Activate And Recentre Your Inner Compass With Leadership Coach Puja Talesara-Episode 6

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Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Leadership Coach Puja Talesara as an Influencer for Leadership at Womenlines. Check out her tips on how to map one’s communication compass-

Puja Talesara is recognised as a change agent by her coachees globally. She is an intuitive passionate coach, her life experiences piqued her interest in Personal Leadership coaching. She has headed a leadership position in her corporate career for which she was recognised and awarded.

Communication is like oxygen in our lives.

We can get our ideas across either by telling, yelling or selling. Our commonsense tells us, selling prevails and, has a long-lasting effect.
Ever wondered how can you sell /influence a person.
Tune in to the video to understand three powerful touchpoints to consider while you want to influence people around you so that you are communicating to connect.

Happy influencing..

Puja Talesara

Leadership Coach, Co-founder of Leadership Demystified Webinars & Rewire

To know details about online or offline for personal or corporate group  ‘Leadership Coaching’ programmes with Puja Talesara email [email protected]!

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