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Episode 2:Talk Show- Let’s Erase Domestic Violence

In the second episode of the Talk Show ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence’ we are having a discussion on the topic ‘Petition to Support Women to Receive Maintenance in marital discord’. It is a pleasure to welcome Dr Bollineni Keerthi who is the President at Vasavya Mahila Mandali (VMM) NGO based in Southern India.

Through this show, we intend to empower womenfolk who are facing domestic violence with that courage to stand for themself, with that knowledge with which they can fight for themself and an empowering mindset which can give her confidence to move ahead in life.

Dr Keerthi is currently running a petition to support women in India who are not able to receive maintenance. Let’s hear from Dr Bollineni Keerthi in details about why she has lodged this petition and what she is looking forward for support.

Please visit

to sign the petition and support that section of womenfolk who are facing challenges to survive without maintenance.

Are you facing Domestic violence?

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