Study in Europe 2018 Fair at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 29 September

In its 12th year in Singapore, Study in Europe presents a diverse array of study programmes on offer throughout Europe and highlights a range of scholarship options that facilitate studying in Europe for Singaporean students The programmes on offer at European universities bring together students from all over the world. […]

5 Best Life Transforming Free Apps for Women

A new wave of free apps for women is making them technology friendly! Time is a precious commodity for every woman in present times. Professional woman, working from home woman, home manager. whatever category she belongs to, she is getting mindful of how and where she is putting her time. So […]

International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum (IYLIF 2018)

International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum (IYLIF 2018) is the not-to-miss event for every student, parent and teacher this year. This is your chance to influence the future of education. Do education systems do a good job of making children future ready? How will you prepare today’s students for a […]

Love & Respect Transformation Centre Program

“Love & Respect Transformation Centre is committed and dedicated to providing long-term quality education, mentorship and platform for people to accelerate their success in life, career and goals.” LOVE & RESPECT Transformation Centre programs instil the values and business ethics within your business and organisation through its people. With the […]

The Book ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’ will Redefine Your Life

‘The Code of The Extraordinary Mind’ is an incredible book which in nutshell gives you step by step guidance for achieving success in life, which author has derived based on lives of the world’s most successful people he interviewed 200+ hours.   The author, Vishen Lakhiani, is the Founder and CEO […]

4 Ways Digital Ad in Womenlines for Your Product, Service, App can do Wonders for Your Marketing Reach out to Womenfolk

Benefits from the digital marketing of your product, by placing digital ads in Advertorial section of Womenlines online magazine – “Internet usage growth is solid”  as stated by Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report. There were many other eye-opening facts stated in the report which highlights that Two years ago, […]

Lady Who is Passionate About Empowering Women- Shalini Gupta

Pinkishe is the fastest growing self-help community of the Indian Women. It is a non-government Organisation focussed on the development, well-being, pride and happiness of the Indian Women. Pinkishe helps the women of India grow with pride and dignity by undertaking all causes that impact them. Be it providing financial aid to the […]

Advertorial: Alpha 7- a Tech Company Providing Incredible Cloud Transformation Solution for Businesses

Advertorial: Alpha 7- a Tech Company Providing Incredible Cloud Transformation Solution for Businesses Are you having a problem in analysing your business because your data is everywhere, on different applications and in multi-documents? Are you searching a credible cloud transformation solution provider for your company? Alpha7 brings to you an […]

3 Takeaways From ‘Infinite Possibilities’ a Book for Success by Sindu Sreebhavan

 How many dreams do you have? How many of those dreams have you fulfilled? Most people have hundreds of dreams. But, the number of dreams they actually fulfil is just a minute fragment of that number. Do you want to be like most people or do you want to make positive changes in […]

Power Meet for the Powerful Woman

‘Power  Meet for the Powerful Woman’- a panel discussion was organised on 20th Aug at The Hive, Lavender Singapore, by ‘Life by Design’, a Life Coaching Practise founded by ACC coach Taruna Aggarwal. In this incredible panel discussion, three successful business women from Singapore- Shagun Chand founder Utsav, Shalima Motial […]