Creating desirable behaviour in kids!(Part 3)

Environment in home can have profound effect on child’s behaviour!

Environment in home can be defined in terms of space around whole home and how clean its is. Other way of looking at environment around home is the emotional  and environment full of empathy. One book says that ” We are hardwired  to feel one anpther’s happiness and pain more deeply than ever we knew. This news is both exciting and humbling. It means we are truly born to connect. Facial expressions are contagious. Empathy is the connective tissue of parenting. It enables us to establish a bond of trust with our children and to meet them with our hearts as well a soul minds. Empathy enhances our insights , sharpens our hunches, and at the same time even allows us to read one other’s minds. ”

Isn’t it very interesting to know that we as a parent can easily catch our kids sadness, anger or whatever emotion he is going through but at the same time it is quite true that he is also able to catch your emotional state! We have to be very mindful about our behaviour, actions, and words. One parenting book emphasizes that “The more mindfull the parent is is of her own bodily responses and actions, the more skillfully the parent can choose to engage mirror neurons to gain valuable information about a childs emotional state.”

The river of empathy is running from both sides-parent to kid and vice- verse. When you are slowing down, your child is mimicking you and unconsciously he is also slowing down , but if you are suffering from anxiety then it also effects him in the same way. Therefore it is very necessary to remain in your present surroundings always, specially as a parent. At times due to some emotional infection we are not aware about our sensations. Its  must to take some action at that time. Whenever you find yourself centering you can -“1. Take few breaths, feel the sensations of your own body, feel your own centre of gravity in your pelvis, you can feel your hand also.2-Hum a song to yourself, touch your heart tenderly.” There are numerous ways to become actively aware of your own sensations and come out of sync with your child.

Parenting is having its own ways. But there are certain rules to it which can help in taking out best of your child. Why not to apply those rules practically in life and nurture our kid’s environment with love forever. Happy Parenting!

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