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3 ways to save money and be happy gals!

It is the blessed time you are living in friends! 

You are empowered with information because of surplus channels, you are empowered with right mindset because of your education and you are empowered with confidence because of your right grooming. As a working woman, you are really working hard to be financially independent and live life on your own terms. It is your duty to yourself to tap into all sources which can help you in saving money to secure your future. A little amount of homework, time management, and passion can help you to save money and utilize it for better investments-


1.Exercise at home– Exercise is a must activity for any woman who wants to lead a healthy life. Doing exercises at gyms under the guidance of trainers is quite in fashion.  This requires investment in terms of time and money. If you are able to create a set of exercise as per your body requirement with a combination of Yoga and aerobics there is no need to go to the gym at all. Social media is full of such articles which can teach certain exercises to be carried at home.

2. Cook at home- Gals make cooking your hobby. Stop taking it as a mundane activity. Change your mindset for cooking as it is very well said- “You look what you eat”. And once you start cooking with an intention of looking good and healthy you will be amazed seeing the results. Save money by avoiding ordering food, plan out healthy cooking dates with friends, make groups of like-minded people who want to explore healthy cooking and share healthy recipes with each other

3. Groom at home- Most of the women dreams to look as beautiful as she can and goes to any extent to spend money and avail various beauty grooming services for her benefit. It all takes a little attention to hair and skin and enhancing inner beauty by eating well to look beautiful. Parlours and spas can be helpful in providing instant solutions to your beauty problems. But in the long run, your personal care will be responsible for your outer and inner beauty. Therefore friends start empowering yourself with knowledge and to do a list of actions to be taken at home for your beauty care. After all, you are considered to be a multitasker, everything is possible for you!

Grooming Beauty with Bags-Sujata Se

“Style is a way to say who you are and without having to speak” and handbag compliments this style for every woman. Sujata Medepalli is a lady who is having a passion to compliment women style through her variety of beautiful purses and handbags which she designs herself. Her brand Sujata Se is really from heart and has complemented so many ladies with beautiful accessories. Straight from Sujata about her journey from Sujata to Sujata Se-
photo1. Please share with our readers little bit about yourself ?
My name is Sujata Medepalli, I belong to Lucknow and married to a South Indian.Its a lovely  North/South combination ! I have 2 beautiful children, daughter Jaishree & son Dhruv. My passion is designing exclusive evening bags in beads,silk, jute etc. They are retailed in Singapore ,and are also shipped to various parts of the world,like Norway,Sweden,Japan,Canada ,Malaysia ,& The USA ,soon going to Australia ,Dubai & Thailand! I also deal with affordable antiques from various parts of the world. Hence my company name Sujata Se’ meaning from Sujata. I am also  a Yoga teacher and love to teach Yoga. I have led an expat life for the last 24years and  have resided in Hong Kong, Malaysia,Norway,Mumbai & Singapore . Beautiful memories & wonderful friends made along the way! Would not trade these experiences with anything ,Priceless!!
2. So when did you venture into this business  and what inspired or motivated  you to take a pluge into this venture?
I started out on my business seriously 6 years ago.I got a lot of support & encouragement from my family & friends. When I first started out it was just by word of mouth & the business just grew to the point where ladies used to just call me & reserve my bags,antiques as soon as my new stock arrived, without even looking at the pieces,they trusted me & my choice so much.This motivated me to work harder & grow my business .
3. Can you share with us, some of the challenges you faced during yoru initial days ?
Challenges are always there in whatever you do.Especially when your are getting your products made in India. Sometimes it was very frustrating ,in the beginning ,when I would not get the product I wanted,the bag I designed,bad workmanship ,I am very particular about good workmanship & finish,even if the bag costs 10$,the finish for me has to be perfect . Through lots of trial & error,now we have made it! I am proud to say today,through this little business of mine I have given employment to many poor in India and now they even know how to email,even what’s app!!!
4. So how do you balance your personal and professional life ?
Organization ! One has to be organized & plan ahead. Luckily for me my family is a huge support & do not mind me being away from them hours on end! In fact they come & help me out.
5.     What would you suggest to other aspiring women who want to venture out on their own ?My advice to other women is you have to be ready to work really hard & be focused on your goal & stay true to yourself. There will be many different kinds of people you will meet along the way,really good ones & some not so good! Stay strong & you will succeed . There will be many who will copy your products,but as long as you are confident about yourself & your product you need not worry! Be POSITIVE !
6. Is there any person who has mentored/supported/inspired you?My biggest support is my husband,he has never stopped me in anything I wanted to do & never questioned me,as to why,what etc. He has always said go ahead & do what you want to do. Inspiration I have got from various women I have met along the way,the average woman who works so hard.Some with medical problems but still working hard.So I look at it this way,if they can do it so can I .Biggest inspiration was from an 86 year old man suffering from cancer,when I asked him how he was doing,his reply was I am only 86,I have so much to look forward too. I salute such people.
7.     What do you have in the pipeline for your company’s/business  future development?
A Sujata Se’ store is in the pipeline in Singapore  & then to  expand to other countries.
Womenlines wishes best of luck to Sujata to excel further in life. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/#!/SujataSe?fref=ts to have a look at the latest collection of lovely bags Sujata Se has got for you.

The ‘Losing It’ Contest!


Its interesting to know about writers Prachi Gupta and Dhruv Gupta’s book on topic of weight loss-‘Loosing It’.The contest organised by them for sharing of  different experiences related to journey in weight loss is good chance to know about real life stories regarding weight loss efforts.Visit http://www.losingit.fitho.in/the-losing-it-contest/
to know more about the contest.

I was never fat! But married life and motherhood gave me reasons to enhance my awareness regarding ways to control my weight and be fit.The thing which I always resisted was spending money in gym for weight loss. Therefore I was alert, always, to take a note of weight loss method which can be carried from home.  

Motherhood experience brings the major change in any woman’s body.I also put 10 kgs extra weight after my first pregnancy.I was not able to take it. My inner soul was desperate to try all lovely dresses and get back to my previous jeans as soon as possible. Because somewhere I had a feeling if once I put on weight it will be very difficult to get back to normal. So I had to act instantly.First of all I started having a vision of the shape I wanted for myself. I strongly believe in the concept of visualization where you have to create a vision of your dream in your mind. I have been working from home most of the time, this gave me right time to devote for my fitness regime.Then I focussed what things can I follow regularly to keep a strict discipline for my weight loss regime. I started walking and made sure that I was listening to music during my walks.. It gave me immense relaxation. Slowly I observed that the more I was relaxed the more mindful I became about my eating habits. Yoga came as a blessing to me for getting more relaxation in life.  As I started getting mindful, it helped me in positive parenting too.

Being an Indian I love Indian food.I just can’t resist fried food. After being mindful I got back to my normal food habits. I never curbed my desire to eat my favourite food, but I focussed on the quantity. I experienced that the more I curb my desire to eat my favourite food , the more fat I was putting on, because though I was not eating but I was visualizing  fat food  in my mind , so this effected negatively for my weight loss efforts.I got back to my normal weight in 6 months time.It requires discipline, and only discipline to lead a healthy life. My discipline helped me to adopt healthy lifestyle forever.

Being slim not only helps me look better but I feel active too. Its all about that feel which gives me confidence and motivates me to take care for my  family with passion!


Benefits of Holistic Healing & Therapies

Womenlines  is proud to bring Holistic Healing and Therapies under Health Section.Ms Pratima Nagraj, who is a C.Ht(Clinical Hypnotherapist),Holistic Healer in Singapore, will be sharing about various therapies through which Major diseases can be cured.


Most of us these days are familiar with the term “Holistic” due to the growing popularity and need for holistic health. “Holistic” means the three aspects of the self – mind, body and spirit. It comes from the word “Whole” which means Complete. It’s a way of taking an all round approach to treat diseases or imbalances and choosing to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Holistic healing (or more popularly referred to as alternative medicine, Complementary medicine or Integrative medicine) is not an ‘alternative’ to medical care. These therapies are presented as options to conventional medical treatments. Seeking help from a medical professional should never be ignored. But what we fail to understand is that physical illnesses are the symptoms of a greater imbalance which may have a root cause in our thoughts & emotions. Some of the holistic therapies and treatments available are: • Aromatherapy • Hypnotherapy • Regression Therapies like Past Life Regression • Energy-healing methods such as Reiki, Pranic Healing • Acupuncture • Yoga • Meditation • Crystal Therapy • Affirmative healing • Chinese medicine and lots more!

One major belief common to all the above holistic therapies is that “WE” are ultimately responsible for our own health and issues and not our environment, friends, relatives, bosses, co-workers, circumstances and whatever it is that we choose to blame, in order to escape from owning responsibility. It is only when we take personal responsibility that we can truly begin to get healed. The first step begins here, even before you visit a holistic practitioner! Our childhood beliefs, cultural values and attitudes affect our mental and physical health and they are considered in the above techniques while finding the cure. As a holistic healer our role is to recognize that the discomforts or pains are just symptoms at the surface level whereas the imbalance may be due to the mental, emotional or spiritual needs not being met. No aspect is overlooked in this treatment. A complete evaluation is made and appropriate techniques are suggested to the client. Every person is unique; so no one treatment, medication or technique will be used. There is no one standard or one-size-fits-all approach. Each treatment is individualized.

It can be worthwhile in guiding your own self-appraisal by asking questions like “How can I strengthen my body to have a robust physical health?”, “Are my emotional relationships allowing me to grow in a healthy way” or “How are my activities helping in developing my inner spiritual self?” Choosing your holistic practitioner is like choosing your medical professional. You have to find a good fit! So make your choice today and bring in those positive changes in your life! –Pratima Nagaraj

To know more about Pratima visit – www.reviveholistic.com