Parenting Myths Busted in a Workshop by Dr Laxmi!(I)

Parenting requires knowledge, awareness and passion. Every parent has to do parenting with choice or without it. Why not do it with passion and try to seek all right knowledge to do it in a right way. This article and further more is an effort to create awareness in today’s generation parents regarding parenting.

Kudos for Womenfolk!

Moment for proud for all of us as being Women when you read such achievements by members of your folk only, who passed out all hurdles in life and stepped into the men’s bastion which was a challenge in itself. They can go to such heights then why not we dare to dream to see our self at some position in our future.

Valentine Day With New Approach!

A day of love, a day for romance, a day to admire your Valentine, thats the Valentine day! The point is to spend some quality time with each other. Gifts are the ways to reflect your love for your sweetheart. It will not be effective by its cost but definitely how thoughtful were you with your idea.