Earngo is an innovative crowd sourcing company, which reaches out to its customers via mobile channel. Its innovative technology allows common people to earn money on the go using their hand phones or PCs by completing simple tasks like data transcription.

Earngo is incubated in Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE), Singapore Management University (SMU) IIE,SMU.It is founded by experienced professionals in the fields of Operations & Technology.

If   your Company has handwritten or printed information on structured paper forms. Earngo   offers an innovative solution to digitize the information. Earngo’s innovative capability breaks the paper form into small parts and crowd source the data capture by randomly distributing each part to mobile workers by intelligent algorithms, preserving privacy.Earngo integrates crowdsourcing into operations processes. For better quality Earngo design has inherent quality checks   Earngo serves society while taking work to people.

Earngo benefits companies in following ways-

  1. Increase productivity – Frees up capable workers to take up more productive tasks.
  2. High social impact-Includes non contributing citizens into main economy e.g. Retired people, Ex convicts, Staying at home citizens, unemployed youth, even students
  3. Scalability – organization can grow without adding physical infrastructure as work is done by virtual workers
  4. Cost – Even if virtual workers are paid equal to full time workers, there is cost advantage of up to 40% as no physical infrastructure is needed


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