Passionate lady at 73 years of age -Vera Waters

Age is no bar to keep on working in today’s times- Unless you are passionate!



I was never interested to know  about Madam Vera Waters until I met her. She is  a 73 years old lady from Hong Kong who is so much into her work that will  put shame to any youngster who always complain about their work load and other things in life. Nobody can guess her age as she has maintained herself so well. You will never find a wrinkle around her hands, she carries herself with such a charm that is unmatchable. Though she gives all credit to Nuskin for her younger looks as she swears by NuSkin Products. Its her own positive attitude towards life which counts more.

Vera Waters is a 5 million dollar circle member elite in NuSkin-an Enterprises ,a leading direct-selling company that distributes premium quality products and services. Its not about the company I want to emphasize but its about only her. Madam Waters has basket full of achievement through her life. She has worked as a manager at Standard Chartered, she was the first lady in Hong Kong to set up a Beauty and Charm school, she has received Asia Pacific Life Time Achievement award, she was in the list of 100 outstanding women entrepreneurs of China, and now at 73 years of age she is as much passionate about her work in NuSkin as any newcomer who wants to bring change in others life.

Success is by choice, she proclaims. She is a super positive woman who beliefs in the quote that “There is no shame in justifiable failure. There is shame only in fear of failure.” When somebody asked her that at what age she will love to retire, she answered with a smile “I will love dying while working”. How passionate she is for her work that reflects in the way she works for Nuskin. She is working for last 19 years for NuSkin.

Vera Waters is an inspiration to womenfolk in today’s times. She is setting up an example that it doesn’t matter what work you are doing, but how much you love doing what you are doing, that fills you with love for life and for world too.So love your work and love the world around!

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