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Uncover Physical Stressors

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Womenlines loves to get empowering and informative content for all readers, viewers and followers from across the globe. Womenlines is delighted to welcome the organisation as a sponsor for the content related to ‘How to prevent and thrive with Cancer’ under ‘Health’ segment. Enlightening content from Cancer Awakens is going to empower people with the right mindset and knowledge to prevent cancer and to thrive with it if one is diagnosed with it.

Physical lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, rest, personal habits and environmental factors can adversely affect your health. If you can discover your physical stressors and what triggers them, you can take specific and targeted actions to recover from them.

How is your body doing? What are your strengths and stressors?

The key factors in maintaining optimum physical health are diet, exercise, rest & relaxation, personal habits (smoking/ alcohol) and sociability & laughter. Here are some guidelines and questions to get you thinking.



Rest & Relaxation

Sociability & Laughter

Personal Habits – Smoking/ Alcohol

It is medically well accepted that smoking is a major cause of cancer. But did you know that heavy drinkers develop cancer at a rate 10 times higher that the general population … and worse still, that their combination is lethal?

Dr Jeremy Geffen, in his book The Journey Through Cancer, points out: “While the link between smoking and cancer has been well-established, the link between alcohol and cancer, although well-established, is less known to the public. Alcohol seems to amplify the effects of carcinogens, particularly tobacco smoke. It causes irritation to tissues of the mouth, esophagus, larynx, stomach and liver in ways that might contribute to cancer. It also increases the risk of breast and colo-rectal cancer, through other mechanisms.”


The Holistic Health Questionnaire (HHQ) will help you understand your stressors. To take the free test, please visit

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