Creating desirable behaviour in kids!(Part 2)

Communication plays a key role in creating desirable behaviour in our kids!

The ability to communicate with others, to share experience, to collaborate, and to exchange information is very important in today’s times. To achieve it parents have to start setting the base since childhood  by having positive communication most of the time. Always think of mistakes as experiments rather that failures. Whenever your kid makes some mistake don’t react, or shout, just try to  create a positive environment.This act of yours will teach him how to handle your anger. You have to express your anger in words rather than in action. Words doesn’t mean you have to shout or yell, softly you have to make him aware that why you are upset. There are many ways to control your anger. Counting numbers, moving to some other place at that moment only, drinking water, and many more. Follow any habit but definitely do it. Most of the parenting books emphasize on th importance of communication in parenting.

One book I came across explains that one of the biggest misconceptions we suffer from is the assumption that all human beings use the same process of understanding. Every individual has different set pattern of thinking and understanding. We Have to understand that aspect of our kid while dealing with him or her. While communicating also we have to make him understand what is the appropriate behaviour in simple words. Don’t make the situation complex by acting as cops- “you should do this” ,”yous should not speak loudly”, “don’t go there”…etc. It takes extra effort to explain him the consequences softly  and with patience. Invest time in communicating with your kid. Try to understand his choices, his dislikes, why he said something wrong, what was his motive behind some particular wrong action. You will be amazed to see that how much he wants to share with you now.

At times we also make mistakes. Sometimes we scold our kid for wrong reasons, or by mistake we say something wrong, always say sorry. Never think being a parent you can take your position for granted. Always say sorry and see how easy it will be for your child to say sorry. There are many small talks during whole day which can create a huge positive impact on your child personality.

Happy Parenting!

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