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Revolutionizing Female Leadership- Heleniq Argyrou

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Heleniq Argyrou, known for her incredible work in the field of female leadership, a Peak Performance Strategist who is elevating speakers, leaders and extra visionaries. Heleniq is also a researcher in the field of neuroscience and is from Cyprus. In the interview above Heleniq has shared insightful secrets related to how to be a peak performer!

Heleniq Argyrou

Heleniq Argyrou is an Award-Winning Speaker, Innovator, Conference Founder, Human Behavior, Aha Intelligence and Flow State Expert. An African born Clinical Psychologist and Peak Performance Expert with Cypriot heritage, Heleniq founded Women of Truth Conferencing in Netherlands and Cyprus for entrepreneurs and experts in their awakening and looking to make a greater social impact globally. Focused on Innovation and revolutionary female leadership, Heleniq carries her online and offline teachings with 22 years of research, clinical practice, and numerous collaborations in over 14 countries. She also offers neuroscience based peak performance trainings online for speakers and leaders and anyone wanting greater impact for world change.

Heleniq is experienced as a unique and deeply inspiring individual, accent on the individual. She is an award-winning innovator and forecaster, a true luminary for our times. She stands on the heads of psychological and human behaviour giants to cross the spectrum into leadership and teambuilding. With clients like the European Commission, BMW, Ethicon Products, Vodacom and the United Nations Development Projects to Universities, hospitals and Montessori schools.

Any experienced dancer or driver knows how important it is to keep one eye fixed on the horizon line. As a drummer reaching peak states, she was initially self-trained and later trained by world-renowned percussionists Layne Redmond, Rowan Storm and Master Zohar Fresco, on frame and tambourine and in djembe Arthur Hull teambuilding drum circle methods.

Associates and Accolades

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence Award for Women’s Economic Forum speeches and years of service.  
  • The Strong Institute – Rhythmic Entrainment Interventions for Autism, anxiety and neurological disorders.
  • YinAlithea – Cyprus Womens’ Conference, OGEE/ Business Professional Women’s Organisation Limassol, Family Planning Association.
  • Ministry of Education Cyprus – invited to facilitate djembe drum workshops for all preschool and primary schools in Cyprus along with Special Needs Institute island-wide.
  • Grantee and award winner for United Nations Development Project (Cyprus) ‘One Heartbeat’ peacebuilding project Cyprus.
  • Grantee and funding recipient for United Religions Initiative (San Francisco) and its Youth World Conference (India) and project funding for “Rhythm Earth and Us” youth development project at ‘Z’ zones schools.
  • Associations with United Religions Initiative (San Francisco); Sri Ramanujah Trust (India) ; Sarah Kline; the Association of Sound therapy, Spain; United Religions Initiative, San Francisco and The Strong Institute, New Mexico; The Ministry of Education, The N.G.O. Support Centre, Cyprus

Womenlines team wishes success to Heleniq Argyrou, for all her future endeavours. Visit Heleniq Argyrou to know more details about her.

Connect with Heleniq on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/heleniq!

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