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Lady America’s Power Global Leadership Conference Going to Strengthen the Status of Women in Leadership


Join International Speaker and the 2021 Top 100 Most Successful Woman of the Year Award Winner Hazel Herrington and Herrington Publications Worldwide Pty Ltd for the Lady America’s Power Global Leadership Conference which is going to strengthen the status of women in leadership!

To register for the event visit the link – REGISTER! Event is on Thursday 18 November 2021, 12pm-2pm(AEST),10-12PM (EST), 8am-10am (IST).

This conference aims to provide expert guidance, thoughtful commentary, and actionable tools on gender bias in leadership, which many consider the most significant hurdle facing women today. From on-the-job dynamics to stereotyping to government legislation, the conference will help business leaders recognise their blind spots while equipping them with confidence in being a leader.

This event will be empowering and educational to all who attend.

Topics to be discussed include:

1. Patriarchy.

2. Biased media coverage of women leaders.

3. Educational Inequality.

4. Racism and economic inequality.


Expert Speakers Include:

Host Hazel Herrington Celebrity- Interviewer, Publisher and Speaker Branding Expert

Hazel is also a Multiple Award Winner, Publisher, Corporate Consultant, Speaker Branding Expert, and a highly sought-after International Speaker. They recently had the opportunity to speak to over 50 thousand audiences and 8 thousand entrepreneurs at the National Achievers Congress with global inspirational and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. In addition, she has spoken on multiple global platforms and has had the opportunity to converse with George Ross, the former US President Donald Trump, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, Quincy Jones, and Africa’s first billionaire Patrice Motsepe. She has also interviewed Hollywood Celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Jewel Kilcher, and Jason Alexander.

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