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Singarangoli on Stone

On 27 Apr 2019 at the Indian Cultural Fiesta close to Clive Street, Singapore, 178 people from all walks of life came

Participants from the Senior Activity Centre at AMK

together on the occasion of Indian Heritage Festival Celebrations and Singapore Bicentennial celebrations and painted stones using markers.

Led by Vijaya Mohan, the project conveyed the uniqueness of Indian motifs and also created a record of ‘Most number of people painting pebbles together’. Vijaya Mohan is quite renowned for her achievements in the field of arts in Singapore. Vijaya Mohan an Indian Singaporean is an acclaimed Rangoli artiste (Indian courtyard painting and floor art). Dr T Chandroo, chairman of SICCI  and ex-chairman Mr Narayana Mohan graced the program. The community project was innovative and gave an opportunity for participants to use their creativity for a noble cause.  Vijaya Mohan shared with Womenlines- “My aim through this project was to connect with SG Bicentennial celebrations and Indian cultural fest at St Clive street. My aim is to spread our Indian cultural art of Rangoli through connecting the community and to get positive energy and spread creativity through Sinarangoli.”

Hats off to Vijaya Mohan for using art therapy in various forms from healing to the community projects and giving chance to common people to come out of the mobile phone world and involve in creative projects!!


Congratulations to  Mrs Vijaya Mohan for creating her 25th time in SINGAPORE BOOK OF RECORDS.!

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