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Satvic Movement Healthy Life Series: This One Diet Can Cure Every Disease

This One Diet Can Cure Every Disease | Subah Saraf | Satvic Movement

Womenlines takes pleasure to share incredible knowledge shared by Health and Wellness Expert Subah Saraf from the Satvic Movement platform, as an Influencer for Food and Nutrition on the Womenlines panel! Satvic Movement is a non-profit health education platform, formed with an aim to bring man close to Mother Nature. They provide holistic knowledge about health, coming from our Vedas & scriptures. In this must-watch video, Subah has shared a diet plan which can help in curing many diseases.

Want to get rid of diabetes, back pain, knee pain, thyroid, constipation, acne, high blood pressure, PCOD, low energy, obesity, hair fall or even excess weight? Follow the four food principles and one simple diet plan discussed in this video. By changing to living foods, water-rich, plant-based diet, any disease can be reversed!

Subah Saraf

Satvic Movement

The ancient Vedic knowledge shared by the Satvic Movement health education platform is meticulously captured and translated into ‘easily adaptable habits’ for today’s modern lifestyle. They deliver this knowledge to you through our Health Transformation Workshops, YouTube videos and our Food Book. Following the Satvic lifestyle empowers you to become your own doctor. You can live a life of optimal health and automatically cure all chronic diseases you might be suffering from – simply by changing your food & lifestyle.

Let’s come together and save the planet from ever-increasing diseases. Let’s create a Health Movement and follow amazing knowledge shared by Satvic Movement! Womenlines is committed to spreading Satvic Movement’s powerful knowledge related to healthy living across the globe!

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