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Influencer for right nutrition- Meenu Agarwal

Promoting right nutrition for excellence in health- Meenu Agarwal


Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Meenu Agarwal, founder of Food ‘n’ Wellness, a food, and nutrition advisory company based out of Singapore on Womenlines panel of influencers. Every month Meenu will be empowering Womenlines readers with exclusive knowledge about how to use right nutrition to fight various diseases.

Meenu is a trained clinical dietitian & holds a Masters degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. She is registered with the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association( SNDA).  She has vast experience covering areas such as In-House Hospital Patient Care, Diet Planning and Nutritional Counselling, conducting Outdoor Nutritional Assessment Camps for Urban and Rural Population with Follow Up Programmes. She specializes in providing nutrition advice with an emphasis on managing medical conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, acidity, thyroid, blood pressure and weight-related issues. She is a firm believer in holistic wellness which is a function of good nutrition, proper exercise and stress Management.

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