious and when it goes it never comes back. Our approach should be being mindful of the most productive usage of our time. Whether with family or work, we should work on simplifying our life and instead of multi-tasking we should be giving priority to our to-do list. In today’s techno world there are a variety of tools which can help in increasing ur productivity and efficiency. Apps like Evernote, Trello, are very helpful. I will request my readers to share their favorite apps which help them to increase their productivity.

4. Develop a Daily Inspirational Routine

Every day is a new day friend. Don’t let yourself drowned in everyday routine. To live life fully daily inspirational routine can help us to keep our motivation high, always. As a woman, we have to play many roles which demand energy and focus. Keep 10 mins every day to revise your goals in life, reading inspirational articles and listening to motivational videos.

5.  Always speak up and stand for yourself

As a woman, we often keep things to ourselves and don’t share our exact thoughts regarding various topics. Either in office or home, when there is need to stand in our favor, generally a majority of womenfolk prefer to keep quiet. If we really want to excel in life this habit needs to be changed. Speak up for yourself. You have full right to ask what you deserve.

Keep revising these goals friends and keep climbing the ladder of success. I wish you best of happiness and success in your life journey. Cheers!


As a woman are you being fooled by present day media ?

Hi Gals, It is TGIF:)!

Take a break and have some relaxing time for yourself! But be mindful how you relax.  mediaWatching television can be a good idea, but be mindful what are you watching. Instead of watching senseless programs like serials watch something which stimulates your mind. On social media also, just killing time browsing Instagram pages of celebrities all following facebook profiles can give you fun, but don’t exaggerate it. Reading can be also fun, but avoid those colorful magazines without content.

I just read a forward shared by my friend highlighting about the repercussions about wrong media targets on women. Any female magazine we take is filled up with ads only. Hardly there is any quality content. Just remove all ad pages of such magazines and check with how much worth reading content you are left with. And whatever content is there it only talks about shortcomings in women. Articles about how to improve figure, or complexion, or  hair.

Keep yourself away from getting overpowered by media friends. Time has come to change the mindset and as mothers, we have to be mindful what mindset our daughters are building up. Life is not only about maintaining a good figure and complexion and getting your dream man. Life is beautiful and so many things to do. Develop a skill, become financially independent, follow your hobby , give back to society. Have goals for self-improvement.

Start being mindful friends where are you spending time. Choose your friends carefully who have the same mindset as yours. Remove all negative words from life and fill it with positivity. In nutshell want to share a quote-

“Eat better. Run more. Squat more. Sleep earlier. Wake up earlier. Make a healthy breakfast. Drink water, eat fruit. Read Books. Adventure. Talk less. Listen more. Feel deeper. Love better. Open your eyes. Experience life. Be happy”


Just-B:Promoting Mindfulness in Teens/Kids

As  parents we are often thinking about various ways for inculcating certain habits like Mindfulness in our kids. In today’s hyperactive world when kids are growing amidst such chaos where they are distracted with so many activites ,it’s certainly challenging for them to focus. This is leading to various attention deficit problems, anxiety, depression, personality disorder, eating disorder and addiction.
It’s such a pleasure for Womenlines to share about founders of programe JUST-B in Singapore,which promotes mindfulness in teens and pre-teens. Read about their entrepreneurial journey in their own words-
Pamposh Dhar and Nandini Nagpal co-founded Just-BTM, Singapore’s first Mindfulness Program for Teens and Pre-Teens. They run it together at 3 levels in programs spread over 4 sessions each. Pamposh also runs the Terataii wholistic wellness centre.
1. Please share with our readers little bit about yourself?
Pamposh: I jokingly describe myself as a split personality: a writer and editor on the one hand; and a counsellor, personal development trainer, Reiki healer and meditation teacher on the other. I started out as a journalist, moving to public communication after a few years. Then in 1999 I learnt Reiki and my life started to take a different turn. Since 2006, I have been focusing more and more on my “second career.” I now run a company in Singapore – called Terataii – that supports personal growth and wellness for children and adults. My latest venture is Just-B, a mindfulness program for teens and pre-teens, which I started with Nandini last year.
Nandini: I have been involved with young children, pre-teens and teens over the years in different ways, including teaching French, through my book distribution business where I helped build school libraries, mentoring through life-skills programs and more recently through Just-B. I am very passionate about story-telling, something that has not only helped me re-discover the child within, but also helped me reach out and touch the hearts of children and teens. Mindful living is something I believe in very deeply. Apart from Just-B, I work on psychometric assessments/coaching with managers and co-own a consulting business.
2. So when did you venture into this venture and what inspired or motivated you to take a plunge into this venture?
Pamposh: Since the time I was in school myself, I have wanted to work with children and young people! I think it’s something about the fact that they have all of life ahead of them. As a counsellor, I often find myself thinking adults could have saved themselves so much hassle and even pain if they had learnt a better way to live earlier in life. Teaching mindfulness meditation, mostly to adults, also focused my mind on the need for a calm centre within. So a mindfulness program for youngsters was the logical next step for me.
Nandini: Pamposh and I launched the program in October 2013 with children between the ages of 11-16 years. After having studied meditation and having worked with teens and pre-teens, I realized how much more self-aware, happier and more effective they can be by making mindfulness a part of their lives.
3. Can you share with us some of the challenges you faced during your initial days?
Pamposh: Coming up with the program was quite easy. In fact most things happened quite easily. One thing we learnt from our first program last year was that pre-teens and teens learn in different ways and focus on different things. So we have now split the program into 2 separate groups by age (9-12 and 13-17).
Nandini: We did not face any major challenges as we both work to our respective strengths. Pamposh and I have very different personalities and we bring our different experiences to the program, which makes it powerful and unique.
4. So how do you balance your personal and professional life?
Pamposh: For me, all of life is about balance. I need not just work-life balance, but also work-work balance since I do a few different kinds of work! The trick is to know your priorities for each day, based on an overall plan which balances out nicely, then focus on one task at a time.
Nandini: This is one of the key areas where I apply the practice of mindfulness as I juggle between work, family time and personal time. Since I believe in balanced living, on a daily basis, I try to give every area of my life the importance it requires at that moment by putting all my energy into it and not mixing it with another area.
5. What would you suggest to other aspiring women who want to venture out on their own?
Pamposh: Know what you want, then with all sincerity commit your time and attention to it. I think the amount of time you can spare is less important than the sincerity of your commitment to the venture. I think you have to really want what you’re going for – you need that motivation to stay on track. There is also formal and informal help available to get you started – don’t be shy about seeking such assistance.
Nandini: Firstly, believe in yourself and know that you have value. When you are working for yourself, your motivation level needs to be high so choose to venture into something you are really passionate about. Once that is decided, you can start even by taking a small step in that direction and then staying positive and focused on the path.
6. Is there any person who has mentored/supported/inspired you?
Pamposh: I think of myself as a spiritual person, in the sense of being very aware of spirit. So my inspiration tends to come from spiritual people! Perhaps the one person who inspires me the most is the Dalai Lama, whom I have had the privilege to meet. Quite a lot of my inspiration has also come from authors, via their books! In a more practical sense, my mentor is Vikas Malkani, who taught me the Bhagavad Gita many years ago as well as several other courses. My support comes most of all from my husband. I read many years ago that a “spiritual marriage” was one in which the partners helped each other grow. I think we do that for each other. And, of course, Nandini and I plan and execute all aspects of Just-B together, supporting each other in the venture.
Nandini: Vikas Malkani, who taught me advanced meditation, and Pamposh are my mentors. My mother is my inspiration and my husband is my greatest support.
7. What do you have in the pipeline for your venture’s future development?
Pamposh: We have so far run only the first of the three Just-B modules. We hope to run Module 2 in August this year. (Module 1 is called Starting the Journey and Module 2 is Striding Forward.) After that will come Module 3, Empowerment. We will also run more of the Module 1 programs, of course.
The next Module 1 program will take place in the second half of June.
Nandini: In the near future, we hope to have run all the 3 modules by the end of the year.
Womenlines wishes all the best to Just-B for future!

Awsome website to help busy mothers!

Hey all fellow  busy mothers around, I have an interesting info to share with you all this weekend which will help you a lot in your time management for the day!

It was such a pleasure to come across on internet and that too accidentally. Website is motivational booster website which gives tips and guidance to keep mothers motivated . Project me says “Treating your life like the important, ongoing project it  will make you happier, fulfilled, in control and balanced. You’ll have energy and enthusiasm for the ones you love. You’ll shine and the world will get to see the real you.”

Meet the team behind Project me-Suzie & Kelly and they are passionate about helping others finding a happier balance in life.Two friends, Kelly and Suzie, teamed up to create a powerful website designed specifically for helping busy moms gain control and live more happy, fulfilled lives. To the question how Project Me was born they reply-

“Project Me was born out of the belief that we can all be the project managers of our
own lives. No matter how busy life is, carving out chunks of planning and solution time is the best investment you can possibly make.” 

Now here is the best gift from website which is idea of creating Action Sheets.There are action sheets regarding writing about your goals, your desires, your gratitude,even for meal plans, brainstorming your ideas. There are all types of action sheets which you can download and pen it down in order to organize your thoughts systematically.

Team Project Me shares -“We developed our Action Sheets over the years to help ourselves to get better organised, prioritise time, overcome overwhelm, meal plan and problem solve on paper.We began sharing them with friends and then handing them out in our workshops and the feedback we get is amazing.When we created last September, it felt natural to include our favourite printable Action Sheets on the site so busy mothers everywhere can benefit from them.

Too many busy women have jumbled-up heads with all that they have to remember, plus problems they are constantly thinking about in the back of their mind. Suzie and I are big believers in getting things ‘out of your head and onto paper’. It frees up an enormous
amount of head space!

Hats off to the incredible idea by Project Me team. Women have to be a multitasker  in multitude ways in today’s times and websites like Project Me is definitely going to boost her skills and prepare to facelife in better way.


New Year Resolutions with a twist!

Its really a blessing that we get to celebrate New Year many times a year as different races celebrate on different dates!  

As Chinese New Year is being celebrated currently and celebrations will be on for next 2 weeks I am taking this opportunity to have a look on my resolutions. For last few years I jot down few points in the name of resolutions in the beginning of year and focus on implementing upon it. Diet care,exercise, time-management, family and kids care, career goals are the general ones which as a women I want to excel every year if  I am able to follow. But I have realized with time  that most important resolution in today’s times should be ‘To be disciplined’. Discipline normally takes us to definition which says’training to act according to rules’.

Life suddenly has become very active and busy for most of the people. The proper time management for the day leads one to success or failure path. Smart phones, social media, whats app, so many things are there to occupy anybody in their daily life, and mind you, this is besides your work, family, and other regular affairs.Mr Google itself takes away so much time as while searching on Google often one gets distracted and land on some other surfing page instead of what one was supposed to. Because of whats app one miss the personal call touch to friends and relatives which give  more warmth in relationship.Facebook has definitely been boon to keep in touch with whole friend and family clan, specially when one is  residing in some foreign country but that also requires discipline to surf. Once somebody is on fb page one start following others link, status, updates by websites to which one is  subscribed and with so many notifications to follow. Time gone doing all this can never come back, in spite of this its difficult to kill the urge.

Like to fulfill resolutions for diet, exercise we have to follow few rules same way we have to develop discipline  in using social media platforms. All these platforms help in gaining abundance of knowledge and connections , but its a waste if any gained knowledge is not applied. Therefore disciplining oneself  for using social media platforms in more organised way is requirement of the day. One way can be following timers for all activity . Readers of this blog please feel free to share your tips which you follow in your life to use social media in an organised way.

So my resolution for this year  is to be disciplined in all activities and be mindful about it:)!


Thoughts matter a lot!

I accidentally landed upon Wyne Dyre You tube video   in which he is talking about the topic ‘If you correct your mind then rest of things will fall at right place!    

I must say I will never regret listening to this video as what Mr Wyne has shared is so thoughtful. Everyday we are running whole day in rat race to achieve certain goals, ambitions targets and throughout  the day so many thoughts come across our mind. Nobody can say from where thoughts originate and from what it is made.We have capability of thinking many thoughts in just few seconds which can range from frustration, happiness, fear,and worry. Scientist say that even we are sleeping our mind continues to contemplate and observe various thoughts. If we are unaware we waste so much time in unnecessary thoughts. Thoughts about past happenings, thoughts about troubled relationship, thoughts about anger on somebody, so many thoughts get repeated multitude of times in our mind we ourselves are not aware.

Its all about being mindful. Mindful of being in present and choosing correct thought. This power can be developed by practise and  can help us saving our precious time and energy in irrelevant thinking process.Then thoughts can appear like on television screen and its our choice which channel we want to watch. Why not pick up channel for humour and laughter. Channel of gratitude and respect. We can also choose channel of self Improvement and living  life in excellence:).

Definitely it requires lots of practise and mindfulness, but once developed it can certainly help in making life worth living!

Diwali message-Declutter House with your mind too!

I am full of gratitude to Ramji who gave an oppurtunity to start this festival celebration every year:). His character has been described as an ideal human being and same way Diwali celebrations give us an oppurtunity to start our life following ideal values.What a refreshing start it brings in our homes and within ourselves.!

Diwali, for most of the families is considered to be a  big festival for which prepartions has to be started weeks before. Decluttering of house is the first goal for every woman of any house, to start the Diwali preparation. We are amazed ourselves while declutteing our houses, there are so many things which we are not using. It helps in taking pause and rethink about our spending habits. Every corner of the house is cleaned to bring fresh positive energy and pray to goddess Laxmi to bless our families with abundance and prosperity.

With changing times,  perspective is also changing. Its no more cleaning of house only. If we change the way of thinking we can take this an oppurtunity to declutter our mind and letgo negative feelings to welcome positive feelings which can help us in excelling in life. This line of thought if followed by all members of families can help in better understanding amongst each other and having a more stable envirnment in house.This way  we recognise and value our own and each other thoughts and values and when we harmonise together we play great music. I landed on a very interesting blog article of a fellow indiblogger Ms Swapna Thomas She has described various ways how you can declutter your mind effectively following few steps.

This message has to be passed to next generation so that they don’t become materialistic and learn skills in life how to be happy with contentment. Let’s take pledge this Diwali that we will take a pause and think how to declutter mind while decluttering house !