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Healthy Recipies for Healthy You- Wheat Flour Tarts

wheat flour tarts

Try out incredibly amazing wheat flour tarts with various delicious fillings as per your taste! ‘Healthy recipes for healthy you’ is especially for that segment of Womenlines audience who are eagerly looking for new recipes which are healthy also!

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Nalini Dheer from India as a guest contributor for the ‘Healthy Recipes for Healthy You’ segment of Womenlines! ‘

Wheat Flour Tarts

Whole wheat flour…120 gms
Butter…80 gms
Powered sugar…30 gm
If you are making savoury tarts then add only 1teasp sugar and 1 tsp salt
1 or 2 spoons of milk if you need while making the dough
Vanilla essence


Sweet fillings
Dark chocolate…100 gms
Dairy cream….50 gms
Butter…5 GM’s

Nalini shares a passion for life and loves to express that through food. Nalini has travelled all over India and abroad with her husband who was a doctor in the Indian Army and now retired. Nalini has avidly experienced and learnt the cultures and food across India while travelling across the country as an Army wife. She also recently retired as a kindergarten teacher to enjoy the wonders of being a grandparent!
Nalini is now keen to build a community of like-minded folks with a focus on sumptuous tasty and healthy food through “Oorja”. She would love to share with busy mothers and busy households, the beauty of the dynamic Indian cuisine and western Indian variations. Her endeavour is to make her recipes crisp & concise that is quick to follow and healthy for today’s on the go modern woman.”

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