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LD Webinars Presents Series ‘Communicate to Connect with Impact’

LD Webinars Presents  Series 'Communicate to Connect with an Impact'

As an online media partner, Womenlines takes pleasure to share about upcoming webinar series ‘Communicate to connect with Impact’  by Leadership Demystified Webinars (founded by Puja Talesara Bhandari, strengthened by Sandeep Mukhi, Snehal R Singh, Dr Vandittaa Dar) centred around Communication Skills, with the Global renowned Facilitators. Improve communication skills and achieve excellence.

Presenting our first facilitator in the series Gautam Gouthi, who has helped professionals across the globe to ace their communication and strengthen their relationships. Listen from Puja Talesara how this webinar can help you to equip self in building relationships and influence others. We all know Communication is vital to thrive, be it in professional or personal space. Skills to communicate with mindfulness can create wonders in your professional and personal life. Most of the time it is miscommunication which creates confusion and misinterpretation everywhere and so much time and energy is wasted. The webinar will help you to develop skills to use communication in your favour.

Register for this webinar to equip yourself with the right skills and mindset. The best part is you can attend this webinar online from anywhere across the world!!

E-mail contact@ to know further details and register.
Date of the webinar -17th May at 8:00 pm IST

Let’s Communicate to connect with an impact!:))

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