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Spreading creativity in youngsters-Sindu Sreebhavan

As a parent, there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling to see our kids expressing themselves openly and able to create something from personal feelings and experiences.Kids with such ability are called creative and as a parent, we always search for mediums to enhance this creative element in them. Womenlines is […]

A Mum arranging work life balance for other mums at Mums@work-Sher-li Torrey

Womenlines proudly shares about  Ms Sher-li Torrey , founder and owner of the Singapore-based organisation Mums@work, a social enterprise that helps women find the work-life balance which every woman dreams of achieving. It is said that we are destined to find a solution to any problem if it is giving us […]

India’s first woman motivational speaker-Abha Maryada Banerjee

It was such a pleasure accidental landing on the facebook page of Ms. Abha Maryada Banerjee, and I was so much exhilarated after reading her intro as First Indian Woman motivational speaker.  Abha is the author of the first Leadership book for Women from India or Asia, called NUCLEUS: Power Women: […]

Just-B:Promoting Mindfulness in Teens/Kids

As parents, we are often thinking about various ways for inculcating certain habits like Mindfulness in our kids. In today’s hyperactive world when kids are growing amidst such chaos where they are distracted with so many activities , it’s certainly challenging for them to focus. This is leading to various […]

Lady who loves catching and converting your dreams into reality-Shalima Motial

As it is said, “For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.”Shalima Motial’s entrepreneur journey proves this quote that always dream big, you will never realize in your life journey when your dream converted into reality. Shalima Motial is CEO of Dream Catchers Vision, Singapore. […]

Sparkling with plethora of creativity-Sangeeta Nambiar

A theatre director, scriptwriter, assistant director for travel shows on Zee TV  and Sony Entertainment Television, producer of several Ad films, a music video with legendary singer Asha Bhonsle, director of a 3 part series for Mediacorp, ‘Grill Please”, author of a book Barnabas – Bombay’s First Private Detectiveabout unravelling of […]

Lady with Ideas of Excellence-Purnima Kamath

Courageous Opportunist, Unflinching Entrepreneur, and Lady with ideas, meet entrepreneur of the month Purnima Kamath, owner of De Ideaz Pte Ltd Singapore. Purnima started “De Ideaz” in early 2002 to utilize her past experiences in marketing communications and to make her passion come live by setting her foot in the […]

Promoter of Indian Art and Talent-Alka Sharma

Charkula Arts Academy, an Event, Performance management and promotion organization is quite a familiar name in Singapore. The organization has identified growing interest in Art, Folk dances, and Music from the sub-continent. Programs organized by Charkula are very popular and close to Indian population’s heart. Credit goes to Director of […]

Appreciating Indian Art through’Banyan Shade’-Divya Bidani

“Life is about overcoming challenges.”If somebody keeps going ahead in life with this attitude and aims one’s goals wholeheartedly then success definitely falls in her path in unexpected hours. Divya Bidani’s journey is a very good example who is fulfilling her dreams of appreciating Indian Art through her retail shop […]

Inspiration Personified-Shobha Tsering Bhalla

If you have a dream and you are passionate about it, nobody can stop you in achieving that. Shobha Bhalla’s success story justifies this quote.  It sets a live example in front of all women entrepreneurs who share the burning desire. Shobha has attained iconic status as a CEO of […]

Pure Earth-Threading colours of life in Singapore

Pure Earth is a Singapore-based upscale fashion label with a unique contemporary and ethnic style that blends international modernism and time-honored Asian traditions.  Each creation of pure earth inspires and captivates the hearts of womenfolk. Pure Earth shows appreciation for heritage by recognizing traditional art forms and cultures and making them relevant to […]