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Internet has become a good source of guidance for this generation parents. There are various sites which guide you how to look after your kid at different stages. What to do or not to do, how to deal with your kid, how to tackle the growing phases, what diet to give, there are so manu issues which are discussed on such sites.

I came across one very informative site
Its a living book which teaches you how to look after your kid’s health, how to create healthier environment in your home. Articles are really informative and cover all spheres of parenting. Its interesting to read about topics like Importance of Warmth and Feeling of Illness.
Susan R. Johnson is the person who is behind this site. He is a Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrician in Unites States.His views regarding parenting are quite interesting. Under category of spiritual life of you kid in his talks he guides parents how to help your kid visualize, dream and have out of box thinking. All articles are real mind-opener to new age parents, particularly who are pressurizing their kids to achieve academic excellence at very young age!

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