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Talk ShowsLet's Erase Domestic Violence

Episode 5:Talk Show- Let’s Erase Domestic Violence

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Womenlines presents a talk show ‘Let’s erase Domestic Violence’.This talk show aims to share various ways to prevent domestic violence from our society across the globe. In this episode, Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Neeru Mishra a Lawyer from India who is sharing in the above video, very helpful information regarding various ways survivors of Domestic Violence can receive Legal aid in India. Womenlines is also grateful to Archana Mittal, therapist/counselor and Dr Bollineni Keerthi, president Vasavya Mahila Mandali NGO, for their presence and sharing insights to prevent domestic violence.

Neeru Mishra

Neeru Mishra, is an advocate, practising at the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. She hails from the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Her instinct to work for women empowerment encouraged her to involve herself in the field of law and community development. She did her research on the Rehabilitation of Women Prisoners vis-à-vis their human rights at Central Jail, Jammu while studying Criminology. Besides her professional work as an advocate, she has a strong commitment to social justice and women human rights. She was part of the “Leaders For Change” program organized by Maytree Foundation, Toronto and had been trained as a Leader for Change.

Archana Mittal

Archana Mittal is BE, MBA, Therapist/Counsellor/Social Worker and an Influencer at Womenlines!

Offering my time with empathy and respect to people, I actively listen and help people come in touch with their own feelings and emotions related to their experiences in their life. I use evidence-based therapies of REBT/CARKUFF, to help individuals identify their disturbances, recognise the influence of their own self -defeating beliefs and adopt an alternative healthier way of thinking, which helps them achieve their goals in life, by making their own informed choices. I am a ‘keeper of secrets’ and offer talk-based therapy in total confidentiality. I have been in this field for more than ten years and worked closely with children, adolescents, and adults with diverse backgrounds, with ranges of concerns like anxiety, stress, depression, career-related concerns, relationship issues, violence and other mental health-related concerns.  My payoff is seeing my clients leading a better quality of life, developing meaning relationships with self and others and it’s the most humbling experience for me. Please feel free to connect!

Archana Mittal

Bollineni Keerthi

It is a pleasure to have Bollineni Keerthi, President at Vasavya Mahila Mandali NGO, who is doing incredible work for women empowerment in India. She is sharing her observations after meeting and listening to so many women stories facing challenges, what every woman should prioritise in life for herself and also teach her daughter so they don’t have to face those challenges.

Dr Keerthi is currently running a petition to support women in India who are not able to receive maintenance.

Please visit –


to sign the petition and support that section of womenfolk who are facing challenges to survive without maintenance.

At Womenlines we strongly believe that as a woman we all are having amazing powers, and skills, which can help us to achieve our dreams and fight challenges in life. Many women across the globe forget or are not even aware of it. Through ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence Talkshow’ we want to reach out to women globally who are facing this violence, that they can come out of it, and make them believe that there are people to help them out to prevent domestic violence.

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DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed by the Programme Participants are solely their current opinion and do not reflect the opinion of Womenlines!
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