Kids need special time!

How important is the special time spent with kids!

I came across this article by Dr Karen saze, which opened my mind regarding the way we spend our time with our kids-

As homemakers most of the mothers will definitely raise questions regarding this topic. They spend whole day with their kids then whats is special time reference? Indeed mothers spend time with their kids but they never realize that  the quality of time they spend with their kids has lots of impact on your kids personality. As this article guides you about the importance of the way you spend time with your kid, you will also learn that kids need your love and praise not your commands  and orders.

As parents we at times become cops just getting anxious to secure our kids future and preparing them for journey of life. We always forget the importance of  precious moments of life which will never come back once gone. We should try to spend those moments of life filling with love and affection for our kids. They are bundle of innocence. Lets provide them atmosphere of love, praises and serenity around so that they can grow up to be individuals  full of love and emotions.

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