Financial Literacy in Kids!

It was really interesting to receive this invitation in my mail box by The Kidz Parade magazine in Singapore sometimes back.-      

“We have seen the world going through a few tumultuous years of financial issues. Isn’t it better if our children learn financial literacy when they are young? Join us for a fun, interactive presentation of financial literacy by experts.Kids and parent team invited.”

I was aware about the magazine ‘The Kidz Parade“which works  for igniting CURIOSITY, promoting CREATIVITY and providing INSPIRATION to children all over the world.This programe  was part of their  Creative Chat. They conduct Creative Chat independently, at schools as well at different organisations on various topics. They also do Creative chat for professional development for teachers at schools.

I suddenly became mindful what they are talking about.  Financial literacy and that too for kids between 7-13 years group. Will it be really beneficial to them.I thought its better if they organise a class for women group:). Somehow I got curious and  took my 8 years old son for the presentation and I am happy to say that it was a good decision taken indeed.

It is all about awareness at right time. I strongly believe that besides the bookish knowledge kids should be made mindful about practical knowledge too which is going to help them more in the long run. It is so true that world is facing a very tough time dealing with financial crisis. And somehow if we connect the dots at the backside it is due to lack of financial literacy on the part of youngsters. They were never taught how to handle money. If they had been taught about being mindful about concepts of spending habits, saving money, taking buying decisions on the basis of necessity vs  buying compulsion then the scene would have been different. I am grateful to Liam consultants (a group of financial professional who hold the belief that the foundation of financial literacy should be built from childhood) for delivering such a informative presentation. The activities organized by them in form of quiz , testing knowledge regarding prices of various high end and daily use products was really eye opening for parents and kids both. Discussion regarding traits for becoming a billionaire was quite intereting for kids. They were surprised to know that all billionaire not necessary come from rich families, If kids have the right mindset they  can also become a billionaire .

I had some apprehensions regarding talking about financial literacy to my kid as I thought it will make him materialistic. But after attending the presentation my thinking changed and I realized that there is no harm in making kids mindful for spending habits and prices about various products. After all it is going to make them smarter and aware individuals.I am greatful to  The  Kidz Parade magazine  for organising such informative session.

Money matters after all:)!











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