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International Youth Leadership Innovation Forum Singapore (IYLIF 2017)


What does today’s youth want to talk to the whole world? Let’s hear them at International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum 2017.

#IYLIF2017 is a conference for youth from all around the world to speak, discuss and collaborate on topics that matter to them. This event is organized by As Many Minds in Singapore. As Many Minds is a platform to bring out the creativity, innovation, confidence, and communication of millions of young minds around the world. As Many Minds strongly believe that innovations happen when an environment is created to foster creativity,
meaningful dialogues, diversity, and collaborations.

This conference is a rare opportunity for youth generation (10-17 yrs) to speak up their ideas, viewpoints, and hopes for the future along with other youth and experts from around the world. This conference is also a wonderful opportunity for kids who are not participating as they can be part of the audience and listen to the speakers and get inspiration in next ILYIF. Parents should definitely take this opportunity to bring their kids and give them exposure to International forum which is for their age group kids only.

Annual IYLIF conference is bringing together a global panel of experts, educators, parents
and accomplished youth from all over the world. IYLIF 2017 Chairperson, Sindu Sreebhavan, Founder of Asmanyminds.com     shared that  ” IYLIF is a platform that empowers
youth to express their visions, actions, and innovations. Here they can unravel infinite
possibilities, go beyond the boundaries of countries and cultures to collaborate and
achieve their full potential as global citizens.” She also mentioned that ” The mentoring of the International Youth Ambassadors (IYAs) will continue beyond the conference until 31st December 2017 to equip and assist them to be change makers.”


IYLIF 2017 creates a platform for youngsters to promote their ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for a better today and tomorrow

Date: September 2, 2017

Country: Singapore (Venue details coming shortly)


Charu Mehrotra

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Music as superfood for mind for whole family

As Plato mentioned “Music gives a soul to the universe, 
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything.”
Music adds life to everyday life!

Music at the time of pregnancy listened by expecting mothers can lead to positive affect for both mother and baby. Researchers have proved that students can be smarter in their reasoning power if they are listening to classical music like Bach, Mozart and other types. Further researches also proved that-

“Music seems to prime our brains for certain kinds of thinking. After listening to classical music, adults can do certain spatial tasks more quickly, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle.Why does this happen? The classical music pathways in our brain are similar to the pathways we use for spatial reasoning. When we listen to classical music, the spatial pathways are “turned on” and ready to be used.” This was mentioned in The Telegraph in Mar 2015 edition.

Nowadays Music based on alpha waves is in trend.

Alpha waves vibrate at a much more manageable 8 to 13 Hz. They are generally associated with relaxation and contemplation, but depending on which frequency recording you listen to, Alpha waves can be superb for focusing on work, studying and being creative and artistic.

So my dear Gals let’s get set to use all types of music for benefit of our family:)

  1. Religious music in morning for relaxation
  2. Work out music to pump energy
  3. Classical or Alpha music during study time
  4. Movie music eve time to entertain the whole family

“Every Night in my dreams…..” oops I already started humming;)…what are you going to listen to friends? Do share!!

Charu Mehrotra

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Your Child’s First Step to Confidence & Resilience

IMG_20170504_183821I came across the concept of SoulKids® and felt so exhilarated!

The first time I heard about this unique program was from Shivani, Co-founder of SoulKids® Academy East Coast at an event where we met for the very first time. In those brief moments, Shivani shared with me about the work she does with children and how significant are life-skills in their upbringing.

Her passion and niche had always been to work with children and help them to broaden their mindsets, and this is exactly what she has achieved through her work as a life-skills coach since 2014 at her own academy where she offers coaching and group workshops using the SoulKids® platform, originally founded by Vikas Malkani.

We as adults are aware that most of the issues that we face in life are stemmed from our childhood beliefs. With this in mind, SoulKids® was created, especially for kids, to bring essential life skills to them from a very young age and to inspire them to change the beliefs they carry about themselves and to learn what is possible and what they can potentially achieve.

In today’s busy world, parents are not able to take the time to teach such life skills to their kids. Good news is that these can be taught and children definitely benefit from that additional guidance and respond very well.

Women Lines managed to have a catch up with Shivani and know a bit more about her everyday passion. Shivani is a mom of 2 lovely children 12 & 6, who she jokingly says, still manage to have their little fights and arguments despite a 6-year gap! But what makes her say this in a very calm tone is because this is what she helps others in – parents and children in their attitude and beliefs.

It is pleasure for Women Lines to share what, Shivani has to say about parenting, something she often shares with the parents during her interactions with them-

“Children are our most prized and precious assets!

We as parents, are constantly evolving and learning about our children as well as ourselves from the moment we embark on our parenting journey!

However, as much as being a parent is a paramount feeling of completion, parenting our children through the different phases of their lives can be a challenging and daunting ride, be it an infant, a toddler, a tween, a teen or a young adult!

Along with this continual ride of parenting, we experience countless accomplishments and failures, engage in agreements and conflicts, embrace ups and downs and at times simply give in to circumstances which are a result of external factors out of our control!

Needless to say that not one way of parenting is more superior or perfect than the other. Every parent and his or her family define their own rules and values.

What is important is, to create a strong foundation for your child, which is where the role of life-skills plays a part! The best part is that children can be given that extra support and guidance on such life-skills from as young as 6 years old!”

Shivani offers individual coaching and group life-skills workshops for children aged 6 to 15 years old using the SoulKids® programs of Self-Confidence™, Creative Mind-set™, and SoulKids One-on-One coaching™.

Why SoulKids® One-on-One coaching? How can it support your child?

A highly effective and beneficial tool for children to help them in the emotional, social & intellectual skills is the SoulKids individual coaching for children.

SoulKids® Coaching is a unique process by which, your child receives practical tools that enable them to develop greater self-confidence, enhance their sense of responsibility, become happier, expand their creative thinking, release stress, and expand their mindset and belief systems.

It is a great option to help children deal with:

  • Exam stress and fear
  • Lack of motivation in their academics
  • Not able to identify their unique talents or skills
  • Bullying and rejection at school as well as other situations
  • Peer pressure and dealing with their expectations
  • Image and body issues especially with teens
  • Communication problems with peers, teachers, and family.
  • Separation of parents or other family problems
  • Dealing with sickness or loss of a loved one

Children who have taken up one-on-one coaching, have benefited immensely by overcoming their limitations, anxieties, and fears & blooming into happy and successful individuals. Very convenient as you can mutually work out the day & time of the sessions with your coach. Packages are also available to give your child a continued support channel he/she needs.

Group Life-skills workshops:

Life-skills can be taught in a very fun and engaging manner. Children are trained on life skills not taught in schools such as leadership skills, teamwork, self-confidence, creativity, focus and other positive qualities.

The entire SoulKids® training is geared to raise a child’s level of self-esteem, to see his natural strengths, talents, and abilities and to strengthen his sense of self-belief.

  • Children are taught the importance of:
  • Having a vision, creating goals and then taking action to achieve them.
  • Working together with teams to achieve a goal is encouraged
  • Staying positive during negative events
  • Embracing change with an open mind
  • Never giving up and finish what they started

The result is that children experience an increased sense of self-awareness and self-esteem.

The program is loved by children, who want to keep coming back for more! It is taught by way of stories, games, role-plays and activities and the fun element is at its peak. It helps children step into the world as happy, confident and successful individuals as they are able to relate to the wisdom and life lessons very well.

To know more or sign-up your child connect with Shivani at +6581808094. Check out parent reviews and their schedule for May 2017 at   www.facebook.com/soulkids.ec1




Power of Communication-ultimate gift to kids by parents

As a parent, we want to fill our kid’s life with happiness and success!

commuWe want them to be equipped with all skill sets required to survive successfully in present times. Positive Communication skills are the golden skills in today’s times. In every sphere of life, a parameter of our success very much depends upon on how are our communication skills.

In daily life, communication is taken as a normal activity which is not given much mindfulness. But if we go through our whole day activities then we will find yourself indulged in some of the other types of communication. Either we are talking one to one or interacting on phone, even might be communicating through emails too. We also realize those things in life, which we missed because of lack of proper communication.

We can lovingly guide our children towards happiness and true success in all aspects of life by equipping them with the power of communication. When they grow up they have to deal with their family, employers, friends, relatives, neighbors, in fact with pets too:)). While communicating they have to learn how to manage tone, what type of words to use, with whom to have the heart to heart communication, when to have limited communication.

How communication skills can help-

  1. Great communication skills can help kids to share their thoughts with their parents easily. At times kids are not feeling good, demotivated and get lost. Above all, if they are not able to share their real feelings with anybody and keep piling their thoughts within themselves, it can lead to stress. On the other side, good communication skills can help kids to just let the burden of thoughts go away by sharing in and out with their parents. This way they can get correct guidance
  2. In schools, it is very important to have great communication skills with friends and teachers. Right knowledge can only be gained when proper interaction happens with the teacher in the class. With right communication skills kids can ask right questions and can clarify their doubts. This way they can have a good hold on their subjects.
  3. Kids will be growing up with time to join the workforce. Then they will be requiring the power of oral and written communications skills both. If they are equipped with these skills from the beginning they can excel in their field without any doubt.
  4. Kids are part of the family, therefore, they should be mindful about their communication with every member of the family. Such skills can help in building up a strong bond between him and all members of the family.
  5. Positive communication with oneself is the most important communication skill which any parent can teach his kid. It can do wonders by creating a strong self-esteem thus leading to a confident and determined personality of a child.

Charu Mehrotra

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Ishita Katyal, a 10 years old speaker on Tedx questions Parents mindsets!


Ishita Katyal speaks at TED2016 - Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED

Ishita Katyal speaks at TED2016 – Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED

The general perception is that one has to be a very experienced person to become a TEDx speaker. Ishita Katyal, a 10 years old girl from India has changed this perception. Last year on  Children’s Day, Ishita Katyal from Pune became the youngest Indian TEDx speaker with an impressive speech in New York at Brooklyn Museum.

Ishita questioned the general mindset of adults who always ask kids “What you want to become when you grow up”?In her 4 mins speech very beautifully she shared her experience how she took the initiative of organizing a Ted talk in her school after getting an idea by attending a talk herself with her mother. She emphasizes that one doesn’t have to wait to become an adult to fulfill one’s desire.

Her speech was addressed to adults telling them to stop underestimating children, simply because they are younger. Thought provoking statement by Ishita will certainly change the mindset of parents-“Instead of asking children what they want to do when they grow up, you should ask them what they want to be right now,” Children are very motivated and full of enthusiasm. If we are able to provide nurturing environment and support to them I am sure we are going to have the chain of speakers like Ishita in near future:).

Charu Mehrotra

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5 Animals Your Kids Can Create with LEGO Bricks

Womenlines proudly welcomes Carlo Pandian as guest writer for womenlines. Carlo will take your kids in amazing world of Lego bricks and boost their creativity through guided tutorials-

Animals come in all shapes and sizes.  This means you can either spend a lot of money trying to find rare animals for your kids or you can let them build them with some simple to find pieces. lego


This gives your kids the advantage of being able to get more out of the pieces they have in their collection.  It also means they have the ability to make modifications to these creations which gives them more flexibility in what they want.  The following are some simple designs you and your kids can watch to start building your own menagerie




There’s nothing quite like having the king of the jungle in a display.  It sits at the top of the food chain and makes an obvious centerpiece.  This design comes from David Howard, the Master Model Builder from LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester.  He covers the pieces you need along with instructions on how to build this ferocious beast.



Simple Animals


If you are going to have a king, you may want some subjects.  Therefore Lunazd1 provides you with a wild assortment of animals.  Each is built using some very basic bricks and colors.  Each is rendered in a program so that the designs are crisp and easy to see.  If you have trouble with any part of the design simply pause the video and watch the model come together frame by frame.  Each animal’s design is set up like standard LEGO instructions, so it shouldn’t be a foreign experience for your child.



Zoo Animals


Continuing this parade of animals is Thesmiler37.  They have categorized their animals into those found in a zoo.  These creations also follow the use of simple elements.  This makes it possible to make with some of the most basic brick buckets.  Each part is highly recognizable to any child that is familiar with their LEGO bricks.  This is important since many of their loose pieces are typically these standard elements.





It is time to slow things down.  Fun Toy Den brings you their brick built turtle.  Not only is this a fabulous display piece on its own, but it scales extremely well with minifigures.  There are enormous turtles in real life and even bigger ones found in children’s story books.  Whatever your child wants, this turtle will fit right in.





There is one creature that often needs a herd to look right.  Large farms don’t survive on a single cow.  The problem is, if you’re going to populate a farm, you need a simple design that looks good.  Brickitect gives you this on both fronts.  He tells you how to make a nice cow as well as what set he used to make it from.  From here just cut, copy, and repeat.  In no time you’ll need to build a bigger farm.



Carlo Pandian is an adult fan of LEGO and freelance writer, and has previously published on The Brick Blogger, Bricks of The Death, and The Rock Father. He loves babysitting his nephew and getting him to build LEGO creations!



LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester Lion by David Howard



How to build simple LEGO animals  by Lunazd1



How to make LEGO zoo animals  by The smiler37



How to build a LEGO turtle  by Fun Toy Den



LEGO Cow (How to Build)  by brickitect


Charu Mehrotra

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Kids to do list with a twist!

Vacations are the most awaited period of the year by kids, whatever age they are into!      chore-chart2

It is time for kids to relax, to meet friends and to spend a day without any time limit Ask any kid which part of the year is his favorite and most of them will come up with vacation or festival holiday as an answer.I feel happy seeing that relaxed smile on my kid’s face during vacation time but as a working woman, and that too from home, my other part is overwhelmed with the challenges I am going to face during this period with my work. The most irritating aspect of any holiday is the frequent bombing of “What shall I do now, mummy?” periodically.How I can plan every second of my kid’s day when I am not able to do for myself, I just scorn at times. “Why can’t he think of his own ways?” or ‘I wonder how I managed my vacations without any instructions by my parents?”Such questions just hit me almost every other day of vacation.

Last year while making the to-do list for myself idea struck to me why can’t kids have their own todo list which they can depend upon whenever they are having free time.YES, WHY NOT! Literally, I really jumped with joy with the realization that my kid can plan his to-do list on his own by using his brain:). I discussed the idea with my kid and we drafted a rough chart and pasted then on wall. And every time when me or my son came across any activity idea we took a note of it.In fact, this will help them to think independently and he will understand himself better. What are their likes, what are their dislikes, what they love to do and when!

It is more than a year and I can tell you friends list is still on. As my son is growing he comes across some new activity and he wants to add it to his list. What are you waiting for?Start listing down your kids’ activities….best wishes from Womenlines:)!

Charu Mehrotra

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Website for Kid’s activities!

As a mother, I have always felt a need to get new ideas which can help me engaging my kids creatively!   

http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/ is an awesome website which will open you a world of beautiful ideas to enhance your kid’s creativity. To visitors, advantage website has categories on the basis of various ages and thus it helps visitors to choose activity as their kid’s requirement. The website is very suitable to l0ok out for various crafts, arts, DIY, coloring activities for different age groups of kids. The Very Interesting section is a section in which various days of the year are described with ideas how can you celebrate that day like, Earth day, Christmas, Father’s day etc.

The interesting part is that there is the section for Mom group also.Amazing recipes for food, tips for organizing home and to do activities with families. Womenlines strongly recommend this website for those parents who always search for new ideas for parenting. There is a facebook page too for the website- https://www.facebook.com/QuirkyMomma

Visitors are requested to share other links if they are aware of any kid’s activities related website!

Charu Mehrotra

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Toys – A luxury or a necessity?

Womenlines proudly shares guest write up on importance of Toys by Charu Swaroop  who  contributes to Toy Tasting, a video review channel on toys by mothers

“The Importance of Play lies in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent-Child Bonds”. American Academy of Pediatrics.

Gone are the days when toys were considered a luxury and not indulged in by parents because of the price factor. The ‘learning’ angle has managed to change that entire single-handedly and the association of a toy with learning and creativity has reached new levels.

Entertainment has taken a back seat rather reluctantly while ‘learning’ is at the wheel. Motor skills are boosted, role-play and imaginative play enhanced and cognitive skills developed. The possibilities are endless and so are the toys.

Also, today when you see Indian parents buying toys for kids in a toys shop, their focus is mainly on toys that foster imagination and creativity. Parents today prefer more open-ended and educational toys for their kids. But do you think toys are a luxury or a necessity?

Toys are a must for a child when it comes to creative play and so very instrumental to help parents and children bond better. Toys like Lego toys, pretend to play toys and much more are helpful in enhancing the creativity of the child. Looking especially in the Indian market, education is expensive so no wonder that most toys are educative and come with a nice price tag.

Toys have become a necessity simply because they enhance the development of infants. In fact, a play is the most important factor when it comes to personal development. The question: When do you buy developmental toys for babies? The answer: Before they’re born!

There’s a thin line between necessities and luxuries in today’s fast-paced world especially when it comes to children. What might appear to be a luxury for an adult might be a necessity for a child. That’s what makes parenting especially challenging. But toys are more of a necessity rather than a luxury and it’s essential to create a separate family budget for toys so that things get easier in terms of money management.

Consider this- If tiger cubs don’t wrestle and fight with each other in the wild, they’re never going to survive. Similarly, if children don’t play with toys during the early developmental years, they are never going to fit into the learning process where the ‘survival of the fittest’ theory is equally applicable. Unless playtime is free and unstructured, a child will not reach that critical milestone in terms of socializing with others.

Neither will emotional and cognitive development takes place in the desired manner without toys. Toys and other construction toys can also help children deal with stress and enable them to become resilient to battle the emotional challenges which life will throw at them constantly.

Squeezing a teddy bear might appear silly to some. But it is vital to boost hand-eye coordination as well as to teach how a child should interact with one’s environment. Even chewing on a toy (non-toxic of course) is not inconsequential and must not be discouraged simply because it has a big impact on a baby’s mental and physical growth.

The best part about the best toys is that they don’t come with an instruction manual. Just hand it over to a baby or child and they’ll know exactly what to do with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a comfortable blanket or a toy car or a stuffed animal, the kids will figure it out all right.


About the author:Charu Swaroop contributes to Toy Tasting, video review channel on toys by mothers. When time permits, Charu loves dreaming up and trying new dishes. She has been promising herself to get over her sweet tooth (since 2003), and to trek in Nepal (since 2009).

Charu Swaroop







Protect your child from bullying!

Bullying is such a big problem I never realized until I attended a seminar organized by The Kidz Parade magazine in Singapore. The seminar was addressed by Andrew Matthews (Australian motivational speaker and self-help author) and Julie Matthews (famous author and speaker), who drew the concern of parents towards the gravity of bullying repercussions.


I always considered bullying as a part of growing up. But the amount of trauma it causes to victims particularly to the generation today who is so sensitive by nature cannot be expressed in words. Bullying is when a person is picked on over and over again by an individual or group with more power in terms of physical strength. Some bullies attack their targets physically, which can mean anything from shoving or hitting. Others use psychological control or verbal insults to put themselves in charge. Cyberbullying is the latest addition to a category which can lead to severe consequences. It is done by sending cruel texts, messages, or posting insults about a person on Facebook or other social sites. To open your eyes towards Bullying please go through some facts which I came across in seminar-


1. Bullying can lead to the death of victims. Students who are bullied may also experience depression, thoughts of suicide and, in extreme cases, may react with violence or self-harm


2. Bullying also affects students’ sense of safety, which can impact their grades, their ability to study and, as a result, their future prospects


3. Studies show that people who are abused by their peers are at risk for mental health problems, such as low self-esteem, stress, depression, or anxiety. They may also think about suicide more.


4. Decreased academic achievement—GPA and standardized test scores—and school participation. They are more likely to miss, skip, or drop out of school.


Julie Mathews shared various ways how parents can deal with this problem-


  • Always listen to children. Children must be encouraged to talk about school, social events, about other kids in school. Certain time of the day should be fixed when parents can have open chat with kids, like walk or ride to school.
  • If a child has complained about some bullying issue at school, always take it seriously. Children are often afraid or ashamed to tell everybody that they have been bullied so always listen to their complaints.
  • Tell the school or organization immediately if you think that your children are being bullied. Alerted caregivers can carefully monitor your children’s actions and take steps to ensure your children’s safety
  • Cyber workshops can be organized by schools to monitor and guide students for healthy cyber habits.


Children should be taught good social skills they need to make friends. A confident child who has friends is less likely to be bullied. Praise children’s kindness toward others. Let children know that kindness is
valued. It’s all about being a mindful parent and spends quality time with kids.


It was such a learning experience attending a seminar on ‘Bullying’. The Kidz Parade is an edutainment magazine and I love their motto that they stand for Igniting Curiosity, Promoting Creativity and Providing Inspiration to children. I also like their belief that 21st-century education is a collaboration between educators, parents, students and the community. Magazine often organizes workshops, talks and presentations for parents, teachers, students and the community, which are a really good source of getting information regarding parenting. For parents, it also gives various ideas to engage children creatively and intellectually. Best wishes to The Kidz Parade for its future initiatives!


Charu Mehrotra

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