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The ‘Losing It’ Contest!



It’s interesting to know about writers Prachi Gupta and Dhruv Gupta’s book on the topic of weight loss-‘Loosing It’.The contest organized by them for sharing of different experiences related to journey in weight loss is good chance to know about real life stories regarding weight loss efforts.Visit http://www.losingit.fitho.in/the-losing-it-contest/
to know more about the contest.

I was never fat! But married life and motherhood gave me reasons to enhance my awareness regarding ways to control my weight and be fit.The thing which I always resisted was spending money in the gym for weight loss. Therefore I was alert, always, to take a note of weight loss method which can be carried from home.  

Motherhood experience brings the major change in any woman’s body.I also put 10 kgs extra weight after my first pregnancy.I was not able to take it. My inner soul was desperate to try all lovely dresses and get back to my previous jeans as soon as possible. Because somewhere I had a feeling if once I put on weight it will be very difficult to get back to normal. So I had to act instantly.First of all, I started having a vision of the shape I wanted for myself. I strongly believe in the concept of visualization where you have to create a vision of your dream in your mind. I have been working from home most of the time, this gave me the right time to devote for my fitness regime.Then I focussed what things can I follow regularly to keep a strict discipline for my weight loss regime. I started walking and made sure that I was listening to music during my walks… It gave me immense relaxation. Slowly I observed that the more I was relaxed the more mindful I became about my eating habits. Yoga came as a blessing to me for getting more relaxation in life.  As I started getting mindful, it helped me in positive parenting too.

Being an Indian I love Indian food.I just can’t resist fried food. After being mindful I got back to my normal food habits. I never curbed my desire to eat my favorite food, but I focussed on the quantity. I experienced that the more I curb my desire to eat my favorite food, the more fat I was putting on, because though I was not eating but I was visualizing fat food in my mind, so this affected negatively for my weight loss efforts.I got back to my normal weight in 6 months time.It requires discipline, and the only discipline to lead a healthy life. My discipline helped me to adopt healthy lifestyle forever.

Being slim not only helps me look better but I feel active too. Its all about that feel which gives me confidence and motivates me to take care of my family with passion!

Charu Mehrotra

Promoting Excellence in Women!


3 Best Weight Loss Sites I came across!

Weight loss is in every fem ale’s resolution list in today’s times.!fat-lady_k0973126

There are so many resources available around to make you aware about the right way to go about it. While net surfing I listed few Internet sites which I really think can be beneficial to my blog readers.


This site is really an amazing site. The content of this site covers variety of topics and it has been declared as the best health website by Business Week for 2006, 2007, and 2008. The network of this site is amazing. It has different linked sites dealing with pregnancy, teens health, American health and many others.


I have loved this site as the sections it deals with cover variety of topics. My favourite  section about walking(as walking is my favourite form of exercise). There is discussion panel, news centre which informs you about latest happening in health segment. Some women related articles are really informative.


This is also one very informative site. I liked the health tracker section , which helps you to maintain dairy for your diet and exercise schedule. Power food section is also informative.

Get techno and start your weight loss plan sticking to one of any site.Best of luck!