Children Parenting their Kids !

Its gives a strange feeling to even write  what I felt after seeing the photographs of boy Alfie holding his baby daughter in his arm!

No use of blasting the European culture of upbringing kids, or effect of modernisation on kids, or effect of access of different media on kids. It sounds cliche if we discuss it. Things are changing fast around but never realized that fast. Boy who is 12 year old involves himself with a girl, next door, sleeps with her and fathers a baby! He trys to portray himself to be a responsible father and says he will look after his child with full responsibility.

What to comment? That boy was living in such an environment that he was aware about the act of involving himself with a girl, and then getting her pregnant. Isn’t it alarming? Being a mother I am in a shock! How I will safe my kids childhood? How I will protect my child from all negativities of the media?

How I will safeguard his innocence? I am full of insecurity. But no choice I have to live with it….

Its really time to get alert. We as parents have to take certain steps to safeguard our kids childhood innocence. I am in a dilemma how to go about it! Should I remove all the access to media from my home. Should I stop bringing magazines, newspapers. Should I keep my kid at home only. Its tough to decide.

I am really confused. I can just trust my God and the way I am bringing up my kid. Morals and values definitely help in giving kids the right direction!

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