Podcast 3- ‘Purpose’ Helps in Igniting, Inspiring and Creating an impact in life- Leadership Coach Puja Talesara

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It is such a pleasure to welcome Puja Talesara, co-founder of Leadership Demystified, a podcast series on Linkedin, as a ‘Guest Influencer’ at Womenlines panel!
A leadership coach mentored by John Mattone (former executive coach to the late Steve Jobs ), HR expert, Podcaster and mother of 2 lovely kids, Puja Talesara has donned multiple hats with success.

Podcast 3 is about-   Find Your ‘Purpose’ in Life Following Tips From Leadership Coach Puja Talesara. Key takeaways from the podcast-


  • Livyour life intentially. Whatever role you are playing in life , whether of a wife, a mother, a professional woman, play it with clear intentions, what are you looking forward to do for that role.
  • Start journalling . Whatever you like take a note of it. What are the things you don’t like. Then connect the dots and see what common connection is coming in front.
  • Think about when you will be 70 years old what wo would like to get  introduced to your grandkids.
  • Read out the statements and you will get to know your ‘Purpose’ in life.

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