Mega Skills for Babies, Toddlers, and Beyond-Dorothy Rich and Beverly Mattox


Skills development for kids is an issue which concerns every parent!

Times have changed and so the parenting ways.

Nowadays every parent desires best for their kids and want to empower their kids with all those skills which can help them to climb the ladder of life successfully and happily.

MegaSkills for babies is an interesting book to provide parents knowledge regarding those skills. Authors of the books say in the book  that

” Megaskills are our engine of learning and must be taught to kids to build their ability to learn.Aim to teach these 12 mega skills is to create positive learners.These skills are-

Confidence, Motivation, Effort, Initiative, Common Sense, Focus, Respect, Caring, Motivation, Responsibility, Teamwork, Preservance.

Skills help child become more aware of their own behaviour, and attitudes. They also provide oppurtunities for enjoyable learning, creativity, drawing, problem solving.”

What role parents can play, how to provide the caring and connectedness environment in home, what is it that enables every child to achieve in school and in life, all this you can learn after going through this book.

If you are a concerned parent you will rush to grab this book in nearby book store.After All we love our kids! Happy Parenting.

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