Suicide by 11 yr old girl-not a joke, a harsh reality!

11-year-old reality show participant Neha Sawant , committed suicide in India.  Police have cited pressure to perform well in studies as a possible reason for her suicide .

“Class VI student Neha was found hanging by a dupatta to a ceiling rod inside her Sai Darshan Apartment house, Dombivli, on 2 Jan morning, police said. She had participated in three TV dance reality shows, including the popular Boogie Woogie, and was a student at a dance academy. Police suspect she might have taken the step after her family took her out of the academy as they wanted her to concentrate on her studies.”

I am at loss of words to express my grief, shock, sympathy….or any other emotion I want to express for this little girl. It’s a check for every parent. Mind you, your kids are no more kids in today’s e-world. They are mature enough to understand the meaning of death and how to carry suicide act successfully. Now, who is to be blamed? Parents, for pressurizing her for studies, or the reality shows who make stars out of our small kids and snatch their childhood from them. Should we blame Neha herself for taking such an extreme step?

No parent can ever imagine that their kid can take such an extreme step and that too at such a small age of 11 years. My wholehearted sympathy with them. At times I ponder that when we want our kid to excel in everything we forget to think that in process of achieving excellence are we ignoring our kid’s happiness. Why is it necessary that every kid should be a star. Why parents feel ashamed that their kid stood second in class and missed the first position by half marks. In order to satisfy our parental ego, we just crush our kid’s happiness and never realize that what in reality gives him happiness. I never say that if your kid wants to dance then let him ignore his studies. Just trust your instinct and communicate with the confidence with your kid eye to eye, explaining the importance of studies and how it will help him to excel in other fields. The most important thing you can give to your child is your time with such constructive communication (which should never sound as boring lecture).

Let’s stop acting as a cop parent and create a world of fun and happiness around our child. His life should be filled with fun activities, shades of various colors, dance, music, and of course studies but in a fun way.

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