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Episode 8: Bizway- An Online Presence Platform Talk Show presents Entrepreneur RajKishan Ganta’s Wow Story

BIZWAY is an Online Presence Platform presented in collaboration with Womenlines and Solworxs.

The platform solves three issues-
(1) Soft version of a shark tank for business to pitch
(2) Cross border promotion of product & services
(3) Access for enthusiastic professionals

We at Bizway, host the show online with the Entrepreneurs to create their wow story and we bring up the key insights plus valuable learning from the speakers on this online show which will be presented to the world in the form of Business Bytes.

Email to register for the show!

In the eighth episode, we present wow story of Entrepreneur RajKishan Ganta, founder,Way2World, 360 Startup Growth Connector, Speaker, Adviser.

Listen to his story in his own words in the above video.


Bizbytes from Rajkishan’s Sharing

Connect with RajKishan Ganta at

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