Thoughts matter a lot!

I accidentally landed upon Wyne Dyre You tube video   in which he is talking about the topic ‘If you correct your mind then rest of things will fall at right place!    

I must say I will never regret listening to this video as what Mr Wyne has shared is so thoughtful. Everyday we are running whole day in rat race to achieve certain goals, ambitions targets and throughout  the day so many thoughts come across our mind. Nobody can say from where thoughts originate and from what it is made.We have capability of thinking many thoughts in just few seconds which can range from frustration, happiness, fear,and worry. Scientist say that even we are sleeping our mind continues to contemplate and observe various thoughts. If we are unaware we waste so much time in unnecessary thoughts. Thoughts about past happenings, thoughts about troubled relationship, thoughts about anger on somebody, so many thoughts get repeated multitude of times in our mind we ourselves are not aware.

Its all about being mindful. Mindful of being in present and choosing correct thought. This power can be developed by practise and  can help us saving our precious time and energy in irrelevant thinking process.Then thoughts can appear like on television screen and its our choice which channel we want to watch. Why not pick up channel for humour and laughter. Channel of gratitude and respect. We can also choose channel of self Improvement and living  life in excellence:).

Definitely it requires lots of practise and mindfulness, but once developed it can certainly help in making life worth living!

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