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International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF 2017): Platform for enhancing Innovation and Leadership in young minds




“Young people are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution than for counsel; and more fit for new projects than for settled business.” -Francis Bacon

International Youth Ambassadors and Industry experts at International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF 2017) proved this quote in the true sense. Annual IYLIF conference brought together a global panel of experts, educators, parents and accomplished youth from all over the world. IYLIF was a conference for youth (10-17 years) from all around the world to speak, discuss and collaborate on topics like Bullying, Stress, Human Values and Effects of technology in present times. This event was organized by As Many Minds in Singapore on 2nd Sep at Lifelong Learning Institute. IYLIF 2017 was supported by Up your Game 2016 Personal Development Community. Sindu Sreebhavan, founder of As Many Minds strongly believes “Innovations happen when we create an environment to foster creativity, meaningful dialogues, diversity, and collaborations.” While addressing the  audience  Sindu shared her vision of IYLIF as a platform with the power to transform dead dry deserts of despair into green lands of innovation, leadership, and execution

The key highlights of the forum-

  • 22 International Youth Ambassadors (IYAs) participated in the forum from Singapore and around the world from countries like Japan, Malaysia, UAE, and India. These youth were picked from over 160 entries received from all around the world. These youth had to send a 2-min speech on a topic that is relevant to the youth. Boot camps were organized before the actual forum to empower IYAs with required skills for the forum.
  •  There were 3 Internationally renowned keynote speakers at the Forum-
  1. Manoj Vasudevan– World Champion of Public Speaking, next level readiness expert and the author of the International bestseller ‘Mastering Leadership the Mousetrap Way’. He shared his insightful speech on leadership. He shared the messages ‘You are never too small to be big’ and ‘Ownership is the habit that leads to leadership’. 
  2. Fredrik Haren – Internationally acclaimed expert on creativity in business and speaker. He is the author of 9 books, including the Idea Book which was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”. He gave a groundbreaking talk on the topic ‘The value of thinking differently.’ Fredrik shared  “All we know we have to take two things and combine in a new way to deliver a new idea. The World is changing quickly and adults are not able to handle and are stuck. Power of youth is not to get stuck.” 
  3. Avi Z LiranInternational expert in Positive Leadership and Culture Transformation, who emphasized the importance of mindfulness for Curiosity, Humor, and Kindness in present times


  •  Educators and Experts from different domains from Singapore, Japan, USA, UK, Vietnam, and India shared their knowledge and opinions in three-panel discussions at the forum. The first panel moderated by  Ruby Mathur,  a lecturer at NAFA,  was on the topic ‘Future of education and its significance.’ Educators Stephen Dexter, Robert Thorn,Thomas Brian Donnelly, and Roger Tan shared their views on the importance of future ready education systems in this panel. This was followed by speeches delivered by IYAs and laughter therapy session conducted by Santhanaram Jayaram who shared valuable tips to de-stress in everyday life. The second-panel discussion was on the topic ‘Technology, Values and the Gig Economy.‘ Panelists consisted of educator Nick Alchin, Director of Cherishma Consulting Mamta Mandal and Technologist Harpreet Atwalwho shared views on the importance of mindfulness in use of technology and how to carry on value system to next generation. Second panel was moderated by Karolina Gwinner  who is a Leadership Facilitator and a Speaker too.’The  new reality of youth life: Bullying, Abuse’ was the last panel discussion and panelists successfully discussed the undue pressure on the youth of the present generation. This esteemed panel consisted of Noor Mastura, Founder & President of Interfaith Youth Circle community, Vani Khare the Director at SanrakshanSanthanaram Jayaram Director of Inspired Life Academy, Vinti Mittal, Director at SACAC Counselling, and  Padma Sekhar Principal of Trio World School, Bangalore, India. This panel was moderated by Millennial Expert Vivek Iyyani.


IYLIF 2017 aims to create a global pool of youth change makers. The mentoring will continues even after the forum to guide IYAs to take action. Each of them will be mentored to reach out to at least 1000 other youth to spread messages, inspire action and make a difference.

At the end of the conference Programme Director Rahul Shah, who is a Communication Specialist in Singapore questioned the audience  “What if you get one chance to go back in your past. What will you do?”

And the obvious answer came “ We will work on our strengths.”

So why not let kids work on their strengths from an early stage in their life and for that platform like IYLIF can help them in the true sense.

With a flurry of requests from all over the world to hold the next forum in their cities, IYLIF is definitely soaring high towards its mission of creating a global pool of youth visionaries and change makers. Look out for the next IYLIF conferences in Tokyo, Dubai, and Bangalore. To know more about upcoming events visit http://asmanyminds.com/iylif 

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Grooming Beauty with Bags-Sujata Se

“Style is a way to say who you are and without having to speak” and handbag compliments this style for every woman. Sujata Medepalli is a lady who is having a passion to compliment women style through her variety of beautiful purses and handbags which she designs herself. Her brand Sujata Se is really from heart and has complemented so many ladies with beautiful accessories. Straight from Sujata about her journey from Sujata to Sujata Se-
photo1. Please share with our readers little bit about yourself ?
My name is Sujata Medepalli, I belong to Lucknow and married to a South Indian.Its a lovely  North/South combination ! I have 2 beautiful children, daughter Jaishree & son Dhruv. My passion is designing exclusive evening bags in beads,silk, jute etc. They are retailed in Singapore ,and are also shipped to various parts of the world,like Norway,Sweden,Japan,Canada ,Malaysia ,& The USA ,soon going to Australia ,Dubai & Thailand! I also deal with affordable antiques from various parts of the world. Hence my company name Sujata Se’ meaning from Sujata. I am also  a Yoga teacher and love to teach Yoga. I have led an expat life for the last 24years and  have resided in Hong Kong, Malaysia,Norway,Mumbai & Singapore . Beautiful memories & wonderful friends made along the way! Would not trade these experiences with anything ,Priceless!!
2. So when did you venture into this business  and what inspired or motivated  you to take a pluge into this venture?
I started out on my business seriously 6 years ago.I got a lot of support & encouragement from my family & friends. When I first started out it was just by word of mouth & the business just grew to the point where ladies used to just call me & reserve my bags,antiques as soon as my new stock arrived, without even looking at the pieces,they trusted me & my choice so much.This motivated me to work harder & grow my business .
3. Can you share with us, some of the challenges you faced during yoru initial days ?
Challenges are always there in whatever you do.Especially when your are getting your products made in India. Sometimes it was very frustrating ,in the beginning ,when I would not get the product I wanted,the bag I designed,bad workmanship ,I am very particular about good workmanship & finish,even if the bag costs 10$,the finish for me has to be perfect . Through lots of trial & error,now we have made it! I am proud to say today,through this little business of mine I have given employment to many poor in India and now they even know how to email,even what’s app!!!
4. So how do you balance your personal and professional life ?
Organization ! One has to be organized & plan ahead. Luckily for me my family is a huge support & do not mind me being away from them hours on end! In fact they come & help me out.
5.     What would you suggest to other aspiring women who want to venture out on their own ?My advice to other women is you have to be ready to work really hard & be focused on your goal & stay true to yourself. There will be many different kinds of people you will meet along the way,really good ones & some not so good! Stay strong & you will succeed . There will be many who will copy your products,but as long as you are confident about yourself & your product you need not worry! Be POSITIVE !
6. Is there any person who has mentored/supported/inspired you?My biggest support is my husband,he has never stopped me in anything I wanted to do & never questioned me,as to why,what etc. He has always said go ahead & do what you want to do. Inspiration I have got from various women I have met along the way,the average woman who works so hard.Some with medical problems but still working hard.So I look at it this way,if they can do it so can I .Biggest inspiration was from an 86 year old man suffering from cancer,when I asked him how he was doing,his reply was I am only 86,I have so much to look forward too. I salute such people.
7.     What do you have in the pipeline for your company’s/business  future development?
A Sujata Se’ store is in the pipeline in Singapore  & then to  expand to other countries.
Womenlines wishes best of luck to Sujata to excel further in life. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/#!/SujataSe?fref=ts to have a look at the latest collection of lovely bags Sujata Se has got for you.

‘Women Deliver’organization get sets for Maternal and Reproductive Health Conference May 28,2013 in Malaysia

Hats off to Jill Sheffield, founder of “Women Deliver’ for her dedicated efforts in the field of improving Maternal health of women across the world. Mission of Women Deliver itself speaks volume about their objective of concern about women-Invest in Girls and Women – it pays!


Women  Deliver is a global advocacy organization working to generate political commitment and financial investment for fulfilling Millennium Development Goal5-to reduce maternal mortality and achieve universal access to reproductive health.  Ms Sheffield, the founder of Women Deliver  has achieved so many accolades that its not possible to introduce her in one line. Concerned majorly about women issues throughout Ms Sheffield is serving on the board of the Pangaea Global Aids foundation, she is also the founder of Family Care International(FCI).She founded FCI IN 1987 in response to call at the Women’s Decade Conference in Nairobi which identified the silent tragedy that one women dies each minute from pregnancy related causes.Ms Sheffield is also one of the few civil society representatives appointed to the UN Secretary Generals Commission of Information and accountability for women’s and children’s health.
Women Deliver is organizing Maternal and Reproductive Health Conference 2013 in Kaula Lampur on 28-30May.A number of influential leaders like Melinda Gates(Cochair Bill and Mellinda Foundation), Helen Clark(Administrator UNDP), Anuradha Gupta(Joint Secretary Ministry of Health , India), Michelle Bachelet(Under-Secretary-General and executive Director of United Nation Women)  and many others are confirmed to participate in Women Deliver’s third global Conference. .    Answers by Women Delivers to certain queries mentioned below itself proves the clarity of their purpose-

What are the critical issues that women face, especially in Southeast Asia?

Globally, more than 287,000 women die each year during pregnancy or child birth, and more than 200 million women want, but do not have access to, contraceptives. We have made progress for girls and women under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the pace of change is accelerating. Since 1990, fewer women are living in extreme poverty, more women have access to modern contraception, and maternal deaths have nearly halved. But challenges remain, and progress is uneven across regions and countries.

Southeast Asia in particular showcases the promise, progress and continued challenges facing women’s health and equality.  The region has successfully reduced gender inequality in education, and has made remarkable progress in reducing maternal deaths. However, Asia and the Pacific continue to bear the brunt of maternal deaths — almost 40 percent of maternal deaths worldwide occur in the region.

Why is it that women still suffer from the above-mentioned problems nowadays?

Historically, women’s health issues have not been prioritized. In fact, progress toward MDG(Millennium Development Goal) 5 has been the slowest of all the MDGs – and it’s not for a lack of solutions that work. We know how to save women’s lives and increase access to contraceptives, but to do this successfully, we need both political will and financial commitments to deliver the services women want and need. For too long, maternal and reproductive health have been seen as “women’s issues,” but they are not. They are everyone’s issues. It is up to all leaders to ensure that these issues receive the attention and the funding they deserve

What this year’s conference will try to achieve ?

Taking place as discussions about the post-2015 development architecture are underway, Women Deliver 2013 will be a landmark opportunity to ensure that girls and women remain a development priority worldwide –and to hold leaders accountable for the impressive commitments they’ve made.We must move from promises to progress. With thousands of global influencers in the room, we can – and we will – generate the political will, financial investments and grassroots action needed to improve girls’ and women’s health and rights. –

How different is this year’s conference compared to previous years? For example, are there more participants than ever? Different themes being discussed?

This will be Women Deliver’s third global conference and we anticipate it will be our largest and most influential yet, with thousands of private and public sector leaders from 160 countries expected to attend.This will be the first time the conference is taking place in Asia, and as a result, progress and continued obstacles facing women’s health and equality in Asia will be a key focus. It’s also the first time the conference will be held in a predominantly-Muslim country, offering a unique opportunity to tackle pressing challenges in the broader Muslim world.

Womenlines wishes best of luck to Women Deliver for their future endeavours!

Cashflow Game!

Are you having money sense?

Have you ever thought about your spending habits, wealth management awareness, and checked your investment knowledge.

It’s interesting but true, there is a board game called cash flow game which will open your mindset regarding issues of your financial life.

My friends don’t think that I am suggesting this game for your kids in parenting section.

This game is for you all to play with your friends. Many women group like to play games of cards, bingo, crossword and other board games. This game is also just like other board game but it involves money into it. Don’t be afraid as when money comes in between people tend to have fear to loose it. But this money is not your real money. You have to play your instincts with whatever money is provided by the banker of the game.

As wekepaedia describes-“ Cashflow 101 is an educational tool in board game format designed by Robert Kiyosaki(author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad),which aims to teach the players concepts of investing by having their money work for them in a risk free setting (play money) while simultaneously increasing their financial literacy and stressing the imperative nature of accountability.”

The interesting feature of the game is that it is played in two steps. First step is ‘Rat Race’ and second step is ‘Fast Track’. In rat race the player aims to raise his or her passive income level so that it can exceed the character’s expenses. In order to win the game player should get her character to buy their dream or accumulate an additional $50,000 in monthly cashflow, and this happens only in second part of game that is fast track. While playing the game players have to fill the financial statements so that they can see clearly what is happening with their money.It generally shows how assets generate income and demonstrates that liabilities are expenses. There is also a kid’s version of the game called cashflow for kids.

You do not have to be an accountant to play this game, as the calculations are very simple. The idea of the game is to purchase enough cash flow positive assets to exceed your everyday living expenses. You can do this buy purchasing cashflow positive properties, businesses mutual funds and shares. As you work your way around the board, you land on different squares, examples being “paycheck” (where you receive your monthly paycheck depending on your profession) or though you do not have to land on this square to receive your income, just passing it will get you paid.. another example square is “opportunity” where you will be presented with investment opportunities such as businesses, property shares mutual funds etc. Another example square is “doodads” these are unexpected expenses that are often unnecessary and require you to spend your money..for example “Buy Big Screen TV, Pay $4000”  Once you have accumulated enough assets to generate a passive income that exceeds your living expenses you are able to leave the rat race and play on the “Fast Track” the outer circle of the board game. Once you are out of the rat race and on the fast track, your goal is to buy your dream which you select at the start of the game. A few examples of the “dreams” are “golf around the world” , “be a jetsetter” , “dinner with the president” and so on.

Abang Abu, an entrepreneur, founder of Now Asia, is quite known for his trainings and financial courses is Singapore and Malaysia. . He has a deep commitment towards young people’s success in entrepreneurship and financial intelligence.

He loves to arrange for cashflow game, if to be played in a big group. This game can be organized in any network for eg communities, office groups, friends group, schools, colleges and other places.Know more about him by visiting www.abangabu.com and www.nowasia.sg

Enjoy playing this money game!