Diwali message-Declutter House with your mind too!

I am full of gratitude to Ramji who gave an oppurtunity to start this festival celebration every year:). His character has been described as an ideal human being and same way Diwali celebrations give us an oppurtunity to start our life following ideal values.What a refreshing start it brings in our homes and within ourselves.!

Diwali, for most of the families is considered to be a  big festival for which prepartions has to be started weeks before. Decluttering of house is the first goal for every woman of any house, to start the Diwali preparation. We are amazed ourselves while declutteing our houses, there are so many things which we are not using. It helps in taking pause and rethink about our spending habits. Every corner of the house is cleaned to bring fresh positive energy and pray to goddess Laxmi to bless our families with abundance and prosperity.

With changing times,  perspective is also changing. Its no more cleaning of house only. If we change the way of thinking we can take this an oppurtunity to declutter our mind and letgo negative feelings to welcome positive feelings which can help us in excelling in life. This line of thought if followed by all members of families can help in better understanding amongst each other and having a more stable envirnment in house.This way  we recognise and value our own and each other thoughts and values and when we harmonise together we play great music. I landed on a very interesting blog article of a fellow indiblogger Ms Swapna Thomas http://www.themomviews.com/5-ways-to-declutter-your-mind-this-diwali/. She has described various ways how you can declutter your mind effectively following few steps.

This message has to be passed to next generation so that they don’t become materialistic and learn skills in life how to be happy with contentment. Let’s take pledge this Diwali that we will take a pause and think how to declutter mind while decluttering house !

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