Meditation-Panacea for Ramifications of Modernism

Meditation is defined as a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces mode of consciousness either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself!”

I came across this definition somewhere and I was perplexed.  I always wondered how come mind will have time to think to train itself for some relaxation. I have been working from home mother most of the time in my life.Atimes its really challenging for me to manage myself when inflicted with lots of emotions at the same time. As per friend’s suggestion I thought of trying  out meditation to balance myself.Cannot forget the first effort as I simply laughed at myself that how is it possible to sit for a minute also without thinking about anything. How can I even think about it.Our mind is always cluttered with thoughts and idea to make it thoughtless was not digestible to me. But still I was curious that why it is getting so popular.I started trying and it took few years to have a feel of it.I am still not that good in meditating , but yes I have started having a feel of  it.As I am growing, especially after becoming a mother I realize how important it to meditate every day . In a way it should be taken as a regular habit for us and we should not take it for granted. In fact practice of meditation should be taught in schools so that present generation can become strong enough to face life adversities in future.

In rat race of life we almost forget how to live and get used to a robotic way of life. Every individual in family is running towards his goals to achieve abundance and success. Happiness we want  to seek by achieving material goal is momentry only. Meditation helps us to realize who we are and where are we going, besides it also helps in relaxation.Our life is revolving around digital devices and in a way we have started living in virtual world.24/7 we are thinking about how to win this rat race as if we are going to miss something by not participating in it.Happiness cannot be quantified and we are only happy when we are growing in all aspects of life weather it is physical health, material life and also the most important aspect of our life that refers to spiritual health. As we have become too individualistic and consumer obsessed its very important for us to be in real touch of our true self, and meditation helps us in this journey.The benefits of meditation include better health, higher creativity and better personal relationships. Meditation helps us to reduce stress by guiding us to switch off from worries. Meditation is an opportunity to spend time with  ourselves, and be comfortable with ourselves. Spending 15 minutes in quietening the mind and focusing on the present moment, makes us more relaxed and effective decision makers.In fact researches have proved that mindfulness achieved by meditation helps us to increase density of grey matter and thus making our brain more active.Finding from the other research proved that meditation helps in reducing heart diseases.

Healthy body helps in living life happily with passion. So why not try something which helps you to achieve  a healthy body. Happy Meditation!

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