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Hello lovely friends,

Welcome to the beautiful world of online magazine Womenlines!

Myself  Charu Mehrotra, an entrepreneur by heart. I believe in the divine presence and consider every individual as his masterpiece. What counts is the effort we put into improving upon that masterpiece, unfolding it within ourselves. Womenlines e-Magazine is my journey to gain an abundance of knowledge, to live life in excellence.

Writing is my passion and I strongly believe in Lord Byron’s quote – “But words are things and a small drop of ink,
falling like dew upon a thought produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”


Womenlines is an e-magazine promoting excellence in women. At Womenliness we believe if womenfolk is empowered with the right mindset and knowledge she can create a beautiful life for herself and her family. Therefore Womenlines is always focusing on bringing exclusive content on entrepreneurship, health tips, leadership skills, image branding, diet, nutrition, success mindset to its readers to help them excel in life.

Womenlines provides a very innovative Digital Branding through 6 social media platforms for products, services, solopreneurs, book marketing, health products etc. Womenlines is open for collaboration as a ‘Digital Media Partner’ for events globally.

  1. Womenlines loves to share successful woman entrepreneur success stories videos and interviews in their own words in ‘Entrepreneur of the month Show’.

       2. Super Achiever Show provides very interesting branding coverage to solopreneurs across the                    globe. 

        3. Books for Excellence Show provides a marketing solution to Books and Authors.

        4. Health is Wealth Show- Coverage to health practitioners, health products

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Charu Mehrotra


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