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Business Excellence: Humanizing Business Through Marketing is New

Humanizing business is the greatest asset to any business owner in present times. Learn from B2B Marketing coach Joy Abdullah in the video above, how humanizing business through marketing can do wonders for your business. Remembering always ‘People Power Business’ can change the way we do business and the same is applied to marketing!

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome B2B Marketing Coach Joy Abdullah as a Marketing Influencer at Womenlines under the Business Excellence segment.

If your marketing strategy is not people-centric it may be why you are missing out on sales!

The pandemic has affected our behaviour as people. Impacting how we think and act as customers. Making us more conscientious and more focused on knowing the value upfront before committing. It’s a distinct shift that’s occurred. Understanding this impacts your marketing strategy!  Creating people-centric marketing strategies that result in having an engaged community and sales pipeline is what we do at Humanizing Business.

How Humanizing Business Through Marketing

Joy Abdullah

Joy is a strategic marketing specialist who guides B2B service business owners in creating marketing impact that influences the perceptions of how stakeholders see the brand from content, technology, & business growth perspective.

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