Concern for kid’s health!

Being a mother the toughest challenge which I face is to keep my kid healthy!

Cold , flu, cough, are the most common illness which kids have to suffer with regularly.If  they are going to playschool then they are more susceptible to such diseases.Its really sad to see kids often getting ill and being  prescribed medicine. Then they are deprived of all those childhood charms of sweets, candies, ice creams, and chocolates. I wonder what to do when my kid gets infected!

Doctors say that our environment is changing and thus new viruses are developing around  to which kids are not immune to. So this leads to infection. So are we to be blamed for depriving our  kids from childhood fantasies. We have misused our natural resources which has lead to damage to our climate.My heart sinks observing such small kids going through treatments for various diseases. Being parents I consider it our responsibility to make our kid healthy. But at times it is a serious challenge to make them healthy. I seriously consider that there should be guide to parents how to look after their kids.

In today’s times when there are mostly nuclear families then its tough to get guidance from some elderly in the family. And if both parents are working then its so tough to look after kids properly. I am totally confused, frustrated, sad, and depressed as have to see my kid often getting ill. Its such a helpless situation that fever is rising and you are helpless. No medicine is effecting and you are at God’s mercy. You want to play with them, take them out for swimming , indulge in outdoor activities with them but their illness is not allowing you to do so. May be I have gone through such situation recently that I am getting sentimental.

I really want to request doctors to guide properly all parents how to make their kids stronger. I know their job is to prescribe medicine for illness but to look after the betterment of their patient is also their responsibility.I request my blog readers also to share their tips to prevent cold and cough, or any other disease   if they are aware of.

One thought on “Concern for kid’s health!

  1. sathya sudarson

    Dear Charu,
    So nice to read your blogspot very very interesting to read your interests.On the note on children’s health i would like to suggest daily intke of amla(indian gooseberry) in some forms like chywanprsh or candy or murabba form powerful tonic for strengthening the immune system for children.Try it out it will surely work…

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