Unity in diversity for womenfolk through community event in Singapore!

It was a pleasure to attend a racial harmony community event in Singapore!

dsc06951I was amazed to realize that this was an excellent platform for women from different races of society to intermingle with each other and get to know more about each other. Event was open to residents but what I consider is that womenfolk have always much more to share with each other than men. The event was named as” We are one family-A Racial Harmony celebration” in conjunction with Pungool Central Ministerial Community visit of Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for law and second minister for home affair.The focus of the event was to discuss how to integrate new immigrants  into Singapore society?

In any new country immigrants take time to become the part of the society. Minister Shanmugam  mentioned that all three parties are important-Singaporeans who have to be welcoming; new immigrants who have to adapt new culture; and the government which has to provide a framework for people to bond. Every party has to perform their role properly to achieve the desired results.

The crowd in the event was itself reflecting that people are interested to bond which each other. Its always good to meet new people, to interact, participate in activities together, and benefit each other by exchange of knowledge. So more events should be planned out to increase the participation and interaction level of different races of the society. I really appreciate the efforts which Government puts to integrate and help  immigrants settling down in an alien country.

There were different performances by Fillipino, Indian, Malay and Chinese groups. Major attraction was  performance by kids. Children should be exposed to such events which will help them to mingle with different people , of not only of their race but of different races and then they will have understanding of the concept of unity in diversity since their childhood!

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