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Uplift Networking Meet/ Rediscover Your Purpose Learning Session

Uplift- Network for Inspiration is a networking group in Singapore which organises networking meeting for women in Singapore so that womenfolk can meet, learn, get inspiration and have fun together. Uplift Networking Group is an initiative by e-Magazine Womenlines founded by Charu Mehrotra and Dream Catchers founded by Shalima Motial in Singapore. The Uplift group believes that just like food, inspiration doses are must in the present rush in daily life. Therefore on the Uplift facebook page founders keep sharing inspirational stories, quotations, videos every week.


Uplift team- Charu Mehrotra and Shalima Motial

The next meet is scheduled for 7th Aug!

Gals register FOC for this wonderful learning and networking session UPLIFT NETWORKING MEET/REDISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE LEARNING SESSION where passionate ACC coach Taruna Aggarwal is going to empower you with the success mindset and enable you to eliminate your limiting beliefs…

It is all about changing your mindset to right attitude which can do wonders in your life. Getting equipped with the right tools from the coach Taruna Aggarwal herself will be the incredible experience. Do attend to prioritize yourself!

7th Aug, 5:00pm-7: 00 pm, at our incredible venue Myra’[email protected] which is now quite famous for serving the most authentic and delectable Mexican and North Indian cuisine on the island.

WhatsApp Charu -96826564/ Shalima- 91855177 to register!

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