Tryst with Chinese Vegetarian Cooking!

Chinese vegetarian cooking never attracted me until I tried it !

Singapore is a heaven for Chinese food and is considered to be  real heaven for gourmets. While I was working for sometime I tried my hands on local chinese vegetarian food during my lunch time. I will not say that my taste buds were impressed but yes I found it light in comparison to our Indian food which is rich by nature. Finally I decided to try my hands on it , to bring some variety in our daily food menu. I was surprised that efforts were not wasted and now my family has become a big fan of Chinese vegetarian food.

I started with vegetable soup in which I used lemon grass first time and it gave an amazing taste to soup. Using only vegetables in the soup and adding little lemon juice to it made the juice lighter and it really acted as a starter. Otherwise previously when we had our regular chinese soup full of sauces, it itself acted as a meal. For the main course I experimented with mushroom, chestnuts, broccli, chye sim,  eggplant and baby corn. Mixed vegetables with addition of light soya sauce and vinegar and toppinhg it with red chilly flakes made it an awsome meal to be taken with rice or noodles. Mung Bean Sprouts is the other chinese addition in vegetarian dishes.The crunchy texture and nutritional qualities of mung bean sprouts make them a popular addition to meals.

It’s not just about the taste. It’s important that Chinese vegetarian dishes display a harmonious balance of colors and textures as well as flavors.It is worth trying and highly recommended to those who look for healthy recipies with some experiments in taste!

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