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Boost your Health: Try out Healthy Recipe of Healthy Multi-seed Crisps

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Meena Gupta, a beautician by profession from Singapore, as a guest contributor for ‘Healthy Recipes for Healthy You’ segment of Womenlines!

Super healthy baked teatime Multi-Seed Crisps! 

These delicious crisps are great for a quick on-the-go snack!


Instant or Rolled Oats: ½ cup
Whole-wheat flour: 1 Tbsp
A mix of Pumpkin/Sunflower: ½ cup
Chia seeds / Flax / Sesame / Kalonji : 3 Tbsp
Salt: ½ Tsp
Water: 80-90 ml
Olive oil: 1 Tbsp
Honey :  4 Tsp


 Enjoy each and every bite of it!

Myself “Meena Gupta” Beautician by profession! I’m a passionate cook, who loves to experiment & try a variety of dishes.     

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