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Neha Modi Banthia and Preety Agarwal, together formed “Sparkz”, a very new IDEA for kids activities.

Sparkz deals with party affairs-decoration, games, entertainment, etc. Main focus is to keep kids busy in some creative work while their mothers can enjoy the party fully.

Neha’s background includes an MBA from a premier Institutes in India. At present she is working for an MNC in Singapore. Her zest to be an entrepreneur and her inclination towards Art and Craft made her to work on this line.


Preety is from finance background and is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. She has worked with Tata Steel (one of the largest steel manufacturers of the world) for more than 6 years. But underline their always lied a zeal to become a successful entrepreneur which turned on when this concept came in her mind. 

The success story and life of two females who hail from very small towns in India (Giridih, Jharkhard and Hind Motor, West Bengal) is putting wave among those parents who want to enjoy and socialize freely in Parties and Get-Together.



How the idea came into existence?



Neha feels two incidents in her life made her to work on this line:


Incidence One – During her childhood, her mother use to go for Kitty Parties. During one of the party at home, a lady bought her daughter along with her. Neha was in Class X and was working on a project given in the class. The kid helped her in completing the project and lady was quite satisfied since Neha kept her child busy and she had a nice time enjoying the party.





Incidence Two – Sometimes back Neha attended a cousin’s marriages in India. Her cousin sisters were having difficult time managing there naughty kids along with the marriage ceremonies. She was preparing home made envelops (typically used in India to give gift in terms of money) for the marriage. She again used the same style to keep the kids busy with her and let her cousin sisters enjoy the marriage fully.


These two incidents made Neha realize that parents especially women really find difficult to enjoy parties as they have to take care of their kids in the parties too.


Preety is a mother of 4 year old very naughty kid. She tries her own ways to keep his son busy in creative activities apart from his daily routine. She understands the problem faced by mothers during such parties as she herself faces the same in any of the get-together. She has learned while upbringing her son how to be patient and to make them comfortable by enjoying various activities at the same time.


The very recent activity held by the duo was at Mandarin Garden Condo in Singapore Diwali Party where they arranged Deepavali  Diya making activity by kids. Their efforts were appreciated by the crowd. The best thing turned out was both parents and kids went happy home: the kids having their own hand made diyas in hand and parents having nice time enjoying the party without being concerned about their kids…………………..and this is what their motto is.


In their near future they see themselves  coming with different ideas for events where mothers can enjoy freely keeping their kids involved with us. They will try to keep their activities in a way such children have learning as well as creative session. They have plans to expand and enter into event management mainly arranging parties for adults as well kids. Their responsibility will start from arranging the place, decoration, entertainment, games etc. Their motto is to try their  best to keep everybody entertained and enjoy and make every moment a memorable one.

Best of Luck to Sparkz to spread their Spark around!



Contact Details-Preety Agarwal : +6590099548
Neha Modi Bhantia  : +6583051654


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